Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fishing by the Pool

I don't know about your side of the country but it sure has been hot, muggy and stormy around here lately.  I am so happy to finally have a clear evening for a little outdoor dining.  I've set the table quickly tonight as the sun is setting rather rapidly and it looks like the fish are jumping!

Placemats: Crate and Barrel
Dinner Plates: Christmas Tree Shops
Salad Plates: Christmas Tree Shops
Goblets: Christmas Tree Shops
Napkins: ?  Very Old
Glass Napkin Rings: ?  Can't remember, bought last year?  Gee I'm getting old!
Flatware: Steinmart
Candle Jars: Old Time Pottery

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Hope you also get the time to enjoy a little outdoor dining this summer.

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It's a Mermaid Party!

Deep in the midsts of the bluest of blue oceans

 where bubbles dance happily and sway in slow motion.

While sailors bid farewell to their hearts true allure.

A great gathering is forming
 in a procession of grandeur

It's all for a special occasion to be,
The sirens trumpet has blown for a return to the sea
Calling all Mermaids home,
 for a very special party.

The Decorative Dreamer is returning and Sailing Simply
dressed by the shimmer of twilight in purple majesty.

She's scooped up a pail full of oysters on her way

And a basket of shrimp to share.

There's even a few extra veggies to spare.

Because every Mermaid enjoys a tasty treat

She's even baked a cake that especially sweet.

We've all been so busy getting ready with all the primping and such,,,

To honor our dear friend at Shellbell's Tiki Hut.

It's been so long since we've seen her around
We miss you dear lady, and want you in town!

So my gift to you is this very special crown!

 It's a virtual gift but especially for you...
befitting of an ocean princess none other then you!

Happy Birthday Renee!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Repainting the Den

Hi Friends! I hope you have enjoyed the past weekend as much as I have.  In fact, I am still enjoying the weekend as I am enjoying a rare 3 day off weekend.  Woohoo!  

Since I had 3 days in a row and miraculously Sherwin Williams also had a 40% off paint sale I decided it was a great time to tackle repainting the den.  If you follow me at all you know I've been wrestling with what color to choose for some time.  I really loved a bluish green shade that I saw at a parade of homes house last year and even got a paint sample shown here.  But, I decided as pretty as it is that would be a color that I just could not live with.  I next started leaning very heavily towards one of the neutrals that I keep seeing many of you choosing.  I love how beautiful they are, but....again I just knew deep in my heart that is not me.

So, long story short, this is what I chose.  My new color is called Lucent Yellow.  It is shown on the left side of this picture.  I finished the sofa wall Saturday.

 It is very hard to describe because while it is a yellow it also has a slightly greenish tint.  It is such a subtle change from what I had but looks so much fresher!  I love it!

Here are a few more up close shots of the two colors.  The one on the right is my new color, Lucent Yellow. The color on the left is the old color which was a SW custom blend that is a mix between Compatible Cream and  Napery.

Yesterday, I did one more of the small walls with the french doors and today I hope to finish up everything.  I still need to do the fireplace wall and the wall that faces the street.  I am taking my time and moving the furniture out from the wall as I go so I haven't had to clear the whole room.  

Here is one more photo showing a small box of the old color from yesterdays paint job.  I cannot wait to have this room finished.  My youngest son came down stairs yesterday and said it was a very subtle change (his words exactly) and almost unnoticeable except for the fact that is looks so much cleaner.  I love that!

Well, I'd better get offline now, I've got to get busy again!
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Driven by Jealousy and Envy

Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming but who can stand before jealousy?  (Proverbs 27:4)

I'd bet if I asked most of you are driven by jealousy and envy you would answer NO very quickly.  I would too.  If you are like me you probably equate being driven by jealousy similarly to being consumed by jealousy.  However, there is a huge difference in those words, driven and consumed.  

By definition being driven means you are compelled or have an urge, being consumed means to take in, to expend, or to destroy.

The recent shootings at the theater in Colorado are so frightening and unsettling.  My heart breaks for those parents who children did not return home after the midnight showing.   Like several others that I know, I  also had a child who also went to the theater for the midnight opening here in SC.  I cannot shake the feeling that the person who committed this crime must have been consumed by some type of jealousy.  Something he felt he could not have but deserved, perhaps something as simple as attention or notoriety in his case.  Who knows?  Only God!

