Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Witch's Brew Tablescape

Welcome to Miss Abigail's table! 

She has been quite busy conjuring up just the right mix for her brew. 

 Be forewarned my friends!  Miss Abby may look like a sweet little old lady, but don't be fooled!

  She hasn't just dabbled on the dark side, Oh No!  She is quite well versed in the ways of witchery!

She knows what it takes to serve a tasty treat for her crafty friends!   I've heard she is not yet satisfied with her brew and so has decided to cast a spell for the final ingredients.  Oh My!!!

What could it be, do you see anything missing?  Let's take a closer look!

Hmmm???  I see creepy crawly spiders that are sure to put a spin on things....

.....and dirty rats to get rid of all those clean thoughts....

....and she's even added a few bats to keep you hanging around!

Looks like she has added a few black birds who can't be trusted.  Remember, they are known for stealing you know!

A touch of crow for humility maybe? Hmm???

Shakers filled with the dust from a witch's boot for spicing things up a bit.

Why she's even laid out the silver goblets....

.....for savoring all that bad blood she is serving!

So what could it be?  What am I missing here?

I see she's set a place setting for her most mysterious friend the night owl!

And there's a setting for old Jack-O-lantern too, the grinning fool!
Looks like she planning to entertain a spooky friend as well.

Oh!  This has to be her own place setting!  So what's the problem right?

Oh No!  I think I see it now.  Where are our place settings, weren't we invited too?

Look closely at her brew!  Everyone know's you can't have a good witches brew without a few eyeballs.  Seems Miss Abigail has looked high and low, but could not find them anywhere!

Quick!  Turn your eyes away now!

That wicked old witch has cast a spell and plans to steal your eyes!

 That's why she is 
 attending BNOTP for 

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1 John 5:14

This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. – 1 John 5:14

I have spoken with you before about trusting in God's promises.  As someone who has had many struggles with trusting others I know firsthand how great the lesson of learning to trust in God and his promises to us are. I have often been amazed how many never struggle with the issue of trust and how many never even consider ever needing to trust anyone other then themselves.  Then there are those of us who are in the middle who have trusted, been hurt or disappointed and become weary of ever trusting others again.  For those who are like me, even learning to put your trust in God can be a struggle.

There is hope for those of you like me who fall into this category.  We can even move beyond hope if we faithfully believe and remember often how faithful God really is. If you are like me sometimes, you have to remind yourself what is is that you believe.  Why?  I think perhaps, because the devil would love nothing more then to keep us who struggle down.  He can fill your head with doubts and use events in your life to strengthen those doubts, but we need not let him get the upper hand.

We have been given God's Word to help us through.  In the scripture above we are assured that we can approach God in confidence.  We can trust that if we ask according to his will he hears us.  We may not often know if we are asking in his will but we should trust that his answer will be according to his will.  

I have been struggling with the desire to return to work for some time.  After finally getting back into the workplace and into a position that I know is good for me I find myself rapidly advancing forward.   I also find myself dealing with issues I wasn't quite prepared for.  Issues of the opening of a new business where the majority of us are new and still learning the skills and specifics of this particular business.   Issues of overzealous personalities who tend to step on my toes and the space of others unnecessarily.  Issues of new management that is micromanaging because they have not yet learned to trust in the abilities of others.  I know that many of these issues are due to the unique situation of being a new store, but it  can still be very difficult when rapid changes are needed to swiftly improve conditions.  

I was praying this morning for God to help me improve conditions.  Specifically, I was praying for him to help me to help make the changes that I feel are necessary.  God answered my prayer this morning immediately.  I later tuned in to Dr. Stanley today to hear him preaching about trusting in God's faithfulness and was reminded that I need to focus on trusting on God's promises once again.  I don't need to worry with how I will do what and when, but I need to trust that God will provide the right timing and opportunities should this be his will.  He has brought me this far and will be there for me today and tomorrow through each and every struggle.  Though I am in a position to help make some changes I am not totally responsible for all changes that I think need to be made.   Letting go daily to God, trusting in him is faith strengthening!
Thank you Dr. Stanley!

What about you?  Are you trusting in God in confidence?
Thank you God for your patience with me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your Invited!!!

(image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

(image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

 Miss Abigail is so excited and has been very busy getting everything ready for her big brew haha!  I hope you all will return next week and sit with her for just a spell.  Heeheeehheeeee!!!

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to revisit last years table.  Some of you may remember this one, and since it's one of my favorite's I thought I'd show it again for those of you who may have missed it. 

 Click HERE to see last years Halloween tablescape, entitled "How to Catch a Witch" from my  old blog. 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Change of Seasons

I love this time of year when the leaves all start to change colors and the last of the summer flowers hold on with all their might to one last breath with such beauty.  

My Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

The Boston Fern is still hanging in there late this year too!

My Kimberly Queens are still as gorgeous as ever!

I planted these two cascading plants late this summer.  They are new to me and are called Silver Falls Dichondra.  Aren't they so pretty!  I just love the silver color of these!

My Hot Pink Geraniums and Blue Daze are still showing beautifully!

Speaking of showing, one of the twins want's to show off her beauty two.

Misty loves sitting on the railing here during all the seasons.

This gazing ball was mirrored when I bought it, but now it's just a clear glass ball.   Oh well, what do you expect for $1.00 at a yard sale.  

Look how tall the Mexican Heather grew this year!

This is one of our most magical exciting areas that developed out of the pool construction.  After needing to fence in the yard, we decided to wrap the fence around this existing knock out rose that is just before the steps to the back decks.

We think this rose is loving being a showcase when you enter the gate.  It is accompanied by one of my very old Rosemary bushes that I have transplanted several times over here at this house and actually came from our old house almost 8 years ago.

And last but not least in between all of that is a wild Hibiscus that keeps returning from one of the original owners plantings.  

I love how freely my plants just take on a life of their own!  Do yours do the same?

I thought I'd share a little clip off from youtube with you that I always think of this time of year.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful week!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peacocks, Pineapples, and Pumpkins

I don't know exactly where this inspiration came from early this morning!  I was rushing around trying to get ready for work but just couldn't get this out of my head.  So, I set if up, snapped a few pics and out the door I went. 

Let me just say, I really do think of peacocks as a fall bird even though their colors are not your typical fall colors.  I have and hold in my memory a very strong vision of two big beautiful peacocks from several years ago.  They were sitting on an old wooden split rail fence along the property line of a home out in the country.  It was fall and the temps were cooler and I so wish I had the equipment handy back then to have been able to stop the car and gotten out to photograph them.  Their tails were splayed in perfect beauty and contrast against the neutral background of fall colors.  It truly was a magical site!

I know I can't quite capture the beauty of those peacocks in all their splendor but I certainly enjoyed sharing this setting with you for;

You never know what you might create when you shop your own home.  I highly encourage it!

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