Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkins and Jacks on the Porch

I am doing something a little different on the front porch this year.  Instead of spreading out my jack-o-lanterns on the steps like I always do, I decided to group them all together along with a few other things.

I really love the look of tons of real pumpkins all over a front porch.  Only, I've never been one to buy a bunch of pumpkins for fall.  I guess I'm just kinda cheap like that.  

Soooo..... I decided to use what I have!

I also decided to make a few more pumpkins to go with the ceramic jacks.  I found this orange burlap remnant this summer on clearance at Hancock Fabrics.  I simply filled it with paper wrapped around several wine corks to give it some weight, tied it off with twine and painted the ends green for leaves.  How simple was that, right?

The checked pumpkins were on the $1.00 isle at Target one year and this floral arrangement is one I'm sure you've seen before.  The lantern is a new purchase from Ah, at Home this year.

I am so excited about my new sign.  I just made it this morning.  I was trying to make something to put in my booth to sell but I just can't part with it now.  

I still have 5 more blank slate tiles this size that I purchased from a yard sale one day.  Maybe I will make another one to sell....maybe.

What can I say, I am bad like that.  But, I sure do just love how it turned out though!

I guess you could say I'm ready for fall and Halloween now.

I am still searching for a lost box of fall decor.  I am so upset because it has another vine pumpkin, a few of my carved out scroll pumpkins, my pumpkin with words, my fall berry wreath and two of my beautiful blown glass pumpkins.  I have searched this house high and low and cannot find them.  They have to be in the attic still which is crammed full of stuff.  Stuff I need to take to my booth.  Hopefully, I will tackle that project soon. Maybe next weekend.

Thanks for stopping by Y'all!
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Mantle Decor - 2013

Hey All! Yesterday, I added a few fall decorations around the house and this morning we woke up to cooler temps.  Wow!  I should have decorated sooner.  LOL!  

I thought you might like to see my fall mantle and few other simple arrangements.  I haven't gone all out this year.  I am still searching for a missing a box of my fall decor.  I am sure I will find it eventually.  Despite the missing decor, I knew I didn't have many fall leaves around to decorate with so I made a trip to Michael's last week on my lunch break and pick up a garland and a few bushes of colorful fall leaves and a bush of berries.  It's always amazing to me how just a few simple leaves make such a difference in creating a cozier and more fallish look.  I took lot's of pics to share so you can see all the different elements I used to get this look.

So what do you think?  I just love how the mantle turned out this year!

I  already had some greenery tucked in this vase, so I simply added a few cattails and leaves from last years fall decorating to get this look.

This arrangement was from last year too.  I only added two fall arrangements in the kitchen.  This one and the one on the breakfast table below.

Let's take a closer look...

Such warm colors will be so nice this fall when the temps stay cooler.

I can't wait until it's cool enough to have a cozy fire in the fireplace too.
What about you?  Are you decorating for fall yet, or at all?

Let me know if you are, I'd love to pop by and see your decor as well.
Have a beautiful blessed Sunday everyone!


Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

"MUMS" the word around here!

Hi All!  I know it's been a while since I posted, but life is busy ya know!  I do apologize for being so silent lately but there is a good explanation.  I am back working again and loving it!  I was lucky enough (blessed actually) to find a job with a mom and pop business again where I get to keep my weekends and Mondays off.  Their store is called Kathy's Kreations and is an embroidery gift shop.  If you know my work history before Stein Mart then you know this job is like coming home for me.  I love, love, love it!

Besides working in my new job, I am keeping up both my resale booth and my online business with Ah, at home products.

Here's a few shots of the booth that I took the other day with my phone when I dropped off a few fall items.

I am hoping to get by there today to pick up my commission check for last month.  It would seem sales are doing okay because I've paid the rent and made a small profit yet again.  You can't ask for much more then that, can ya?  It's been pretty fun seeing what is selling and what isn't.

I would have thought my clock would have gone a long time ago.  I've got it very reasonably priced and have even gone down some but apparently, it's not that appealing to my market.  Strangely enough, I have sold a good bit of jewelry in addition to all the various other things.  Who would have thought that? Not me!

Here are a few items I bought for myself from my online business with Ah, at home.  Isn't he just the cutest gobble gobble ever?

I cannot wait to fill this turkey basket up with a few fall goodies!

My lighted pumpkins finally came in too!

I set them up on the mantle this weekend.  I need to add batteries to my pumpkins and I've still got more tweaking to do with this area to "fallify" it a bit more.  I think I shall be one of those late fall decorators this year though as it's very hard to get excited about decorating for fall with when we are still enjoying summer here. 

I did manage to change out my wreath on the door to one that's getting a bit closer to fall though not quite so colorful yet.  I combined my decorative initial with a simple willow wreath and bow.  It's made of burlap with a chevron pattern.  Chevron is all the rage in our town, how about yours?

Outside, I am ever so slowly adding a few touches of fall as well.  

It's a bit early for mums here but I just couldn't resist these pretties when I saw them.

I don't recall seeing this color of mums before.  Then again, maybe I have just always overlooked them.   I am not a huge fan of mums because they are so short lived in bloom time here.  However, I just had to purchase these because they seem quite summery to me.

So there you go folks, that's what's happening in my world!  

I continue to enjoy your blogs and all the inspiration you provide, though I have purposely pulled back from regularly visiting and leaving comments.  I want you all to know it's only a time thing with me and nothing more!  I want to see so much and enjoy so many of your pictures when I can.  Perhaps it is a bit selfish of me, but time is so precious when it is divided among so many other aspects of life. So with this mind, I hope you can understand why, it's "mums" the word around here.

Please know that as much as I enjoy blogging I will also be a random blogger for the most part.  For those of you who are inclined to keep stopping by from time to time, thank you!  Your visits and comments are always welcomed but mostly I just hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy seeing yours!

Have a great week everyone!