Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome "Maizey" my new Cavababy

Hi Blog friends!  I am so excited to share these photos with you all.  If you are an FB friend I am sure you've already seen these so I hope you'll understand.

I would like to introduce you all to my new baby girl.

This is Maizey.  She is a Cavachon.  She is not considered full breed but is considered a Designer breed.  She is a mix between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  

I have been wanting to add a new pup to our family for awhile now.  After doing a lot of research on what I felt would be the best fit for our family I found this breed, the Cavachons.

Cavachons come in assortment of colors.  My Maizey is considered apricot colored.  She will be between 10 to 15lbs fully grown. 

They are generally calm, friendly, social but loyal dogs loving the company of their owners.  Already she enjoys spending a great deal of time cozied up near me.

She is only 7 weeks old here and already on her way to learning potty and crate training, or maybe I am. LOL!  Oh well, she really does seem to be enjoying learning new things everyday.

She is still napping quite a bit in between her play times.  It really is much like having a newborn baby in the house.  We have rearranged the furniture again to allow for her crate and play yard.

But her favorite place to be is usually were ever I am.  She likes to lay by my feet even when she is not cuddled up on my lap as she is right now as I type this post.

I guess if you don't hear from me much, even less then you already are here's another good reason why.  I've still got a few projects I want to finish and share but they may be a bit delayed now.

Thanks so much for stopping by and meeting Maizey.
She sends her sweet puppy kisses and love to you all!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hurry Up Spring!

Yeah, I said it.... Hurry Up Already!  Right????  This has got to have been one of THE slowest arrivals of Spring I have seen in awhile.  My poor trees and flowers are just so confused. 

Thank goodness for Michaels and faux flowers or I'd have no flowers at all this year!

Yesterday we finally had a nice normal spring like day (hope it lasts) and I set out to my favorite local greenhouses to collect a few ferns and early bedding plants for all my pots around the house.  Guess what?  Can you imagine my frustrations after getting out the car at the closed gate and reading their sign that they have closed shop and retired?  Oh man!!!

So I tootled around a nearby antique store, came on back home, took a few pics of my den and spring mantle to share with you and went sailing with the hubby.  Love when he has Mondays off too!

I finally got the entire den repainted so I thought you might like to see.

The table here is new.  I recently purchased this at the same place I have my booth.  It was in pretty good shape but I did sand down the top and give the entire table a new stain and several clear coats.  Love how it turned out!

Speaking of new, you probably don't remember the curtains because they are fairly new too.  I got them from Kirklands.  I did like the brown and black plaid and the gold and cream plaid before them but I love, love, love, the turquoise.  

The new paint color is Muslin by Sherwin Williams.  It's the same as I used in the kitchen.  I just love how neutral it is and will look great with all three different colors of curtains should I want to change back.  

Here is a picture of my den from when I had the lighter creamier custom yellow color that I'd had for years.  I loved it but was ready for something new.

And here's the den with the Lucent Yellow that I had repainted not too long ago.  It doesn't show it here in these edited pics but it had a tendancy to put off a glowing color from time to time especially more so in my kitchen.  

And finally, here it is now!  All were great colors and just a tad different from each other. This one should stay awhile since it is neutral enough for me to change out the rest of the rooms elements as I want to and it's so easy on the eyes.

Since you have been so patient now, I will finally show you my spring mantle.

I've had it decorated for awhile but have not been to keen on showing you yet because I kept thinking it needed a bit more something.  

More bunnies maybe?

More eggs maybe?

Finally, I just decided I was done with it already since like outside it will most likely be very short lived this season.  LOL!  Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and move on.  Right?

On the other hand, I do love this little look down here!

Oh how I wish these were all over my yard instead!

Come on Spring!!!!!!

We're ready!!!!!

Have a great week Y'all!