Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I give up!!!

I am thinking my days are truly being numbered as a blogger.   So many more troubles again!  I've commented on blogs left and right today and they are not going through to most of you.  Yes, I have been checking.    I still can't sign on as usual and visits to my blog are waaay down, though now I can atleast can sign on and create a post again.  I am not ignoring you but feel like I am being blocked apparently.   It's very frustrating and I'm thinking why waste so much energy on this!  It's not like I have a huge list of followers anyway.  It's like blogger has it out for me and is being very selective in who is or is not having issues.  It's all just been feeling way to cliquish for me... Just saying! 

Those of you whom I've made connections with (you know who you are) I really enjoy communicating with but it's getting harder and harder to do so.   I didn't store all your personal emails, though maybe I should have.   I'd prefer to communicate with you through and visiting your beautiful blogs rather then all the behind the scences chitter chatter, but now have no way to tell you how much I enjoyed your post.  I guess I failed in that too.  So, all that being said, this is where I'm standing on the matter.  Good grief!!!

I'm really starting to feel so over this!