Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Puppy Changes Everything!

Hi All!  Last time I blogged I was all excited to be back on Blogger and ready to dive right back in.  Obviously, that didn't quite happen.  I recently read a blog post from someone I enjoy tremendously that reminded me how to find my joy in blogging again.  I think I may have lost it until I was reminded that just simply being "in the moment" was blog worthy.  You see, I've kinda been caught up in the idea of needing to have something "decorative" to share.  It's not that I don't have anything decorative to share just not a lot of new things, new remodels, new tablescapes, or this or that.  I have made a few changes around the house since I last blogged but nothing I've felt really blog worthy compared to what I see some of my favorite blogs sharing.  Sooo I decided better to not blog at all.  I know it's sad, but yes sometimes I do get caught up in comparisons and feel unworthy.  I am so grateful to be reminded that I do have something to share even if it's not the latest and greatest.  I know I will enjoy looking back at this post as time goes by and remember the moment as one of great joy.

In my last post I mentioned I worked on a few changes in the kitchen, well I certainly did.  This post will not show you those changes but it will show you one big change and here it is.

 I've had a little rearranging to do, because we added another member to our family.  One that required a little "safe space" of his own.

This little one whose name is Skipper will soon be 4 months old on August 2nd.  I cannot believe how much he has grown since we got him on May 25th.   Please pardon the scruffy look but he has yet to have his first haircut.

 He is the same breed as my first dog love, Maizey, a Cavachon which is a cross between a Bichon and a King Charles Cavalier.  I won't go back and share younger puppy photos with you because today I'm sharing where we are right now.  We are in the moment.

My beautiful new traditional style reclining sofa that I fretted over choosing the right style and color is now covered in a quilt for protection from those sharp little puppy teeth.  I hate the sloppy look here but I'd hate to loose this sofa even more.  I won't lie, I am counting the months.

The new accent chair I was hoping to add to the den this year has been put on hold.  I just cannot stress myself with adding new furniture until this puppy outgrows the teething stage.  My first Cavachon chewed up so much furniture, I've vowed that will not happen again.  Luckily this one seems to enjoy tearing up all the existing puppy toys almost as much as the furniture.  We are living in a constant state of puppy toys everywhere all over the house.  If I pick them up and pile them all back into the toy basket (which will also need replacing from chewing) he is right there, immediately pulling them right back out.  Such a stinker!

This is just one of three baby puppy gates that have gone back up again.  I've blocked off the foyer and dining room to keep this little one from venturing upstairs or gnawing on my dining room furniture.

I look forward to the day when these items go back in cabinet for good again.  Thank goodness for Amazon for making these expensive must have items so much more affordable.

As adorable as this little one is, the reality is he has turned our quiet home life upside down.  I knew this would happen and I struggled with did I have it in me to go through the puppy stage again.  I still have days when I keep thinking, why did I do this? I know why I did but I have yet to see the rewards I was hoping for. I know they are coming, I just wish it would happen soon.  The joys of companionship I was hoping for is slow coming, not for us, but for our other Cavachon.

More often then not this is the extent of their interaction.  Maizey has yet to actually play with Skipper unless you call taking toys back and forth from each playing.   Skipper wants nothing more then to play with Maizey.  Unfortunately his idea of play is nipping, tugging on her ears and climbing on her back.  She tolerates him only occassionally and then retreats to the bedroom or sofa near me.  I feel so sorry for Maizey and Skipper both but keep reminding myself that all will be well with time.  Correction, I pray all will be well with time!

I have some hope I cling to.  Because occasionally and I do mean occasionally they will sit peacefully together just long enough for me to enjoy the possibilities or to grab my camera and take a snapshot.  Please ignore the ugly outdoor cushions on this loveseat.  That's another replacement down the road.  Again, after the teething phase.

I do have much hope for these two after seeing their interaction last week on our vacation.   I know I must be insane to take a puppy on vacay, but I did.   I felt we were making great progress and maybe we did.  I so want to be the happy people in the picture below all day and everyday.

But we need more time..... and a lower bed which we are getting.  This one is so very high off the ground and Skipper has figured out how to get up here. I myself have a step I use to get in and Maizey has a bench at the foot of the bed she uses.   I can't get rid of the bench in front of the bed because then it will leave Maizey stranded an unable to come and go as she pleases.  So our solution is to get a lower bed so when Skipper jumps upon it he will not break his neck jumping off. We are starting with a metal bed frame only for now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you why.   Poor Maizey! Little does she know her safe space is about to change.  

Who would have thought one little creature could turn a whole house upside down?
But gosh, he's so stinking cute while doing it!

We love you Skipper!

Thanks for popping by today, that's my moment.  I hope you enjoyed it.
Hugs and Waves,