Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pure As The Driven Snow....

I am not!  Yep! You read that right.  I am sooo not as pure as the driven snow! I am as faulty as any earthling can be, that's for sure!  Fortunately and blessedly so, I have a faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who loves and forgives.  He forgives my rants and raving and all the disappointments in between among what I am sure is just the tip of the iceberg of failures.

With forgiveness also comes light.  He also shines brightly those things I need to see.  Those things that maybe I need to clean up so to speak.  It is with that in mind that I made a few adjustments to my original first post about closing this blog.  I needed to let go...and move on without going back. 

I thought I had moved on since I had taken the first steps in closing my blog to a private one.  But after reading and rereading what I wrote it was clear I had not really let go.  So today, I edited and deleted a few things and so begins a fresh new start.

I am still receiving a strange and beautiful blessing here with this blog.  It is no longer snowing outside though this is much of how it looked as it was coming down last night ever so beautifully.

This is the first snow we have had since we put in our pool.  What a beautiful sight to see early this morning.  I will taking lots of pics today that's for sure!

I am not sure yet if I will be going in to work today.  It looks like it may be another day for relaxing to me.  

...or chillin out as some would say!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Free to be Me!

Yes! I finally did it! I am free! I have decided to make this blog private! I am not sure whether any of you can see this or not (or even want to at this point) but I feel the need to clarify...even if only for myself.

I have closed this blog to private in order to get out of the box.  The box was too confining.  I felt as if I had not only to "show" what was acceptable to the masses, but I had to post within a set of standards that was just too confining for me.  I do not like some of the cliques and etiquette rules that stifle me

 However, the most confining rule of etiquette that I am done with is the thought that I should be blogging for "you".  I started and continue this blog for me, to share MY life, it's my outlet, my look back on the years, the styles, the thoughts, ect.  This blog is opening up my life, sharing my life, not what I think you will approve of, or want to see, or what you might find interesting.  I am blogging about what I like, what I find interesting, what I want to do...and by golly if you find that interesting then please come along for the ride and let me know if you want to be added to view this blog.  This is the point in which if you have requested to be added to my blog and are reading this and disagree by all means you can stop following me now.  I am a big girl and can handle the fact that other bloggers have different views on blogging.

 You are here because you want to continue seeing my page...not because I expect you to comment or to be anything more then a viewing guest.  I would love for you to comment when you see something you like or can relate too, but only if you truly feel compelled too for that post.  It's okay to peek and run, I have no problems with that.    If we continue to become friends, then I am truly blessed as I hope you will be because you will have now met the real me with my boring self and all.  LOL!

  I reserve the right to accept and disapprove all guests as I see fit from here on.  Please note that I am very mindful of spam, hackers and those who may seem a threat to this blog.    So, if you are request is delayed it may be because I needed more time to feel sure you were legit.

Whew! Well, glad I got this post out there now and it's time to move on!  Can't wait to start blogging about what ever now!  Oh, how I love it....I am free to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Painting the China Cabinet

Time sure is flying by..."like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives." 
I can't help but think of that every time I look at this vignette even though there is not one inkling of an hourglass in sight.  Weird!

It's hard to believe I actually made time to blog and was still tablescaping while I worked at Stein Mart. With all the responsibility of that position I am amazed that I even got one post out much less a few years worth.  Looking back now, it's easy to see that I did start to pull back though. 

What's funny is now that I have more time to blog I seem to be less inclined to do so.  It's not that I don't enjoy it, because I do and I do miss the communications with other bloggers.   I just seem to be a bit stuck in the same ole same oles.  Ever been there?    I also really miss one of my most inspirational bloggers ever, Liz at Savvy Seasons.  She always had a way of showing her decor that got me in the mood to rearrange and redecorate my own.  I hope your doing well my old blog friend!  Anyway, that's the long and short of why I haven't posted much at all...I am stuck, just like those hands on the clock above. 

 I have managed just a few changes around here lately though.  I recently purchased two new mercury glass lamps to use in the dining room.  I actually found them at Walmart of all places.  They didn't come with shades so I used some of my old shades and that's not quite what I want. So, I am keeping my eye open for just the right ones. you remember when I purchased this (new to me) cabinet several years back?   It was bought with the intention of painting it black.  Well, of course I waffled on that idea for several years.  I even let myself get to the point of starting all over and wanting a new dining table and hutch to match.  

But yesterday, as I was feeling restless on a cold Saturday afternoon inside, I decided to start repainting my hutch.  Of course I waited until almost 4:30 in the afternoon before I started.  Yes, really! I guess you know what I'll be working on today now don't you?

I can't wait to see this finished.  I think it will hold me off of any new purchases for a bit.  I still really, really, really want a new table and chairs and have several ideas on that.  

The fact is, I have been feeling very very restless lately as far as my decor goes.  I really want to update the whole house again with a different look.  I am kinda getting tired of older furniture and am wanting new, more modern, but frenchy and classic with a twist of modern.  Does that make sense to anyone other then me?  Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow for such drastic measures as what are in my head.  So, I guess I will just have to continue to chip away at it a little at a time.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Sunday!