Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parade of Homes - House No. 3

Whew!  Was yesterdays home a doozy or what?  If you missed it you may want to go back and check it out.   I really appreciate the comments and especially the one from Xinex!  Thank you so much for your sweet comment thanking me for the TIME it took to upload the photos to share.  I often feel as if I am wasting my time sharing so much online when I do not hear much feedback.  So if you are out there and enjoy what you see I'd really like to know that I am not just taking up cyberspace.

Blogging and loading photos does take a generous amount of time and it is nice to be appreciated for the efforts.  I am sharing these homes that I toured because I know you will find something that inspires you just as they do me.  So often just one small glimpse of something can inspire you in a direction you may have not previously thought about.  Sometimes you may see something you want to duplicate in your home but at other times you see something that sparks an idea of your own.  That is the whole world of decorative blogging and that is why I am still share with you my readers.  So how about let me hear from ya some!

House No. 3 was quite special this year!  I was stunned when I entered this home.  Not necessarily just because the home caught my attention but because there was something extra about the decor that grabbed my attention immediately!  The decor in this home was different and interesting.  I felt like I had stepped into the homes of several decorative bloggers all at once.   Later, I was quite excited to find out this house had been decorated by local students from the Interior Decorating Certificate Program at Midlands Technical College.  This is the first year they have participated in the Parade of Homes. If you like what you see here today please let it be known.  You never know who may see your comments online and just a little encouragement can go a long way, for everyone!  Should any of you students who decorated this home happen to wander across my blog, I would like to personally say, THANK YOU!  You designs were so exciting to see and I throughly enjoyed looking around this home.  You did a fantastic job!

Now on with the show!  House No. 3 was 3, 337 sq.ft and was called Huntwick Place.  There are 120 photos here to see, so sit back and relax so you can take it all in!

Beautiful Exterior!

Can you tell how much I love a Porte Cochere?

I just loved the stone steps and this porch!

It's a good thing this bottle was empty because honestly, after the last house I was ready to sit right down and have a glass of wine before entering this next beauty.  LOL!

Love this foyer table!

Now let's take a look around the Dining room..  You should know how much I loved this room because I do believe it is painted the same color as my Master bedroom.

Check out these boxes.  Honestly, I saw them awhile back at Marshalls and thought they would have been great to buy for my Initial Outfitters business.  Then when I finally made up my mind to get them I went back and couldn't find a one!  Now, I know why!  LOL!

Isn't this a fabulous tablescape!  This is when I knew something was different about the decor in this home.

Very detailed and well thought out!

Just off of the dining room was the kitchen.  Much smaller then any I've seen in a Parade home in some time.  However, it was laid out very well and would suit me fine since I don't like to spend much time in the kitchen anyway.  Cooking is not really my thang yall!

Just off the kitchen was a cute area by the stairs for dining.

Another fantastic and exciting tablescape!

Then it was on to the laundry room and mud room.

Check out this creative use of jars.  Has anyone in blogland done this with the jars yet?  I don't think so!

Off of the mud room was yet another little room that totally got alot of appreciation.

Isn't this just the most creative use of a small closet nook?

It was totally dedicated to the family pet..or our furry family member as my friend likes to say.

Talk about a pampered pet!

So cute!!!

Loved this light fixture!

Now let's go back to the den.

This mantle has me totally inspired to pick up my paint brushes again.  I love the simplicity of this look and think I can do this too.  Of course, it will be with my own painting on it.

Right off of the den is the patio area's outside.

You know I loved this!

Someone else besides me is into Herbs this year too!

Wonderful outdoor tablescape!

Back inside now, let's go back through the foyer towards the master bedroom.

Half bath for guests just off the foyer hall.

Now onto the Master Suite.

Another barrel light.  These must be quite the trend because they were in every single house in one style or another.

We loved how they decorated the closets too!  This was his...

...and hers!

Master bath.

Love, love, love, this shower floor!

Now back through the den and we can head upstairs.

The first room on the right is the bonus room or FROG as they used to be called.

Fabulous built in!

I loved this set up!  If my kids were small they would have adored this.  Jumping all over it, that is!

Sorry!  Another random yellow photo.  I know, I do have a problem with this don't I?

Cute burlap valance!

Hop scotch anyone?

Before heading out my friend opened the drawer and found this.  She was like, LOOK!  It's just like our drawers at home, it has that lived in look. So true!

Okay let's move around to the other rooms.

First a teen room.

Loved this!  So cute and dimensional too!

Then a tween room.

These two rooms shared a bath and I loved the pink and purple together.

And the final room must be for the college gal.

I loved this little bathroom.

Loved the three mirrors.

Really loved this multilevel sink counter...very nice!

Well that's it for upstairs.

Time to head on down.

Gorgeous!  Feels just like a home!

Thank so much for joining me again today!
Please let me know if you do, I'd love to hear from you.
Be sure and come back tomorrow because we've got two more days of more exciting inspiration ahead.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Thank you so much for doing all these home tours. You are terrific for going to all this work to provide all the rest of us with so much pleasure & potential ideas for decorating.

  2. Another lovely home! I absolutely love the half bath downstairs. Very dramatic! The backyard is really nice. I could definitely see sitting out there enjoying a cold beverage! The porte corchere is pretty amazing and I love the porch and the whole exterior of this home. Thanks for sharing all the homes with us!

  3. Beautiful home. Loved their style. I missed yesterday's post but will go back and take a look. Thanks!

  4. Fabulous home. I love all the rooms and the exterior is gorgeous also. Thanks for such a wonderful tour. Hugs, Marty

  5. I know how long it takes to load all those pictures! You have gone above and beyond! I think this house is my favorite because it is closer to a style that I could actually have rather than the others which would be more of a dream! Does that make sense? Anyway, the students did an awesome job!

  6. Really beautiful appreciate seeing all the homes!

  7. Thank you for taking such detailed photos! I really feel I was there. Loved the shots over the railings of the downstairs. Blogless Peggy


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