Monday, April 24, 2017

Feels like Home Again!

Hi Yall! Well, If you caught my post last week you may remember I discussed making a few changes in the den.  If you didn't catch that post you can read it HERE.  One area that I really wanted to focus on was the large wall in my den.  This is how it looked last Monday.

I wasn't happy with they way I had things set up and wanted to make a change.  I got a wonderful suggestion to move the large picture above the the sideboard.  I thought this sounded great because I never even thought of that.   I mentioned I wasn't sure I was going to keep the sideboard in this room.  One thing I did was try out a different piece of furniture, which I really didn't like so I put the sideboard back in this room and then moved the picture.

The idea was to have the picture above the sideboard and to add additional pieces of art over the chairs.  Artwork that could either be stacked or staggered was what I was envisioning.  I even went out shopping but didn't find anything that really inspired me enough to make the leap.

I let this idea test out for a few days and over the weekend but then this morning I knew I just didn't want to give up my trusty mirror that I had here to begin with.  I love mirrors and I especially loved having this one here.  I felt even more compelled to keep this one here for last minute vanity checks (i know that's so bad to say, but true).  You see I've made a few changes in my kitchen over the weekend and one of those changes included getting rid of a mirror I had in there by the coat rack.  

Since I didn't want to be short two mirrors, I decided to move this mirror back where I had it.   A girls gotta be able to check on that lipstick y'all.  Mostly though, I really love this old bamboo mirror and I feel like it actually enhances the casual Mediterranean tropical look I lean towards.

I also swapped a few lamps around in this room to make things a little more balanced.  I moved this crystal lamp over from the side table by the sofa, and that side table now has the large turquoise lamp.  I decided this lamp looked really good here and balanced out the room a little better because it was still a bit too big to remain on the side table in between the chairs without blocking the picture.  You'll see what I mean on that in a bit. 

Next, I pulled out a few more pieces of seasonal type decor and was very pleased with the look.  That's the beauty of having this sideboard in here.  It gives me room to pull out those fun decor pieces and swap them around from time to time.  I still want to replace the table runner shown here and have a few ideas on that.

This is the table where the large Turquoise lamp used to be between the two chairs.  While I really liked having it here I knew it was just a bit too big after I made the decision to move the print back on this wall.  So, I tried the crystal lamp here and decided it was still a bit too big and distracting from the print above.   I decided to dig around upstairs and try out one of my smaller lamps.  This was the ticket, and fit nicely without distracting from the print.

When I decided to put my print back on this side of the wall one thing I did that I hadn't done previously was I centered the picture exactly above the side table.  Previously in last weeks post you can see the picture was more centered on the whole wall itself, more to the right of the chairs.   It was centered there because that is where I use to have our old sofa when we had it on the wall on this side of the room.   The other change I made, or change back in this case was I added the sconces back on each side of the picture.  I say back because that is how I had them when the sofa was here but had moved them on each side of the mirror when I rearranged the furniture.  I think that was what was bothering me the most as seen in last weeks post.   I really didn't like the cluttered loof of the scones on each side of my mirror and really wanted them back on each side of the picture.  The reason I moved the sconces in the first place was because the picture wasn't aligned above the side table and the sconces were in the way with the larger lamps.  Little details like that drive me nuts.  Why oh why I didn't just think to center the print above the table first is a mystery, but oh well.  Maybe I was just being lazy or just being crazy who knows.  LOL!

I am feeling so much more satisfied with the look on this wall now that I paid a little closer attention to the important details.  I didn't want to have to find new artwork, I like what I have.  I didn't want to loose my mirror in here.  I didn't want to loose my palm sconces in here either.  I know the look I enjoy is not a popular or trendy look, but it's what I love and what I enjoy.

And now finally, finally, this room again feels like home!

Today I will be joining the following two parties to share my changes;

Check out the links above to see more inspiring changes.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I'd love to hear from you if you did, still hoping to reconnect and share a little home decor love with others.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thrifts and Bargains

Hey again! Doesn't everyone love a great deal?  Silly question, I know right!  Well, I've got spring fever for sprucing up so I hit a few stores yesterday and came home with a few great finds.  I am sharing my fantastic finds today just in case they might be something you've been thinking about too.

My destination of choice yesterday was Hobby Lobby.  I have been eyeing these framed iron pieces for years.  Okay maybe not these exact ones but certainly they have carried very similar styles for years now.   I haven't ever really had a place I knew I would use them until yesterday when I decided to start making some changes in one of my rooms at home.  (More on that in another post to follow later)  Funny how you can have an idea in your head that remains dormant until one day the light bulb comes on!  As usual I took advantage of their 50% off sale to acquire two of these.  I cannot wait to start the changes for the room I'm going to use these in!

"Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold!  How do you measure it's worth?  Just by the pleasure it is here on earth."

 Love that song by Burle Ives!  But as you can see above I'm certainly not dreaming of Christmas y'all. There is a Carolina Pottery near the Hobby Lobby I shop at and I always stop in there when I'm over on that side of town.   I was so thrilled to find these silver placemats in a beautiful coral looking pattern.  I purchased some similar gold placemats just recently from Bed, bath and beyond and have been wanting to add some silver ones as well.  You can see those later if I can ever get my old posts loaded onto blogger from Wordpress.  Uggh!  I almost purchased the silver ones like my gold ones from BB&B the other day but put them back.  I'm so glad I did because I like these even better and they were less $$$.  These are going to be wonderful for everyday use this summer as they are easy to wipe down.  This is how you liven up your summer table with a some bling!

