Saturday, July 28, 2018

Please follow me on my new blog The Decorative Dreamers Embroidery

Hi followers!  I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted.  Though I am not regularly posting here on this blog I would like to invite all of you to join me on my new blog The Decorative Dreamers Embroidery.  I will be updating it often as I share the works of my latest passion and love of embroidery and sewing.  Much of what I do is on a more personalized, homemade and decorative style.  Please consider following along and joining me in this new blog adventure.  I'd love to have your feedback, comments and fellowship.  Thanks so much, and I hope to see you there!  Here's a little sampling of what you'll get to see.

 I truly believe there will be enough on the new blog for everyones taste. I have made it very simple and so easy to navigate to look for whatever you desire to see.  Just check out the labels on the sidebar and they will lead the way.  I've intentionally kept the dialogue down so it's more of a look and see style blog. So please pop by, leave a comment if you so desire and follow along if you like what you see.  I could really use the followers. 
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lets start the Fall decorating shall we? Still Tweaking!...

Hi Yall!  Labor day has passed and I have finally allowed myself to begin decorating for fall.  I've actually been really wanting to get started for a while now but I've been holding back because well, it's still just so very warm here in the south.

I love the warm rich deep colors of fall!  I have been so pleased over the last few years how well, the browns, oranges, and plums of fall accent the teal I have throughout my home.  Its so fun to see the warmth just begin to spread so smoothly with the cool hues of teal and grey. 

I recently picked up two handmade pottery pieces for a steal at one of my favorite consignment resale stores, called Almost Antiques.   I have to say it's bittersweet because they are going out of business.  Not just the booth but the whole store.  This store was where I once also had a booth of my own.  I really did enjoy having a booth and often kick around the idea of doing another one someday. I guess I will have to find another location if I do though.  

 These two beautiful pieces were actually for sale in the very booth (space) I had vacated several years ago.  They were in a booth full of beautiful handcrafted items such as handmade pottery, afghans, pillows and such.  I will share those later.  When I first spotted the small pitcher, I knew it was coming home with me.  Then when I saw the small plum and teal jar and I decided immediately that I would use them together for my fall decorating this year.  I even knew immediately where they would display.  I've plopped a few orange flowers in with some glittery copper apple looking ball thingys, and that was all the color needed for this space.  

I then decided to play on the copper a little more and swapped out my trio of white candlesticks for this sparkly beaded pair of candlesticks.  I went back and forth a bit trying to decide if I wanted to use candlesticks or fat candles in them.  Finally the fat candles won out.

Then my pretty little glass pumpkins found their spot this year.   I don't know about you but I can honestly say I've had a very hard time not buying more fall decor this year.   There are so many new adorable pieces out that I am seeing and would love to use.  But, I am being very good and waiting until I pull out what I already own first to see what all I have.  This may be a good year to purge some of the old before adding any new.  These glass pumpkins are definitely on the keeper list though!  I know you cannot really tell in these phone photos but I am just loving the reflections of light off all these pieces.  They are all so sparkly and shiny!

It's just a small start, for sure.  I know it doesn't come close to what I am seeing everywhere already, but it's just enough to get me in the mood.  So whoohoo, let the fall decorating begin!

Ahh, well isn't it funny how just a few hours can change your mind.  Yep, I had to do it.  The plain little orange flowers were just not cutting it.  I still need to find a better floral arrangement but I pulled this one out to see if I would like it better.  Umm, yea but it still needed more so I added the little orange flowers again.  Well, it's a little better.

Let's just say I'm still tweaking for now....geez!  

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

UPDATE...I found the culprit!

Finally found it!!!  I had been following a blog called The Everyday Home. Perhaps they switched their url and their old feed was taken over, I don't know. But as soon as I clicked on it in my list I saw the one that was filling up my reading feed.   The blog that was clogging up my news feed was called  Ughh! I hate when this happens.  FYI, when I previously went through my list I went through it clicking on the links in my "add" section where you can also delete them.  The weird thing is I didn't see it that way.  I just now decided to go throw all the blogs I flow again by clicking on them in the reading list and see what shows up as opposed to the ADD section.  It was only when I clicked on The Everyday Home in that list that it showed me all the posts from the sight that took it over.   So glad to have deleted it! Also found a few more blogs that the links had been changed that didn't show up previously while clicking on the ADD section.  So I guess the moral of this story is, if you have an unwanted blog on your reading list.  FIRST, click through each one on the right of your reading list and then go to the ADD section and delete.  Do not go through them in the Add section as they will not show you the bad links there.  Whew!  What a mess!

I don't know if they changed their site and this I am in desperate need of info on how to get rid of blog that is spam, showing up on my reading newsfeed.  This blog is clogging up my feed with trash.  I cannot find it listed under my blogs I follow to delete it and have gone through all the ones I do follow deleting obsolete blogs and trying to find if it is connected to another blog.  How do I get rid of this?  Help!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Puppy Changes Everything!

