Friday, January 2, 2015

Sailing into the New Year

Good Morning! Some of you may remember that I used to blog under the name of the blog Sailing Simply.   For those of you that remember I do apologize for using the same header that I used  today previously but it really seems befitting to my day yesterday.

I shared these photos on Facebook and they are enjoying them so much I thought I share them here with you.  Today was indeed a sparkly day on the water!

This is the photo everyone on FB loves.  I captioned it, "God is such a great artist!"  I love that I captured the reflection of the clouds on the water.  So glad I had my Iphone handy.

We (the hubbs and I ) spent our afternoon on the sailboat on the beautiful waters of Lake Murray yesterday and it was such a great way to ring in the new year.  We didn't get much sailing in though, only a small amount before the winds died but we continued to enjoy motoring about.   

 Some of you may recall our largest boat was a 27ft Ericson named The Viking 4.  We have had our hearts set on a larger boat for years now and I'm happy to say that finally came to pass late this november.  We are now the proud owners of a Catalina 30 sailboat, dubiously named Jabberwocky.  Our intentions are to change the name as soon as we find a better fit.  In this photo above you see just the handrail and throwable as you are looking out towards one of the other docks at the sailing club where our old boat sits awaiting it's new owners.

I promise to share the new boat on my blog here soon when I get a chance.  I am still tinkering with the inside decor as to what I most want to have aboard.  This is also why you may have noticed a few changes on the set up of my blog as we've had lots of changes in our life last year and I wanted this blog to reflect more of what is in store for this year.  

 I thought you might enjoy these photos as much as I do since they came out so well.  More gorgeous reflections shown on the water in the above photos, don't you think?

After we got back in and tied to the docks we hung around a bit longer as the sun went down and I was able to snap this shot of the moon as it was rising.
It was such a picture perfect day!

Loved starting out the New Year Sailing and I hope you too were able to start out the New Year doing the things you love the most as well!

Happy New Year Again Friends!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Sparkly New Year!

Welcome 2015!

I rarely ever do resolutions but am going to strive for one this year.

My one resolution; To SPARKLE all year long!

Happy New Year Friends!