Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parade of Homes - House No.4

Whew!  I am baacckk againnn!!!  So glad to hear from more of you yesterday.  I do appreciate the feedback, it's nice to know you do not think I'm wasting cyberspace.  Thanks! 

 I am also glad to hear you are enjoying the tours because my poor little old arm is killing me.  Whenever I spend too much time on the computer my arm and elbow really starts to hurt.  It has been hurting like crazy lately too!  Does that happen to you?  I've tried not to get online at night too much to help with this.  But it seems to be a problem that doesn't want to let up easily.  I figure this is God's little way of regulating me.   I will be glad when I can go back to my normal routine next week of just a few posts..LOL!

Okay, well I'm really pushed for time this morning so on with the show!

House No. 4 was actually house no.5 on the real tour but we got just a bit turned around so for our purposes hear in blogland it will be house no.4.  It is 3, 400 sq.ft and called Wilson Bridge.  I forgot to count photos today...but trust me there's plenty!

  I thought this home was decorated in more of what I would call a trendy urban style.  It was very different from the others that you have seen so far.  Let's see if you agree.

I'm not sure what the deal was with all the golf carts but I guess it was something the builders association or realtors must have participated in.  Anyway, this one was interesting.

A waterfall maybe???

Beautiful entrance and landscaping!

Ah, there's that lovely blue again on the cushions!

I just loved this front door!  So pretty!

Immediately to the right is a living room.  Huh-Oh! Looks like someone is starting to get a little tired.  LOL!  Seriously though, it was really starting to get very hot that day and these last two homes were further from the others.  The sun was bearing down and the humidity was starting to rise.  Quite different from the weather we are having this week.  But that's South Carolina weather yall!

Yay!  Another beautiful tablescape in the Dining Room.

Looks like a bridal shower to me! that's one sweet donut!

Now let's look around the family room.

Very Urban..don't you agree?

I can definately see big artsy coffee books laying around this room.

Okay, before we move into the kitchen let's go back and check out the Master suite.

This is the guest half bath in the hall off of the foyer on the way to the master.

The decorators used coffee beans in here.  It smelled heavenly!

Cute magazine stand idea!

Master Suite

These pictures do not show how large this room really was.  It was quite spacious and very calming!

Master bath

I loved all the storage in this bathroom.  I could really use more storage.

Funny!  Poor guy!

This was really cute.  I loved the glass bubbles.  I first thought they were Christmas ornaments, but they were not.

They were just round glass bubble balls...I want some!
Let's go back through the family room now.

Off of the Family room is the back porch and patio.

Beautiful stamped concrete patio!

Okay, now were back inside and have moved into the kitchen, breafast and keeping rooms.

Did you see the gold fish in the bowls?

And the bowl of gold fish.

Those giraffe were huge yall!  This room was also much larger then it appeared.

I just fell in love with the tile on this backsplash.  It looked just like pewter to me.  I love it!

Off of the hall way at the back of the kitchen was a bar.

Neat idea for wall decor.

Look!  Chalkboard paint!
Not the smartest wording to use for two people who are drinking together..IMOP.  LOL!

Behind the bar was the Laundry room.

This looks like my breaker panel..except mine is covered with magnets!  Ours is in the laundry room too and is the only place we can put magnets.

There were two bedrooms and a bath off of this side of the house as well.

Wasn't this a cool theme?

Sorry for the fuzzy pics, I was starting to get tired and not waiting on my camera to focus.  Oops!

Loved this tile!

These teen rooms were totally rocking!


Now for the final stops on the tour.  On this side of the house was also a stairway to two more rooms and a half bath upstairs.  I loved how the decorators used these to do something different.
Let's check it out!

One room was decorated as an art studio.

I would love this art table!

The half bath was decorated with a very earth friendly spa like feeling.  Look! I caught another toilet seat up! 

I loved this glass tile and really like how they used it combined with another tile too.

Cute bowl of loofah's!

And can you guess what our final room is?

Yep!  It's a Yoga room!

Fun!  I might actually excercise in this room. 

Well Maybe!

I hope you enjoyed this home today and I do appreciate your visit.  Please be sure and leave me a note if you were inspired by anything here or even if you just enjoyed looking like me.  Tomorrow I will be back with the final home on the tour.  Be sure and come back for that one because it was decorated beautifully too!

Have a great day friends!