Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dining Room Bargain

Hi Friends!  I just had to share this!  I cannot believe the bargain I picked up this weekend.  Can you guess what it is?
What?  Your not sure, because this photo is a teaser.  Yeah, I been reading blogs this weekend.  LOL!

How about now?  Any guess's?  Sorry, no it's not the flowers!

If you guessed the table you'be be correct!  Woohoo!  I finally have a real "formal" dining table.  Can you believe that?  I've had my eyes open for quite some time for just the right look and price and when it finally happens it's just about in my own backyard.  Well, in my own neighborhood to be exact.

I picked up this beauty for next to nothing at an estate sale on Sunday.  The sale had been going on for 2 days already and was down to 50% off too.  I didn't go to the sale on Friday or Saturday because I wasn't really looking for anything (wasn't in the mood) but then on Sunday when the Mr. said lets pop in I finally said okay, let's go!  Boy am I glad I did!  

It came with 6 chairs, 2 sleaves, and a padded table cover.  I immediately put the sleaves in, they were still in their original boxes too.  I really have been wanting a bigger, longer table and this one measures 95" with both sleaves in.  I have plenty of chairs to use from my other set when more guests come but I do wish I had two more matching chairs for a set of 8.  I have seen these style chairs everywhere so I am hoping I will come across two more at which point I will recover them all the match each other.  As for now there is no recovering needed as they are in perfect shape.

There is absolutely no scratches on the table and is in excellent condition.  It only took my husband a few minutes to reconsider his original, no, we do not NEED another table.  LOL!  He looked it over good and changed his mind after he realized how good of a deal it was and all we needed to do was load it up and take down the street.  Well, it was a bit more complicated then that but easier to talk him into then say maybe if it had been a store a little further away.  

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about this so thanks so much for stopping by.  Also I finally figured out I could take photos on my phone and load them right to blogger with my app.  I now have a small chromebook and no space for storing photos so this was a major advantage.  I can't believe I've had this app for years and just now figured out how to do that.  

Oh well better late then never!  Hopefully I put a few more posts out in a more timely manner now.  
Thanks so much for popping by friends, I hope you like my bargain find.
Have a great day!