Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tossing Out A Few Lifelines!

Help!  Will someone please throw me a lifeline?  LOL!   This picture really shows how I feel out here in Blogland lately.  I feel so out of the loop and floating in space out here!

First things first! I am claiming my blog here today on Bloglovin!  Why?  Well, because it's seems the thing to do since apparently Google reader is ending tomorrow.  
 I admit I barely understand what all this is about and what all I need to do so please try and overlook it if I say something ignorant about this okay?  OK!

If you use Google reader to follow my blog then feel free to go over to Bloglovin and follow me there now instead.  I myself mostly use my blog roll with friend connect to follow blogs.  I admit I kinda freaked and thought that Google reader and Google friend connect were one and the same.  They are not, but I wasn't taking any chances so I transferred all my blogs that I follow over to Bloglovin just in case. Talk about grabbing a lifeline at the last moment.  Whew!  Thanks so much to all of you who are posting today about Bloglovin who got me motivated here.  So go on, and click on the Bloglovin follow me button I will installed near the top of my left side bar. That's the lifeline I am throwing out to you, to keep you in touch with me. 


All this week, I can't help but think about poor Paula Deen and all of the controversy she is muddled up in right now.  I can certainly sympathize!  Why?  Because I get how it feels when your previous supporters start stacking up against you.  I've been kinda feeling that way about blogging a lot lately.  I know I don't fit the mold of many of those I have enjoyed blogging with and like Paula  have rubbed a few people wrong at times too. I've been dumped too and it's not a good feeling!  But here's the thing.  Why doesn't the media seem to understand or want to portray who Paula is?  Are we all so hell bent on being politically correct at all times that when someone fails to meet status quo we are willing to dump them immediately?  When did we stop considering the whole picture, in favor of only what we would prefer to see?

I see a woman who was raised in the south and has pulled herself up by the boot straps more times then most of those going after her have ever had to do.  I see a woman who is sincere about admitting her mistake even if you didn't like "the way" she said it.  To me, she came across the same way as she has always came across.  She's a very saucy southern lady!  No pun intended there. LOL!  I really just wish that everyone out there would try to be a little more forgiving and tolerant of others, even in their mistakes. Just because the media and many of her supporters contend that we shouldn't be so quick to forgive doesn't mean that we should all fall into this same way of thinking.  Too bad the media isn't letting us comment on this.  Fortunately, the media doesn't write my blog, and for this I am very thankful to be able to just put this out here.   I am sure I could go on and on about this a whole lot more but I'm won't.  Let me just end it here with saying I am willing to throw her a lifeline, because yes, we all need one every now and then, don't we?  

Praise God for sending us the best lifeline of all!  Thank you Jesus!

Happy Sunday Y'all!