  I won't attempt to define the word jealousy here.  Did you know that the definition for jealousy is even hotly debated by scientists?  My first thoughts on this were huh, why?  But then if you think about it wisely you can understand how we all seem to have our very own definitions of jealousy.  

Sometimes we think of jealousy as being acceptable.  You know, as in being just a little bit jealous or envious, just a tad.  I know that I have allowed myself to feel envy many times lately.  My latest subject of envy involves the woman who operates a fruit and vegetable stand with her husband here in my little town.  I cannot help but look on her with envy when I pass by on my way to work.  I see her there in the mornings uncovering their wares underneath the roof a very old broken down shack of a building that used to be a corner store back in it's hay day.  It is now literally is a decrepit old wooden shack.  She is usually clad in cut off blue jeans, no makeup, barefoot and holding a baby on her hip.  The baby is just one of many small children along with a few teens on occasion.  Her hair is usually pulled up high in a loosely contained ponytail in attempt to escape the heat of day and her body is nicely tanned and very well toned.  I am assuming she is so fit from from all the hard labor of growing a crop to sell by the roadside.    I am jealous because I think she has the life!  No pressures, and no worries from the conventional lifestyle that I lead.  She is a farmers wife, complete with a bustle of children an adorable farm house, a field of fresh food and a schedule set by the pace of her own choosing.  But the truth is, I really don't know.  I don't know her story at all.  I've never stopped to ask about her story.  I have stopped and bought delicious tomatoes from her, though I have not inquired about her lifestyle.   Perhaps it was jealousy keeping me from getting to know her more or a fear of sounding rude.  I also don't want to face the fact that she might even laugh at my jealousy of her simple lifestyle.

If I were to move beyond my envy I might just make a new friend.  In fact the truth is that if I were to let go of all the jealousy's which are holding me back in life there might be something more.   The bible speaks very clearly about being wary of jealousy and envy yet we still do not take it very seriously. 

And I saw, that all labor and all achievement spring from man’s envy of his neighbor.  This too is meaningless, a chasing of the wind. (Ecclesiastes 4:4)

This verse and the ones that follow the verse above teach us quite a bit about the hollowness of chasing after that of another.  For when you are so busy looking at another you are not focused on all that you have and have been given.  Jealousy not only destroys the chance of true friendships and relationships but it also eats away at the relationship we have our lord, Jesus Christ.  Unwittingly perhaps, allowing jealously in your life pulls your trust away from God our provider.  Satan will use whatever he can to destroy that trust.   Destroying friendships and relationships which are at the heart of Christ is what jealousy and envy will do if you allow it too..."who can stand? ".  

Did you notice the question mark at the end of the first verse?  I did!  It's there!  It questions us (or me) to stop and think.  There is no doubt that jealously and envy are deeply rooted in this world.  But we can take a stand against it.  We cannot cure the jealousy of another but we can surely work on our own hearts thus opening the door to others.  Will you also take a stand against jealousy?   You and I can trust in the Lord to show us the way.

I am sharing this with you today as part of my own
Sharing Jesus Sundays.

I hope you enjoyed this long overdo devotional style post today as I attempt to share with you my thoughts and love for Jesus Christ and his word.  

Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

When Lightening Strikes

Why is it that just when it seems as if you are smoothly sailing along something strikes sending life into a turmoil?  Is that the way it is with you?  It seems that way for us quite a bit and this week was no exception.  Monday night we were struck by lightening.  The damage we recieved was miminal compared to what I have seen others experience but it was an unsettling experience none the less.

One of the best features of my back yard is my BIG beautiful old oaks.  When we built the pool last year we chose to keep the ones we could because they would provide a nice amount of shade during the summers hottest months.  We knew there would be lot's of maintance with them concerning the leaves in the fall and winter but chose to keep them anyway because we enjoy their beauty that much.

Late Monday afternoon while everyone was away a storm popped up and lightening struck one of our big beautiful trees.   The Mr. came home to find shreds of bark all over the pool and deck.

Our tree looks like it was attacked by a giant cat.  The terrible monterous cat also singed the fence as it traveled along the fence then jumped over to the pool pump and wreaked havoc on it.  

