Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lets start the Fall decorating shall we? Still Tweaking!...

Hi Yall!  Labor day has passed and I have finally allowed myself to begin decorating for fall.  I've actually been really wanting to get started for a while now but I've been holding back because well, it's still just so very warm here in the south.

I love the warm rich deep colors of fall!  I have been so pleased over the last few years how well, the browns, oranges, and plums of fall accent the teal I have throughout my home.  Its so fun to see the warmth just begin to spread so smoothly with the cool hues of teal and grey. 

I recently picked up two handmade pottery pieces for a steal at one of my favorite consignment resale stores, called Almost Antiques.   I have to say it's bittersweet because they are going out of business.  Not just the booth but the whole store.  This store was where I once also had a booth of my own.  I really did enjoy having a booth and often kick around the idea of doing another one someday. I guess I will have to find another location if I do though.  

 These two beautiful pieces were actually for sale in the very booth (space) I had vacated several years ago.  They were in a booth full of beautiful handcrafted items such as handmade pottery, afghans, pillows and such.  I will share those later.  When I first spotted the small pitcher, I knew it was coming home with me.  Then when I saw the small plum and teal jar and I decided immediately that I would use them together for my fall decorating this year.  I even knew immediately where they would display.  I've plopped a few orange flowers in with some glittery copper apple looking ball thingys, and that was all the color needed for this space.  

I then decided to play on the copper a little more and swapped out my trio of white candlesticks for this sparkly beaded pair of candlesticks.  I went back and forth a bit trying to decide if I wanted to use candlesticks or fat candles in them.  Finally the fat candles won out.

Then my pretty little glass pumpkins found their spot this year.   I don't know about you but I can honestly say I've had a very hard time not buying more fall decor this year.   There are so many new adorable pieces out that I am seeing and would love to use.  But, I am being very good and waiting until I pull out what I already own first to see what all I have.  This may be a good year to purge some of the old before adding any new.  These glass pumpkins are definitely on the keeper list though!  I know you cannot really tell in these phone photos but I am just loving the reflections of light off all these pieces.  They are all so sparkly and shiny!

It's just a small start, for sure.  I know it doesn't come close to what I am seeing everywhere already, but it's just enough to get me in the mood.  So whoohoo, let the fall decorating begin!

Ahh, well isn't it funny how just a few hours can change your mind.  Yep, I had to do it.  The plain little orange flowers were just not cutting it.  I still need to find a better floral arrangement but I pulled this one out to see if I would like it better.  Umm, yea but it still needed more so I added the little orange flowers again.  Well, it's a little better.

Let's just say I'm still tweaking for now....geez!  

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