Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Breathe !!!

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I've
Never been this swept away....

 I know the lyrics of this song are not about the subject of my post but, I think it certainly applies.  If you have your sound off please by all means, turn it up...and enjoy because I love this song and I am in love with my Gardenia's too!

I am so excited that my Gardenia's are finally blooming this year!  Do you remember when I planted these by the front steps last year?  I wanted our guests to be able smell the beautiful aroma of gardenias when they come to our front door.  Still don't know why I waited so many years to change this, but I am so glad I finally did!

Welcome!  Can you smell them too?

This side may need a little more attention this year.

But Oh, what an aroma this side is producing!

This huge Gardenia has been here in the back ever since we moved in. 

It is so full of blooms it is top heavy.   I will need to prune it carefully very soon after it finishes blooming.  This bush will bloom all summer long.

I literally could smell it last night while sitting on the screened porch which is on the other end of the deck.

It's so aromatic.  I just love it!  Don't you just love the smell of gardenias too?

Near the garage I have a few plants that are not blooming quite so profusely.

For so few blooms though, it is still putting out a beautiful scent.

And they are just so gorgeous!  Yes, ladies I am totally in love!  I have always planted Gardenias around my homes because I have been in love with the beauties for so long. 

They are positively intoxicating!  So come on....
just breathe!!!

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