Our poor pump is still screaming in terror from the shock and will not stop.  We may have to send it away to restore some sanity around here.

Our big screen TV was so terrified by the shock of that huge horrible beast that it simply expired on the spot and took out the cable box and internet with it.

The cable repair Doctors came and fixed the damages to our home and our neighbors because the beast also traveled along the ground and worked his way over to our neighbors home following the cable lines.  I have not spoken with them yet to see if that nasty cat made it's way into their home as well.  I certainly hope not.  I hope he died right there on the line and was not able to wreak havoc on another family like ours.

I grieve for my tree as I do not know yet if it will survive.  It is not likely.
So sad to be reminded how quickly life can change in an instant.

Most importantly we are well and safe and for that I am so thankful.  I am sharing this with
 Outdoor Wednesday
Watch out for these summer storms yall!
May the sunshine be on your back!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My New Sofa Print

 Awhile back I posted about needing inspiration on what to do with the area above my sofa?  You can go here if you missed it.  Well, after thinking it through I decided what I really wanted here was a larger picture. As a rule of thumb I typically don't buy art unless it has some specific meaning for me.  It's just the way I've always rolled.  But needing  wanting a big substantial piece of art to make an impact above the sofa was not going to be cheap for what I like.  So, I searched and searched for just the right deal and... 

...look what I found!  Now that really is a nice great big print, isn't it?

Just look at the size of this thing!  And oh my stars is that one big beautiful frame or what?
What, you say?
  Come on!  Don't you see the value in this?  Well, I certainly did! 
 Of course the picture does leave a bit to be desired though doesn't it?  LOL!  I had you going there didn't I? 
 However, I just could not pass up this picture from Hobby Lobby's clearance isle.

I especially couldn't pass it up when I also found a print that I loved too.  To my delight the print was the exact size I needed to fit inside the matting perfectly and was on sale for half off.  All I needed to do was change out the pictures.   It was a little easier said then done but went fairly smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

Here's a few closes up of the print after I finished putting it in the frame.  I bet you can see why I like it so much now right?

This photo shows a close up of how well the existing matting coordinated with my new print.  

Not to bad for just under $55.00 Total!  I think it was a steal considering the original picture was priced at $199.99 before it went on clearance.  I couldn't find anything wrong with this frame though some of the others did have some damage, but not all of them.  They had several of these on the clearance isle so I am assuming it was the original picture (art) that was not selling. 

Here it is on the wall above one of my sofa's.   It has the sailboats that I was looking for and even has a bit of Tuscan feel to it too.  I love it!

I am still thinking about if I'm going to add anything else to each side of the picture.  I've got plenty of sconces I already own that I could use but am not sold on the idea just yet.  Since I'm not sure if I want to do that or anything else we are just going to enjoy it as it is for now.  

I thought I'd share this with you all today for

Because this really was quite a BIG change for us in the den now having a great big picture in here.  I especially loved that I was able to do this on budget and share it with you as well.    I know most of you do this already, but always think outside the box when looking at framed art.  Sometimes the values is all in the frame.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sailing and Dreaming with Mermaids

Are you as fascinated by Mermaids as I am?  If so, your going to enjoy your visit today into a world full of legends and mystery.  Mermaids are well known in the sailing world as being either a blessing or an omen depending upon the story. With that in mind, I've decided to create this post today in honor of my NEW LOOK  here at The Decorative Dreamer.  In case you didn't notice I made a new header for my blog and it now contains my old blog name (Sailing Simply) as well as my new blog name (The Decorative Dreamer).    I've also successfully merged all of my old blog posts over with my new blog.  This is a merge that makes my heart sing!

I have mentioned before how much I have regretted changing over to a new blog.  In retrospect, I should have just changed the name only without creating a new URL then it would have been fairly easy to change back.  However, I had it in my mind at the time that I needed a new name and URL so I did. I can be kinda impetuous like that at times.  LOL!  What I wasn't prepared for was the expectations and limitations that would come with my new blog name as The Decorative Dreamer. In short, with my old blog name, Sailing Simply, I felt like I was more free to be who I truly am without any prior expectations.  I am a decorating blogger who also enjoys writing randomly about things I am interested in, amused by, sometimes even annoyed by and anything else that catches my fancy.  Mermaids have always captured my fancy, how about yours?

