Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I give up!!!

I am thinking my days are truly being numbered as a blogger.   So many more troubles again!  I've commented on blogs left and right today and they are not going through to most of you.  Yes, I have been checking.    I still can't sign on as usual and visits to my blog are waaay down, though now I can atleast can sign on and create a post again.  I am not ignoring you but feel like I am being blocked apparently.   It's very frustrating and I'm thinking why waste so much energy on this!  It's not like I have a huge list of followers anyway.  It's like blogger has it out for me and is being very selective in who is or is not having issues.  It's all just been feeling way to cliquish for me... Just saying! 

Those of you whom I've made connections with (you know who you are) I really enjoy communicating with but it's getting harder and harder to do so.   I didn't store all your personal emails, though maybe I should have.   I'd prefer to communicate with you through and visiting your beautiful blogs rather then all the behind the scences chitter chatter, but now have no way to tell you how much I enjoyed your post.  I guess I failed in that too.  So, all that being said, this is where I'm standing on the matter.  Good grief!!!

I'm really starting to feel so over this!

Have you Recuperated Yet?

From all the celebrating this weekend I mean!  I sure have.  Ha ha!   In fact, I really didn't have much recooping to do since I didn't have much going on.  I am sure I've mentioned to you before my husband is on one of his regularly scheduled outages which means work,work,work and then some.  Whew! 

 Good news is, we are getting closer to the end and I will have my hubby back.  He was getting Saturdays off until the last past two weekends. 

He should be able to get off early, around 2:00ish the rest of this week and then back to his regular hours.  He usually works 4 tens which gives us long weekends often, so this no weekends business has been tough.   We have something special planned for next week.   I will tell you about that later though.  Also my youngest has 3 more half days of school this week too.  Finally, it's starting to feel like summer time!  Woohoo!

So, what's a gal to do with too much time on her hands and no one around to share it with?  Let me show ya!

Projects for one, of course!  I found a set of these cute shutters at my favorite consignment store and decided to spray paint them this fantastic turquoise blue.

My intentions were to use these for jewelry displays rather then the other cute shutter sign I showed you a few weeks back.  I like a solid color background for displaying jewelry so this will work better.   That is, if I don't find another place for them that I'd rather use them.  LOL!

I don't think I showed you this yet either, did I?  I rearranged the furniture on the back screened porch again. 

 I moved the cozy chairs over here in front off one of the double doors so now they face the backyard.   When you sit here, you are looking into the yard instead of the side yard from where they were.   I love this view much better! 

I pulled one of my old wicker chairs from upstairs and put it down here too.  It's coming up for a project next. Stay tuned for that reveal soon!

And just in case you are wondering, no I didn't get rid of the table.  I just moved it over where the chairs used to be.  I like it over here so much better because it is under the candle chandelier now.   Sorry, you can't see that in this photo but it's hanging right above the table.   My porch feels so much bigger without my hammock on here.  I am really enjoying it this year, though I do miss the hammock.  We are going to create a very special spot for it soon outside.

Speaking of projects, here's a few more I worked on this weekend.  I also got out the white spray paint.  I finally went ahead and changed this basket.  I love it! I just did a light coat of white and love how it has a weathered look.  I decided not to do a glaze on this for now, because it looks fine without to me.

I also changed my cross in the dining room.  It used to be silver if you remember.  I spray painted it white, then sanded it some and then added a chocolate brown glaze.

I love how my cross shows up so much more on my blue green walls now then the silver did.  It really stands out but is so soft looking!

 Do you remember when I found this last year at Goodwill and decided to make it into a cloche base?  It was a very pretty mixture of golds and I enjoyed that look quite a bit last year.

But that was last year, and this is a new year!  I spray painted it white also, and added a chocolate glaze.  I love how the details really pop now!

I've done several other changes around the house but will save those to show you later.  I don't want to overload you with too much in one day and may need those later for when I got nothing else to show!  Ha ha!

