Tuesday, May 22, 2012

By Golly! I think I will!

Did the big blue green paint chip below draw you in?  I bet so!  But....if your thinking I'm going to paint my den this color you'd be wrong.  Gotcha!

The picture above is merely symbolic.  It represents (one) issue I have been struggling with for some time, a new paint color for the den.  I really want a change in my den and have ideas but am still unresolved on a few things.  

If you have stopped by here at all in the last week you may have seen me mention a linky party idea HERE that I had about offering up our decorating dilemmas.  Well, to make a long story short, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to host it!  I am going to put myself out there and take a risk!

Because I'd rather avoid more risks like choosing the wrong color and having to redo it.

Let me also be a bit blunt here, I had very, very little feedback on this and most intelligent people would assume that meant there is no interest in this idea. Maybe, but I think differently!  I still think  and believe whole heartily that this a great idea.    I think there are many of us who would like to get more specific feedback about our decorating issues rather then relying on our own posts and our own immediate group of followers.  Some of us (case in point,like me) don't even have a large group of followers to successfully get the feedback we need.  So a linky party that specifically address's those issues could definitely provide that!

It's no secret that a linky party can grow your blog.  If you are a long time follower you all know how I've had my struggles with linky parties.  I have not decided to host this linky party just to grow my blog but because I truly believe in the concept of the party I want to host.  You should know that hosting a linky party also costs money so it is not something I would enter into lightly.  Although, if this party takes off and helps to grow my blog that's great because that means you who link up your dilemmas will also benefit too, right?

Gotta love Cheez-its!

I am still working full time in retail with hours that change every week.  I work 8 hours a day and sometimes two of those shift are nights as well as weekends.  I tend to have Sundays off and usually one other day during the week.   That extra day off changes each week which is why I am writing this today as I am off.   I am begging for a little advice and help from you. I would love any input from those of you who host a linky party AND anyone reading this who thinks they would participate from time to time.  Remember this party is for us to link up our decorating dilemmas and receive advice from our online decor friends.  Big and Small projects, inside and outside!  

   1. I think this party would be best suited for every other week.  Would you agree?
   2. Which day do you think would be good for this?
   3. What should I be prepared for?  LOL!
   4. Would you like to vote on a name for this party?
   5. Do you think I should create a button?  Any volunteers to do this for me?  Please!
   6. Do you think I am crazy to do this?
   7. Would you be will to help promote this party so that those who attend can get the feedback 
        they are hoping for?  Purrty Please Yall!!!

Well, okay, I stop jabbering away now so you can reply.  I know your out there and I do want to hear from you.  Come on, help out a sista out!


  1. Good morning Mary, girl I think that would be a fun linky to join in..and as far as the day how about Thursday?? And really do in on Thursday and not Wednesday night?? just me thinking out loud..And calling it " Help me Thursday" any way just my 2 cents worth girl..Hope you have a GREAT week..your pool and yard are just awesome..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

    1. Thank you Gloria! Duly noted! Thanks so much for casting the first vote! I really appreciate your comment. I will keep you informed as soon as I get this party up and rolling.

  2. Well, I never JOIN linky parties but I love checking them out and have found lots of new blogs this way. I think it is good idea and is different than any of the link parties I have seen. Good luck -I'll be watching- xo Diana

  3. I would totally join up a linky party like this. How many times have I put paint questions and all that out to you guys??? No telling!!! I had no idea it cost money. Maybe you could start off with once a month and see how it grows from there. I think it would take a lot of work because if I am correct, we would link up our blogging questions, post them to your link, and hope others comment. Is that right? It would be interesting to see how many blogs I could hit to help them. Maybe you should do this in the fall when kids are back in school. It always seems like blogs go by the wayside a bit in the summer time! I will definitely post on my blog about your linky party! I like the title "Help a Blogger Out!" :-)

  4. I think it's a wonderful idea Mary and I like the blogger name too! I'll gladly join in because I don't know how many times I've been involved in a project and wondered what other bloggers would do if they were doing the same project. So I'll say "go for it." I agree with Jennsmom on not starting until the fall, I think you would have a bigger turn out if you did and it's something to look forward to:)
    Big smiles here for you!

  5. I think it sounds like a marvelous idea. I like the idea of every other week rather than weekly because it allows folks time to move from one "problem" to the next. Actually, I liked what someone said about starting out once a month at first. I have found that a monthly party draws a fun crowd which actually visits around. You could start once a month and move toward every other week later in the year, maybe fall.

    I loved what someone said about actually putting it up in the morning instead of the night before, too. I really like it when that is the format. You could have it ready to go and post it before you leave for work. Then... what a fun treat for you when you get home to see the links.

    How about Decorative Dilemmas or something like that? It would tie in your blog name with your linky purpose. Or maybe just Design Challenge?

    Again, it's a lovely idea and one that could adapt to large projects or very small ones. I would try to join because I have a LOT of need for help.

    Just give an abundance of advance time before you officially launch so folks have time to choose a project and cull down to specific questions.

    (BTW...Thursdays wouldn't be good for you. Just my opinion... You enjoy participating in the tablescape parties and it might stress you out to try to do both. I think you should pick a day that is good for YOU. Saturday morning is actually not a bad idea. You could leave the linky open through Monday so catch all the weekenders.)

    Do it!


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