Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead!

"Ding Dong!  The witch is gone, the witch is gone.  Ding Dong the wicked witch is Gone!"

Wow!  I am still wrapping my brain around this one!  I missed the announcement last night and am just now seeing and hearing all the reports.

  My facebook page is loaded with friends who were chattering about the announcement of this last night by Obama.  It is also loaded today with many images of victory over his death.  This is BIG and just wouldn't be right if I didn't acknowledge this today for my Meditating Monday post.  It certainly is now tops on my mind this morning!

This is such great news!  There must be so many families who are starting to feel a bit more hope and maybe even a bit of closure after their terrible losses.  Can you imagine how they must feel?

  Just think, not only are there families and friends who were affected by his horrendous acts of violence on 9/11, but all of those families and friends of our loyal soldiers who have and who continue to sacrifice their lives searching for him and the fight against terrorism.  With all of them I am rejoicing! 

A great big huge "THANK YOU!" to our US Special Operations Forces!!!  Job well done!!!



  1. I'm very proud of our brave and cunning military for finally getting this man.

    The fight goes on, but the "rightness" of bringing him to God for judgement feels so good.

  2. So thankful for this amazing news! Let freedom ring!


  3. As I'm reading this a man on news, who lost his brother in 2001, is saying while this doesn't bring him closure he is glad that this symbol of global terrorism is gone and they no longer have to think about where he is and what he is doing. He also said that he knew that this day would come.

    I had fallen asleep with the tv on last night (something I do a lot) and woke up just minutes before President Obama walked down the red carpet to make the announcement. This was a dream come true!!!!!!

    This is indeed a GREAT day in America and throughout the world as we continue to fight global terrorism.

  4. Whoooo hoooo is right Mary..glorious day for us Americans!! FINALLY:)!

  5. Those Navy SEALs do an amazing job, and they are the finiest of the fine in terms of precision military. And it's all secret, secret. After yesterday, I can see why!

    I am so thankful for our military protecting us. They deserve our undying gratitude.



  6. I am so thankful that we have such a wonderful military that stands up and does the job when nobody else wants to. God Bless America!

  7. looks good girl!!! My deck looks pitiful!!


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