Before I go, I did want to show you this.  I've been looking everywhere for a new purse for the season and couldn't quite find what I wanted, until recently.  I saw these a few weeks ago at Stein Mart and just fell in love with them.

  I really wanted a sling type bag with only one handle for simplicity.   I waited until this weekend and went back yesterday and bought it when they were on sale.  I haven't bought one of these styles in years, have you?
I love how this one has an updated look with the beads, stones and blingy things!
Fun! Fun!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13

  Have you ever imagined just how many may have genuinely experienced the fullest measure of this verse in their lives? 

The sacrifice made by a soldier who dies in combat is quite extraordinary and certainly deserves our most memorable honor.  I am most thankful that we live in a country that recognizes the sanctity of this heroic action.  For they have given their lives so that we may have the gift of freedom in the U.S.

  Many of us will not have to die for another, but in this verse we are also encouraged to practice sacrificial love.  There are times when we will fall short, as I so often do, but we are reminded here to continue looking for ways to share Jesus's love with others.

  The ultimate sacrifice has already been made for us by Jesus, whom we can call our friend.  For he gave his life for us, that we may have the gift of eternal freedom.  He did this because, His love for you was that great!

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  Happy Memorial Day!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Outdoor Summer Scape

Some like it hot!  Some do not! Usually, I am among those that like it hot.  But lately, I've been more in the not category.  Today we topped out at 92 degrees, that's a bit of a drop from the last few days that have hit 95 already!  I know..it's too soon already!  Oh well!  I am soooo glad I have my great big umbrella to help.

Since purchasing this beach umbrella last summer to use on my lower deck I have been on a mission to pull together an outdoor tablescape to match.

This means I've looked for lot's of similar colors.

Such as multiple colors in my outdoor seat cushions.

To multiple colors in my dishes...

...and multiple colors in my accessories.

So, I guess you could say I have been planning for one colorful evening outdoors.

I used my red heart placemats today in honor of the upcoming Memorial's day holiday.  We have so much to be thankful for to all those who have sacrificed their lives for us, for there is no greater love then to give ones life for another. 

These melamine plates were purchased from Walmart last year as part of the Better Homes and Garden collection.

I've paired them with my newest dessert plates from TJ Maxx.  I loved how well these plates coordinated with the chair cushions.


Just the thought of lemonade cools me down.

I think my gardenias make a beautiful center piece in these glasses.

And they smell just devine, especially in the hot muggy evening of a warm summers day.

I cannot wait for the Mr. to get home this evening so we can enjoy this setting tonight.

Do you think I might need to bring out a fan too?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Breathe !!!

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I've
Never been this swept away....

 I know the lyrics of this song are not about the subject of my post but, I think it certainly applies.  If you have your sound off please by all means, turn it up...and enjoy because I love this song and I am in love with my Gardenia's too!

I am so excited that my Gardenia's are finally blooming this year!  Do you remember when I planted these by the front steps last year?  I wanted our guests to be able smell the beautiful aroma of gardenias when they come to our front door.  Still don't know why I waited so many years to change this, but I am so glad I finally did!

Welcome!  Can you smell them too?

This side may need a little more attention this year.

But Oh, what an aroma this side is producing!

This huge Gardenia has been here in the back ever since we moved in. 

It is so full of blooms it is top heavy.   I will need to prune it carefully very soon after it finishes blooming.  This bush will bloom all summer long.

I literally could smell it last night while sitting on the screened porch which is on the other end of the deck.

It's so aromatic.  I just love it!  Don't you just love the smell of gardenias too?

Near the garage I have a few plants that are not blooming quite so profusely.

For so few blooms though, it is still putting out a beautiful scent.

And they are just so gorgeous!  Yes, ladies I am totally in love!  I have always planted Gardenias around my homes because I have been in love with the beauties for so long. 

They are positively intoxicating!  So come on....
just breathe!!!

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