Saturday, November 28, 2015

This Season, Let Go and let Love!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  I am so excited to get started.  As usual, I like to start in the kitchen.  I like starting in the kitchen because I do a candy land and elves theme that brings forth a sense of wonder and innocence, like that of a child.   When I start with this room it just sets me in the right mood for the whole season.  So for those of you who like to read that's what I'd like to post about today.

I am sure I must have posted about this already, but I feel very compelled to post again.  Maybe it's because I personally have very recently gone through a very difficult separation from a job I loved and people I loved as well.  Maybe it's because the news is filled with so much terrorism, hatred, division, apathy and disbelief.  Maybe it's because even with all our online communication readily available people are still rarely communicating but are more into observing and placing judgement.  If that's not the case in your world then you are certainly blessed.  Don't worry, I am not going to make this a post about all that is wrong in the world today.  Quite contrary!  I am posting about something that is still very right in our world today!

I feel so blessed to have found the world of online blogging in regards to decor.   It is such a huge joy for me to see all the pretty, sparkly, blingy and festive decor of the seasons especially during Christmas.  I am so pleased to be able share even one fraction of that joy with you as well.  That is what the heart of this post is.  Sharing Joy and sharing love! 

 I truly believe that is what is at the heart of most who share their decor, crafts, projects, and holiday decor.  We all enjoying showing what we have done as a sense of accomplishment but we also enjoy sharing the joy of it all too.  Isn't that right?

I am a Christian and for me the holidays are so much more then all the trappings, though that does not stop me from decorating for Christmas.  I know many of you are Christians too and I always enjoy seeing when you share your faith as well as your decor.  Many of us do not spend much time sharing our faith online, sometimes even in person, though it is still there.   Just because someone is not speaking faith matters to you consistently does not mean it is not there.  Often a persons faith can be seen more in their actions then in their words.   This is what I want to touch on today. 

 Too often I hear many who are so closed up in their minds and their faith that they are very judgmental towards others even more so this time of year then any other.   Many people love to go all out and decorate and celebrate ( I am one of them) and try very hard to share a little joy and wonder of the season.  I am always so saddened by those who comment about what a waste of money, time and energy it is to do so.    I am saddened by agnostics who use it as a way to point towards Christians as being hippocrates for decorating when they should be focusing on Christ.  I am even more saddened by those of faith who make comments about all the trappings being very un-Christian like.  This one gets me most of all, because I think it speaks to the heart of things.

I am not saying if you are Christian you should decorate, but I am saying you should not be so judgmental towards those who do.  Certainly, there are those who cannot decorate due to their health, age, or circumstances.  Maybe some people are traveling, maybe some are not as fortunate to do so.  Maybe some people just prefer not to decorate at all and maybe some prefer to stay focused on the true meaning only.  All of the above is fine we each can make our own decisions about how we choose to celebrate the season.  It is not up to us to judge how another celebrates.

  But what I hear way to often is judgement and I really have to question.  What really is your focus of the true meaning of Christmas if you get depressed or upset and so judgmental of others. Especially others who are trying to share a little joy and love.   For Christians, Christmas is not just about the birth of our Lord and Savior.  It is more in the joy of the Savior part.  The joy of Love, a love that sacrificed that which was most sacred for all of us....and for you!

Wouldn't it be nice if all of us as adults would enjoy the season like that of a child.  Doesn't God ask us to come to him with faith of a child?    Of course their are many concerns in life to compete with our enjoyment of the season.  But sometimes we have to learn to protect our focus.   Instead of focusing on all the excess's you think you see from others, think of it as an excess of pouring out of love.

  When I drive by a house that is all decked out in lights and ornamentation I can honestly say I never ever think they just want everyone to see what all they've got.  Nor do I waste anytime thinking it is better then what I do.    Never, never, ever!  What I do think is, Wow!  Look at all they did!  I think of all the time and energy that must have taken, I even think about the cost of what it takes for those who go all out.  Then I think, that family must surely love Christmas.  I also think they must surely love God and their neighbors (maybe they do, maybe they don't) but that's the message I get.  Because to me, what I see is that they are trying very hard to share a little joy and delight with all those around them.  Maybe, they don't know how to share their faith or their love in words, maybe this is the only time and only way they share it.  If it is, isn't that enough?  I say it is.  It would be nice if everyone was willing to sit and chat about their faith and heart things all the time but the truth is from what I have seen it is very rare.  It seems more and more rare each day as so many focus on only communicating discontent. 

 Discontent is appropriate at times but when it is a daily occurrence something is wrong.  Sometimes its a matter in our own heart, sometimes it's others.  You can only change what is in your heart and let God handle the rest.     