Hi All!  Last time I blogged I was all excited to be back on Blogger and ready to dive right back in.  Obviously, that didn't quite happen.  I recently read a blog post from someone I enjoy tremendously that reminded me how to find my joy in blogging again.  I think I may have lost it until I was reminded that just simply being "in the moment" was blog worthy.  You see, I've kinda been caught up in the idea of needing to have something "decorative" to share.  It's not that I don't have anything decorative to share just not a lot of new things, new remodels, new tablescapes, or this or that.  I have made a few changes around the house since I last blogged but nothing I've felt really blog worthy compared to what I see some of my favorite blogs sharing.  Sooo I decided better to not blog at all.  I know it's sad, but yes sometimes I do get caught up in comparisons and feel unworthy.  I am so grateful to be reminded that I do have something to share even if it's not the latest and greatest.  I know I will enjoy looking back at this post as time goes by and remember the moment as one of great joy.

In my last post I mentioned I worked on a few changes in the kitchen, well I certainly did.  This post will not show you those changes but it will show you one big change and here it is.

 I've had a little rearranging to do, because we added another member to our family.  One that required a little "safe space" of his own.

This little one whose name is Skipper will soon be 4 months old on August 2nd.  I cannot believe how much he has grown since we got him on May 25th.   Please pardon the scruffy look but he has yet to have his first haircut.

 He is the same breed as my first dog love, Maizey, a Cavachon which is a cross between a Bichon and a King Charles Cavalier.  I won't go back and share younger puppy photos with you because today I'm sharing where we are right now.  We are in the moment.

My beautiful new traditional style reclining sofa that I fretted over choosing the right style and color is now covered in a quilt for protection from those sharp little puppy teeth.  I hate the sloppy look here but I'd hate to loose this sofa even more.  I won't lie, I am counting the months.

The new accent chair I was hoping to add to the den this year has been put on hold.  I just cannot stress myself with adding new furniture until this puppy outgrows the teething stage.  My first Cavachon chewed up so much furniture, I've vowed that will not happen again.  Luckily this one seems to enjoy tearing up all the existing puppy toys almost as much as the furniture.  We are living in a constant state of puppy toys everywhere all over the house.  If I pick them up and pile them all back into the toy basket (which will also need replacing from chewing) he is right there, immediately pulling them right back out.  Such a stinker!

This is just one of three baby puppy gates that have gone back up again.  I've blocked off the foyer and dining room to keep this little one from venturing upstairs or gnawing on my dining room furniture.

I look forward to the day when these items go back in cabinet for good again.  Thank goodness for Amazon for making these expensive must have items so much more affordable.

As adorable as this little one is, the reality is he has turned our quiet home life upside down.  I knew this would happen and I struggled with did I have it in me to go through the puppy stage again.  I still have days when I keep thinking, why did I do this? I know why I did but I have yet to see the rewards I was hoping for. I know they are coming, I just wish it would happen soon.  The joys of companionship I was hoping for is slow coming, not for us, but for our other Cavachon.

More often then not this is the extent of their interaction.  Maizey has yet to actually play with Skipper unless you call taking toys back and forth from each playing.   Skipper wants nothing more then to play with Maizey.  Unfortunately his idea of play is nipping, tugging on her ears and climbing on her back.  She tolerates him only occassionally and then retreats to the bedroom or sofa near me.  I feel so sorry for Maizey and Skipper both but keep reminding myself that all will be well with time.  Correction, I pray all will be well with time!

I have some hope I cling to.  Because occasionally and I do mean occasionally they will sit peacefully together just long enough for me to enjoy the possibilities or to grab my camera and take a snapshot.  Please ignore the ugly outdoor cushions on this loveseat.  That's another replacement down the road.  Again, after the teething phase.

I do have much hope for these two after seeing their interaction last week on our vacation.   I know I must be insane to take a puppy on vacay, but I did.   I felt we were making great progress and maybe we did.  I so want to be the happy people in the picture below all day and everyday.

But we need more time..... and a lower bed which we are getting.  This one is so very high off the ground and Skipper has figured out how to get up here. I myself have a step I use to get in and Maizey has a bench at the foot of the bed she uses.   I can't get rid of the bench in front of the bed because then it will leave Maizey stranded an unable to come and go as she pleases.  So our solution is to get a lower bed so when Skipper jumps upon it he will not break his neck jumping off. We are starting with a metal bed frame only for now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you why.   Poor Maizey! Little does she know her safe space is about to change.  

Who would have thought one little creature could turn a whole house upside down?
But gosh, he's so stinking cute while doing it!

We love you Skipper!

