Monday, May 9, 2016

Pretty Pink Front Door

Good Morning blog friends and fellow dreamers!
I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day, either celebrating being a Mom or having a Mom.  I was privileged to be able to celebrate both.  It was such a beautiful and wonderfully relaxing day this year. I really hope yours was as well!

Progress has been rolling along very well with new color updates here and there at our house.  While there is still yet more to be done on the front porch, I wanted to share where it is now.  I've decided to link this up with

 I really feel like the front porch has gone from being stuck in a dull cocoon to a beautiful new butterfly now.  Let's take a look back now at how it looked in March when the transformation began.

In these two pictures above you can see the decking stain in it's old lighter beige color, Monterray Tan from Sherwin Williams, and how it was beginning to show some wear  Below is how things looked just after I restained the deck and steps in a darker shade called Tobacco by Sherwin Williams. 

With the decking all finished it was time to accessorize.  I repainted this small table and chairs from the pool area in the backyard in white and decided to bring it to the front porch this year.

  Then I brought out a few houseplants, some pillows for the rocking chairs and rehung the hammock chair.

This small washstand moved from the backporch to the front porch after receiving a fresh new coat of paint.  It went from a pretty light green to this more trendier mint.  But, I didn't stop there.  As you can see below, I decided a few more things needed a fresh burst of color as well this year. 

 Shut the front door right?  Oh no she didn't, Oh YES she did!  You better believe I am loving my new front door color!   Before we talk about the showstopper here though, let's talk about a few other things that got a redo, Okay?

 My metal initial K wreath went from red to bright yellow.  I originally did not intend for it to go on the door but to stay on the siding where the wooden sailboat is now.  I intended for the sailboat to be on the door but because of the way the sailboat is made it doesn't lay flat on the door when on the hook.  Still needing to rework that, so for now, the bright yellow K is popping off this pretty pink door.

The little metal bench beside the front door also went from black to navy and a new colorful welcome mat helped me to start to pull it all together.

Ok, now since you have been so patient, let's talk about my new front door.  Talk about a bold move here.  After I repainted the porch flooring I realized my black door just didn't cut it.  My house siding is an off white cream color and the black and the brown with the cream was super dull to me and not so inviting.  I really wanted something that would pop from underneath the covered porch and would also fit into the change of seasons.  Where I live near the lake there are many of us who have fun and brightly colored doors.  I seriously considered a beautiful turquoise but knew it would not fit into my holiday decorating at Christmas and I wasn't keen on the idea or redoing all my outdoor Christmas decor.  My husband wanted a red door but I new it would really have looked odd with the siding and the porch floor and honestly, I just wasn't into it.

So i searched and searched for a month and finally found the color I wanted. It was called Mom's Lipstick by Olympic paints.  I picked up the swatch from Lowes took it home and mulled over it for a few weeks then went back to get the paint and wouldn't you know it was no longer on display.  Olympic paints had done a total reset on their colors and I didn't have my swatch with me the day I decided to buy the paint.  The poor man who worked the counter wasn't feeling well that day but hung in there looking up the combination and mixing the paint for me.  When he opened the lid I looked in the can and saw a very pepto pink.  I said, umm, that's not quite right, sorry.  But rather then go home and get the swatch and come back I asked him to deepen it up closer to a new swatch I pulled and this is what I ended up with.  

I decided to bring home the paint and see if it was close enough for me with the understanding I could return it if I didn't like it.  I am so glad I did, because while it's not quite an exact match to the swatch it's close enough and honestly I really like it even more.   I am thinking someone else around here really did too because I noticed a neighbors house down the street whose door and her front porch rockers n have also changed into a color very close to this color just recently. 

While I may not have lots of pretty flowers all over the front yard, I can't help but think of Azaleas every time I look at my door. I cannot wait to see how floral wreath are going to look on the door as well.  So pretty! 

Well, I gotta run now, I am repainting my Master bedroom starting today and I'm chomping at the bit.  I wanted to hurry up and get this out there though before too much time goes by again between posts. It's turning out to be a beautiful spring and a very promising summer.

Thanks so much for popping in today, I hope you liked what you saw.
As always I love hearing from you too.  Have great day and great week friends!

Hugs and Waves,