Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Family Room 2015

Hi Friends!  I thought I'd share a few more updated photos of my home to attach as links on my blog. I used to have this set up on my side bar but have taken them down at some point and want to add them back.  So I've decided to add them back they need to be updated right?  Looking over several blogs I have found one of my most favorite things is to be able to quickly look through different rooms in homes for inspiration.  I confess I probably love doing this even more then looking at projects.  Sooo, if anyone else out there is like me I hope my photos will also be an enjoyment to you as well.

I've decided to start with my den since for us, it is the heart of our home.

As you will see it is one large room that stretches from the back of the house to the front.   In this photo you are standing in the front looking at the french doors that lead to our screened porch and then deck and pool area in the back yard. 

Because this room is rectangular with 3 entryways and several windows I've always felt quite challenged to create living spaces in this room that were not wasted space.  I finally over the last year or so added a small dining table that has worked out beautifully at the far end of the room.  This allows my husband and I  to dine here in the evenings at a table while watching t.v.

To further help define this area a dining space I added our antique cabinet that house our crystal as well.

I have always loved the fireplace in this room.  I would prefer to have built ins but that is one of those projects that is so far down on the list of wants.

It's hard to tell in this photo but it really is quite a very large fireplace.

On the opposite side of the wall facing the fireplace is the sofa, coffee table and club chair.  I have gone through many colors since I started blogging and absolutely love this color in this room the best.  It's so very calming and neutral.  I think it goes well with my style which I feel is a bit eclectic with a traditional and tropical type flair.  Quite a mix huh?

My coffee table and non rug are more recent changes from the addition of a puppy last year.  Funny how a furry friend can change your whole life!

In this photo you are standing towards the back of the house facing the front of the house that has a long front porch that stretches across this room and the dining room.

I have moved our TV several places in this room but have found that it works best here so I've always moved it right back.  Yes folks, we are those people whose den is centered around the TV.  I know shame on me right!

One of my favorite corners is the coastal corner.

I constantly redo this corner throughout the year but mostly with a beachy theme.  During the holidays this is where the Christmas tree goes as its the best place to enjoy it without overtaking the whole room.  

Well, there it is friends, our family room, living room, den or whatever you choose to call it.  

I"m glad you stopped buy and I hope you enjoyed your visit.  If you have a room that is layed out like this one I'd love to hear (and see) how you have set it up as well.

I am also hoping to eventually add more rooms of my home to my sidebar.  I am still working but have Mondays off so please look for more updates usually during the first of the week.  That is if I can figure out an easier way to post pictures then what I did today.  My new computer I got last year crashed, so I am now on a Chromebook.  So today I had to insert my camera card in the computer, then upload to the cloud then to google pics which then went to an app where my picasa is.  However could not use picasa to edit for some reason only google and could not find a way to watermark photos.  Would love any advice from anyone on this as well! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!