Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Mermaid Party!

Deep in the midsts of the bluest of blue oceans

 where bubbles dance happily and sway in slow motion.

While sailors bid farewell to their hearts true allure.

A great gathering is forming
 in a procession of grandeur

It's all for a special occasion to be,
The sirens trumpet has blown for a return to the sea
Calling all Mermaids home,
 for a very special party.

The Decorative Dreamer is returning and Sailing Simply
dressed by the shimmer of twilight in purple majesty.

She's scooped up a pail full of oysters on her way

And a basket of shrimp to share.

There's even a few extra veggies to spare.

Because every Mermaid enjoys a tasty treat

She's even baked a cake that especially sweet.

We've all been so busy getting ready with all the primping and such,,,

To honor our dear friend at Shellbell's Tiki Hut.

It's been so long since we've seen her around
We miss you dear lady, and want you in town!

So my gift to you is this very special crown!

 It's a virtual gift but especially for you...
befitting of an ocean princess none other then you!

Happy Birthday Renee!

I hope you have enjoyed this special post created for you.  I am joining a few more today over at

I hope you'll join us too...because...all...


  1. LOVE!! You're are quite the poet!

  2. Oh Mary, this party is so grand and I LOVE the crown! Thank you so much, I've missed you too and hope to be back in the "swim" of things real soon. You've made me feel so special with this post and with your friendship. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!

  3. Hi mary!!
    what an awesome fabulous post!!!
    you did just fine in linking to me and providing Shellbelles link to her!
    I spoke with her by phone early this morning..
    she is tickled pink and teary eyed ad the fun, wunderday she's having!
    i'll be over to her place to see who all left her sweet comments!!
    anyway my dear sweet Mersister..thanks from the bottom of my heart..I'll be back in touch later tonite!!
    warmestsandy hugs..

  4. Shelle..isn't this just awesome???
    what a fun wunderful birthday!!!!
    gosh, I feel as tho I'm a princess!!
    oh that crown from MARY..
    wow, how CREATIVE!!!!
    I can envision many versions being fashioned...
    to be sold.....$$$$$$..
    oh what a priceless day!!!
    Love you Shelle!! (((((♥))))))


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