And speaking of bling.  I wanted to add some colorful candles for the summer to a pair of mercury glass candlesticks I have.   I was looking for teal candles and about jumped for joy when I spotted these.  With my new gray sofa in the den, my colors are changing in that room to gray, teal and yellow (or golden yellow).  These are going to look great and have a sand & sea smell to boot.  Perfect!  I will share that another time,   when I get the whole look pulled together. 

 Finally, "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I's all right!"  
Lots of singing going on around here today huh?  You would be too if you snapped up this bargain.  I have wanted a sun mirror for sometime now.  I just had to grab this when I stopped in at one of my favorite local furniture consignment stores on the way to HL.  For any local peeps it's called Main Street Consignment.  They have the best stuff.  This was priced way lower then it should have been (even the manager commented so) and there was not a ding or bang on it.  Now where to put this is another story for another day because honestly I really am not quite sure on this one yet.  But you know me, I will find a place eventually.....and it will be soooo fun dreaming where!

Thanks for popping by again y'all
have a great day!
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving back to Blogger

Hey Yall!  Just call me the comeback kid, clown, or blogger.  Either is fine with me!  I've decided to move back to the blogger platform. I know, I know, makeup my mind right?  I did like Wordpress but honestly, it was a bit more difficult for me to navigate and I finally decided I just did not want to invest any more time in trying to figure out how to use it easily.  So.....


I am also in the process of trying to import my previous posts from wordpress but for some reason when I try to import them into blogger it is taking a huge amount of time.  Not sure why but if you have any tips please I'd love to hear from you.

Speaking of hearing from you.....Please dear blog friends, I'd love to reconnect.  I say this very sincerely to many of you.  I enjoy posting but like many of you I enjoy it even more when I have others to chat with as well.  So please don't be shy.  If your an old follower or new please let me know your here and lets get reacquainted.  I've never been a mega blogger (many several posts a week) but I'm going to try to be a bit more active now that I've decided to come back to blogger.  I think a lot of what has been holding me back has been it was just too difficult and (time consuming) to get a post out when I had to reteach myself how every single time.  LOL!  I gave it a try, it didn't work for me, enough said.  Moving on!

Speaking of moving, I've moved a few things around in the den lately and well let's just say it's a work in progress.

We recently purchased a new reclining sofa for our den.  I can't tell you how much I went all over the place to find just the right look.  Long story short I wanted one that looked like a traditional sofa and wanted one that I could pick out the fabric and colors.  I finally found just the right one and had a wonderful amount of support from my FB friends in helping to choose the color for my den. I had several options that would have been the perfect fit and no other changes needed but of course I didn't go that way.  I chose the color for the sofa that I knew would last me over the long haul.  In case your not sure because of your computer screen, yes, this is a light grey.  Not too light but not too dark either.  It's a perfect neutral for the room.

We purchased this sofa solely for the placement in front of the TV.  Terrible idea for those of you who do not center your decor around the TV, I know, I get that, but we are not those people.  We have one very large rectangular den and though it serves as my primary room to decorate it also serves as our TV room.    We wanted a reclining sofa we could place off the wall front and centered in front of the TV.
As you can see here it is not exactly centered in the room or centered perfectly in front of the TV but it's close enough.  I had to have one of my tables next to it for lighting and remotes and all that.  The sofa is pulled over a bit closer to the wall which left room on the other side for pass through traffic.  Also this reclining sofa is a power sofa so it needs a plug in.  If your like us and you haven't looked at recliners in quite awhile your in for a treat.  These things have come a long way baby!

  In case you are also wondering about the wall color in here, no I have no plans to change that.  These pictures really don't quite show you the true color as I'm not the best photographer.  I absolutely love the wall color which is a pale yellowish, cream color.  It really coordinates so much better then what these photos show.  Trust me on that one, that's not what I need to replace.

I do want to replace this club chair with a pop of color accent chair.  Haven't seen anything yet that say's yes.  I also am still trying to picture in my mind what that accent color and style might be.  Would love to hear your suggestions on that, in color and style.

 As you can see in this photo the accent chair will sit next to the fireplace.

Hard to tell but the fireplace is centered in the room and very large.  I don't like blocking my fireplace with furniture as we actually use it.  I tend to keep it as a focal point and work around it with the placement of everything else.

 On the short wall I have our TV and console flanked by two rattan style chairs.  This will remain this way unless hubs gets a bigger TV and then the console will need to be bigger too.  

On the opposite side of the room from the fireplace are my two bamboo chairs.  These are in a gold tone fabric that is in great shape.  I may want to make replacement covers for them but for now I've decided just to use pillows to pull it together more.  The grey and teal look very pretty on the gold. I think I'm okay with the placement of these chairs and the sideboard but thats where I'm struggling a bit.  Also the large picture on the wall seems like something is missing as well.  I used to have the sconces on each side of the picture when the sofa was on this wall so maybe that's whats bugging me.  I moved the sconces over the mirror because they would have been in the way of the lamp.  

This is the main thing I've been wrestling with since I moved it in here.  I moved it from the foyer and before that from the dining room.  I am just thinking I don't care for it in here.  I have other pieces that might work better but I'm tossing that idea around.  I feel like it's too french provincial looking for the rest of this room.  Or is just placement, IDK. What do you think?

Here's the final long shot of this room.  Behind the sofa is a small round table that hubby and I enjoy eating dinner at in the evenings.  I did say we liked our TV didn't I?  Well, there you go.  I feel like I've gotten a good start on this room but I definitely feel like I've got loads more I could do to improve.  I love hearing tips and suggestions so please, speak up.  It's always wonderful to hear ideas from a fresh perspective.  

Sharing this on Metamorphosis Monday because I really need more advice and I'm happy I can finally figure out how to hook up to a party again now that I'm back on blogger.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Hope your having a wonderful Monday!
Love to hear from ya again,
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