Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Linky party Idea...Opinions Please!

Hey Yall!  I've got another idea about a linky party and not sure if it's been done yet or not.  I was wondering if there was a "what would you do?" linky party specifically for small vignette or small design area ideas.  I've seen a similar idea party that was hosted for a while that was for whole room makeovers but only featured one person at a time.  Not sure if that one is still going on but I've got a bit of a different spin on it and would like to see a linky party instead of a feature party.

A few weeks ago I posted about an area I am wanting to improve but am at a loss on ideas.  I have many things that I will not change in that area above my couch but am looking for ideas suggestions to work within those parameters.  I got only one comment!  Seriously?

I also had a blog virus at the time, did not connect that post to any linky party and since I am not a big (popular) blogger, figured all of that contributed to only getting one comment.    I'm not sulking about that but am kinda bummed I didn't get a few more ideas.  You know ideas that I might try to copycat or might also spur a fresh idea for that one area in question.  

Do you ever feel this way too?  Like you could use a little help from a few friends?  I know most of you are so creative and probably rarely ever come to a stand still on on ideas but maybe, just maybe are there more of you out there like me, right?

Would you like to come to a linky party where you could link up your "brain drain area" and get a little help from friends?  Where you could also browse through several other linkers to the party and offer up your ideas and suggestions for those little areas they are stumped on.  Whole room ideas could be allowed but it would be mainly for those smaller areas or even projects that you have a start on but are stumped about how to proceed.  Our outdoor and garden areas would be allowed too.    It would be a real "what would you do?" linky party.

So, what do you know?  Is there a party like this already going on that I need to link to or do I need to start this ball rolling?  Do you think it is a good idea?  Do you see yourself ever participating in something like this?  Am I the only one who needs help getting out of dream world sometimes and into action?  Come on!  Talk to me!  LOL!

Let me know you think!
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Thanks, and have a great day!