I love this scene above here that I found online.
Isn't it just dreamy?

  I used to own a mermaid statue that I absolutely adored.  It was large enough to fit in the middle of my bird bath.  Unfortunately, she met her untimely demise when we cut down a tree that crashed right on top of her. The Mr. really didn't want to tell me about that one! 

The statue I owned looked much like this one but was greenish in color though it certainly was not bronze.  It was a bargain find at TJ Maxx one year.   I have not yet been able to locate another in my price range that I really like.  I saw several at the beach this year but they were priced $50.00 and over which I just will not do.

Speaking of statues...check out this beauty along the Malta coast. Isn't she gorgeous?

...and this one is just amazing!  It almost seems like a real Mermaid that has become fossilized.

While creating this post I was contemplating a few post names and kept thinking of calling this post, 
"Reconnecting to my Inner Mermaid".  So I decided to google that and look what I found.

This is a site that actually connects you to your inner mermaid through meditation I think.
It's a bit out there for me but shared with you anyway.  Just in case you want to go there.  LOL!

Now if I really wanted to reconnect with my inner Mermaid I need not go any further then my own commumnity.  You see, we actually have mermaids here on Lake Murray now among all the other legends that we have on our lake.  

Seriously!  There is even an article about them in my latest copy of our local magazine.  The real story is about a truly talented local photographer that has done some absolutely beautiful work photographing women on the lake as mermaids.  You can be one too!  

I would so love to do this!  I haven't checked into it to see how much it is but I'm sure it's not cheap. Wouldn't this be so fun to do with a group of friends?  I think so!  Anyone interested?

Now if meditating or trans-meditating or whatever that is and the stunning photography shoots are just a little bit much for you. You can always pick up a few novels that might reconnect you to your inner mermaid.

I have read this one and can tell you it was fantastic!  It's by a SC author out of Charleston.  She has so many other wonderful books too!  It is not so much about a Mermaid as it about the true spirit of freedom of self.  This is a fantastic dive into the depths of love, legends, and saints.  A great summer read!

This book I have NOT read...yet!  It appears to be a romance novel that also encompasses the lore of mermaids and lovers.  Hmm??? I may have to try and find this one.  The reviews seems pretty good for this type of genre.  

I've NOT read this book yet either.  I definitely will have to find this one.  It reviews that it was inspired by The Little Mermaid and is a modern fairy tale about growing up and discovering ones self.    This seems to be a bit of a recurring theme among Mermaids doesn't it?

I personally think I could really connect well to my inner mermaid just fine here at any of these vacation homes on Tybee Island, Ga rented from;
Check out the link above to see some of the most fabulous beach cottages ever!

For you movie buffs, here is a wonderfully old movie named Miranda from 1948 about a physician who finds a Mermaid and takes her to town.  I love old movies and this one is a hoot!

Now wait!  Wait! Wait!  There's more! As if all of this wasn't enough, I also found another website that is chock full of legends from all around the world about mermaids.  This site would be a great place to visit when you have the time to browse a few of the links that are provided.

In case you are starting to wonder, no I have not decided to take a dive on the murky side (hehe) with all these legends and fascinating folklore.  While the rest of the world (or so it seems lot's of people I know) may be stepping near the edge with all those shades of grey they are reading, I've decided not to go there. I've decided there are so many legends out there, such as Mermaids, that are so much more interesting!

Now if we could just find a beautiful Mermaid fountain for the pool that didn't cost thousands of dollars.  Life would be grand!

  As you can see, I am still dreaming here at The Decorative Dreamer but I am now Sailing Simply again too.  I guess all those Mermaid stories and legends have taught me a thing or too about revealing my true self.  So from here on out my blog will be titled;

 Sailing Simply as The Decorative Dreamer.  

The last step here in my merge of the two blogs would be to change both URL's to only one and I do not know how to do that without loosing followers from both blogs.  IF anyone knows how I would love to hear from you.  Otherwise this is the direction I am going until technology catches up with me.  

Thanks for the visit today and I hope you enjoyed it.  I would love to hear from you if you did.
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Happy Summer!