Thanks for popping by today, that's my moment.  I hope you enjoyed it.
Hugs and Waves,

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Decorating with Measuring Spoons

Hi Again!  I love when you finally make the time to tweak those little things you've been meaning to get done, don't you?  If your like me you sometimes put them off thinking, "oh, that's just a small thing that won't take long so I'll do it later.  And I'm sure I don't have to tell you those little things can add up pretty quick.  So, I've been on a bit of mission to focus on getting the little things done.  I call it tweaking!

I had this wonderful, Family Prayers sign my son gave me for Christmas.  As much as I loved it, and I really do, I just wasn't sure where I wanted to put it until I started tweaking the kitchen.  After I started making a few changes I decided this was the perfect spot for it but there was only one problem.

As wonderful as the sign is, it didn't come that way.  It came with the clips shown above.  Sorry, I am a slacker and didn't take a before picture of the sign with these clips but trust me they were on there.  I think it was most likely the clips that were throwing me for a loop. You see, I had no clue what to do with a sign with clips.  I tried, I really did try to think of how it would fit in somewhere.  But it just didn't.

After deciding I wanted the sign here in the kitchen I sat down determined to remove the clips and just put the screws back in the predrilled holes.  As I removed the clips I remembered I had a box of these small hooks in my kitchen drawer.  I have these hooks on several places of my cabinets to hang coffee mugs and always keep extras on hand.  I was quite thrilled to find my hooks fit the screw holes perfectly and just like that my new sign had hooks.  It didn't take me long after that to figure out what I wanted to hang on those hooks either.  I am missing my regular measuring spoons in this picture because, well, they were in the dishwasher at the time.  I know shame on me for not setting up my props better.  LOL!

Once the sign was hung and designated a holder for measuring spoons I decided I needed a few more decorative ones.  I already had the heart shaped set but wanted something a little more fancier too.  Would you believe after all those years working in retail that I have never bought myself any of those pretty metal measuring spoon sets that come in all sorts of patterns?  I've restocked them more times then I care to remember but never bought any for myself.  I guess I just never wanted to spend the money on them, even with my discounts.  Anyway, I really did want something a little more decorative here now.  Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I found just what I wanted at Walmart.  Aren't these just wonderful?  The metal is really nice and thick too y'all.  These are very sturdy and so pretty.  I love them!  I still have room for one more decorative set.  I've decided I will just wait to see what I find "someday" for that set.  I know one thing, it will be definitely be a set that has to hit me just right and will be fun to be on the lookout for.

Before you go, I have one more final tweak to share.   Do you remember my last post when I shared the sideboard in the den and all the tweaks I did with it?  Well, if you don't remember just jump back or keep scrolling when your done reading this post and you'll see.  

Anyway, I had shared where it was staying and the few tweaks I did and how I wanted to also find a new runner.  Guess what?  Yes mams, I did!  I found just the runner I was looking for.  Its so pretty so see a beautiful pop of color now on this sideboard in my den and it was a perfect match to the rest of the teal in this room.  Love when an idea becomes a vision, don't you?

That's all I got for today, but I'm still tweaking away here.  So come back again another day and check out the latest if you like.  Have a great week dreamer friends!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Feels like Home Again!

Hi Yall! Well, If you caught my post last week you may remember I discussed making a few changes in the den.  If you didn't catch that post you can read it HERE.  One area that I really wanted to focus on was the large wall in my den.  This is how it looked last Monday.

I wasn't happy with they way I had things set up and wanted to make a change.  I got a wonderful suggestion to move the large picture above the the sideboard.  I thought this sounded great because I never even thought of that.   I mentioned I wasn't sure I was going to keep the sideboard in this room.  One thing I did was try out a different piece of furniture, which I really didn't like so I put the sideboard back in this room and then moved the picture.

The idea was to have the picture above the sideboard and to add additional pieces of art over the chairs.  Artwork that could either be stacked or staggered was what I was envisioning.  I even went out shopping but didn't find anything that really inspired me enough to make the leap.

I let this idea test out for a few days and over the weekend but then this morning I knew I just didn't want to give up my trusty mirror that I had here to begin with.  I love mirrors and I especially loved having this one here.  I felt even more compelled to keep this one here for last minute vanity checks (i know that's so bad to say, but true).  You see I've made a few changes in my kitchen over the weekend and one of those changes included getting rid of a mirror I had in there by the coat rack.  

Since I didn't want to be short two mirrors, I decided to move this mirror back where I had it.   A girls gotta be able to check on that lipstick y'all.  Mostly though, I really love this old bamboo mirror and I feel like it actually enhances the casual Mediterranean tropical look I lean towards.