As the countdown to Christmas begins so goes the days of shopping left.  Does this stress you out?  I never stress over what others think of the presents I give either.  I stress over finding what I want them to have within my budget.  More often then not, I find way to many things and change my mind too often.  LOL!   My hope is that they will like what I give , but if they don't, oh well.  If they keep it or not doesn't bother me either because it is their gift.  It is theirs to keep or theirs to give away once I have given it to them.  I tend to trust that those I give presents to know it's the thought that is most important not the actual gift itself.  That I tried.   It they do not know this, that is beyond my hands, that's where I let go and let love.  

There are always so many things you can choose to look down on others about and unless you are willing to sit and speak deeply and truthfully with another persons heart in each and every judgement you have made, then you should just stop. 

 Or maybe, you could just learn to Let Go and Let Love!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Lets talk Turkey....

... about blogging, catching up, holidays, and everything else.  Okay?

OMG!  Can you believe it's November already?  I know right!  Time sure does have a way of flying by lately.  I do apologize for being such an inconsistent blogger, especially for those you whom may still be following me.  Mostly though, I just want to say a great big THANK YOU if you still do follow me!!!

Now for a little gobble, gobble, gobble.  I often feel like I have no business blogging at all lately.  I feel like this because I don't have the time, content, energy or commitment to devote to creating a beautiful blog.  I've tried so many time over the last few years to figure out where I want to go with this blog and why.    
I have given myself guidelines, that didn't work. I've taken long breaks but I always miss it so I come back with the intent of getting back into it regularly but then life gets in the way and I just don't have the passion that I see so many of you have to stick with it.  So I guess I must sort of be a seasonal blogger now because, this seems to be the time of year I share the most.  

So, with that in mind I hope you all don't mind that today I've popped back into blogland today to share my turkeys with you all.  It's a rainy Monday here and since I don't work on Mondays and it's Nov.2nd already it seemed like a good time to get those little gobblers out.  I've had my fall decor out for sometime now but not Thanksgiving yet.  This sweet little white Turkey dish is one of my favorites.  I can't figure out if it's a gravy dish or a candy dish though.  Any ideas?  I also had a wonderful brainstorm as I was cleaning out a china cabinet drawer this weekend.  I decided to pull out all my silver serving pieces; spoons, pie cutters, butter knives, etc.  Seems I'm always running around the day of trying to gather all these up from everywhere at the last minute.  I put them all together shown here in the picture above in my silverware caddy.  Big bonus, they will more then likely get polished ahead of time now too since I have them all out to see.  

I added my Turkey plates in front of my white Lenox dishes for fall display in the china hutch.  Yes, that's more silver in there that needs polishing soon.  I really want to make time to polish the silver this year.  I am not one to stress over it every year but sometimes ya just gotta do it.

I told you this post was all about the Turkeys didn't I? Sorry, but I'm not done yet, there are still more to go.   These cute little salt and peppas are some of my favorites.  I love the way they are sitting on top of the pumpkins.

Okay so maybe it's not totally just all Turkeys here, I had to share a few blessing signs as well!  I love this word BLESSING so much.  Do you?  I especially love seeing it.  I even have several pieces of jewelry with blessed on it as well.  I really don't need to be reminded that I am blessed but do need to be reminded to stop and make time to dwell on my blessings.  You see dwelling on all that I have been blessed with in life is so healthy for me.  It recharges my soul!  I especially love this time of year when it's so encouraged by all to dwell on our blessings. 

Talk about a blessing, this little one shown in the photo above has been an amazing blessing to us.  We love her so much!  She has grown so much since this photo.  I will need to do a whole post on her one day.  She's so cute and so so funny!

In the kitchen, I redid the bakers rack for Thanksgiving.  I felt compelled to get this set up today because early this morning I was online ordering a new tall pencil Christmas Tree for the kitchen.  Last year I didn't do a tree in the kitchen for the first time in years and I really missed it.  I have even less space in here for a tree then before because of table swaps and really don't want to do a whole lot of rearranging of furniture.  Hopefully the new tree which was on sale at, Michaels by the way will fit in nicely.  So now you know why, I had to get this Thanksgiving out right, guilty me!!!!

If you've made it this far and enjoyed what you saw please leave me a note.  I'd love to hear from you!  I do apologize that the quality of these photos may not be what you are used to seeing from me in the past.  I still have not quite mastered using my camera and downloading on my chromebook yet.  I can do it but it's quite a process and my iphone makes downloading to blogger a snap.  Soooo...this is what you are seeing, pics from my phone.  Yes, I also know that I could edit these photos better first with a few apps but again, I'm trying to be quick here because it seems the longer something takes me to do these days means it doesn't get done.  I'm hoping to slow down more one day, but it hasn't happened yet.

 Thank You so much for popping by today sweet friends, and for listening to the gobble, gobble, gobble.  I'm not sure if I'll get another post out before the big day and before we are all in gobble till you wobble mode.  LOL!  Love this!!!!  Just in case I don't, I would like to wish all of you a very
 Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Fall Y'all!!!!