I also swapped a few lamps around in this room to make things a little more balanced.  I moved this crystal lamp over from the side table by the sofa, and that side table now has the large turquoise lamp.  I decided this lamp looked really good here and balanced out the room a little better because it was still a bit too big to remain on the side table in between the chairs without blocking the picture.  You'll see what I mean on that in a bit. 

Next, I pulled out a few more pieces of seasonal type decor and was very pleased with the look.  That's the beauty of having this sideboard in here.  It gives me room to pull out those fun decor pieces and swap them around from time to time.  I still want to replace the table runner shown here and have a few ideas on that.

This is the table where the large Turquoise lamp used to be between the two chairs.  While I really liked having it here I knew it was just a bit too big after I made the decision to move the print back on this wall.  So, I tried the crystal lamp here and decided it was still a bit too big and distracting from the print above.   I decided to dig around upstairs and try out one of my smaller lamps.  This was the ticket, and fit nicely without distracting from the print.

When I decided to put my print back on this side of the wall one thing I did that I hadn't done previously was I centered the picture exactly above the side table.  Previously in last weeks post you can see the picture was more centered on the whole wall itself, more to the right of the chairs.   It was centered there because that is where I use to have our old sofa when we had it on the wall on this side of the room.   The other change I made, or change back in this case was I added the sconces back on each side of the picture.  I say back because that is how I had them when the sofa was here but had moved them on each side of the mirror when I rearranged the furniture.  I think that was what was bothering me the most as seen in last weeks post.   I really didn't like the cluttered loof of the scones on each side of my mirror and really wanted them back on each side of the picture.  The reason I moved the sconces in the first place was because the picture wasn't aligned above the side table and the sconces were in the way with the larger lamps.  Little details like that drive me nuts.  Why oh why I didn't just think to center the print above the table first is a mystery, but oh well.  Maybe I was just being lazy or just being crazy who knows.  LOL!

I am feeling so much more satisfied with the look on this wall now that I paid a little closer attention to the important details.  I didn't want to have to find new artwork, I like what I have.  I didn't want to loose my mirror in here.  I didn't want to loose my palm sconces in here either.  I know the look I enjoy is not a popular or trendy look, but it's what I love and what I enjoy.

And now finally, finally, this room again feels like home!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thrifts and Bargains

Hey again! Doesn't everyone love a great deal?  Silly question, I know right!  Well, I've got spring fever for sprucing up so I hit a few stores yesterday and came home with a few great finds.  I am sharing my fantastic finds today just in case they might be something you've been thinking about too.

My destination of choice yesterday was Hobby Lobby.  I have been eyeing these framed iron pieces for years.  Okay maybe not these exact ones but certainly they have carried very similar styles for years now.   I haven't ever really had a place I knew I would use them until yesterday when I decided to start making some changes in one of my rooms at home.  (More on that in another post to follow later)  Funny how you can have an idea in your head that remains dormant until one day the light bulb comes on!  As usual I took advantage of their 50% off sale to acquire two of these.  I cannot wait to start the changes for the room I'm going to use these in!

"Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold!  How do you measure it's worth?  Just by the pleasure it is here on earth."

 Love that song by Burle Ives!  But as you can see above I'm certainly not dreaming of Christmas y'all. There is a Carolina Pottery near the Hobby Lobby I shop at and I always stop in there when I'm over on that side of town.   I was so thrilled to find these silver placemats in a beautiful coral looking pattern.  I purchased some similar gold placemats just recently from Bed, bath and beyond and have been wanting to add some silver ones as well.  You can see those later if I can ever get my old posts loaded onto blogger from Wordpress.  Uggh!  I almost purchased the silver ones like my gold ones from BB&B the other day but put them back.  I'm so glad I did because I like these even better and they were less $$$.  These are going to be wonderful for everyday use this summer as they are easy to wipe down.  This is how you liven up your summer table with a some bling!

And speaking of bling.  I wanted to add some colorful candles for the summer to a pair of mercury glass candlesticks I have.   I was looking for teal candles and about jumped for joy when I spotted these.  With my new gray sofa in the den, my colors are changing in that room to gray, teal and yellow (or golden yellow).  These are going to look great and have a sand & sea smell to boot.  Perfect!  I will share that another time,   when I get the whole look pulled together. 

 Finally, "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I's all right!"  
Lots of singing going on around here today huh?  You would be too if you snapped up this bargain.  I have wanted a sun mirror for sometime now.  I just had to grab this when I stopped in at one of my favorite local furniture consignment stores on the way to HL.  For any local peeps it's called Main Street Consignment.  They have the best stuff.  This was priced way lower then it should have been (even the manager commented so) and there was not a ding or bang on it.  Now where to put this is another story for another day because honestly I really am not quite sure on this one yet.  But you know me, I will find a place eventually.....and it will be soooo fun dreaming where!

Thanks for popping by again y'all
have a great day!
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