Friday, June 7, 2013

Dream Jars for Sale!

Well, I just couldn't wait any longer.  I just had to sneak this post in here today because I am soooo excited about this little craft project.  Why?  Because it touches at the very heart of my dreams!

Did you happen to notice the dream jars in yesterdays post?

Well let me tell you how they came to be.  I was in Michaels looking for a few embellisments to add to some frames to put in my booth.  I have decided to add in a few crafts to the booth to give it a more creative and decorative appeal.  I know I love to see booths with handmade crafts in addition to all the other goodies.

Anyway, when I was at Michaels I came across these jeweled stick on words and was instantly drawn to these.

I love the colors and love, love, love, the message.

I had no idea what I would do with them until I got home.  Then I remembered I had several of these vases that I had literally been hanging on to for about 20 years.  I kid you not! I bought mulitples of these back in the day when everyone was putting christmas lights in them with doilies on the top.  LOL!  I've been wondering for years what to do with them.
After applying the letters....

I then simply wrapped twine around the top, made a bow and hot glued a flower in the middle.

Then I added one more embellishment.  Love these precious butterflies! I bet you think that's it right?  Well hold the button ladies, don't click away yet.

Did you happen to notice there was something inside of the jars?  That's right!  I felt like these adorable jars needed just a bit more.  I considered adding stack of paper scraps to write your dreams on but then I decided to do something else.

Here's what I came up with.  This little poem literally just popped out of my head.  I kid you not!  I told you I have been on a major creative streak lately didn't I?  LOL!  I do not mind if you choose to borrow this but I would ask that you please let me know and that you give me credit for my poem.  Sorry, but  I am trying to run a business here!

And there the first two are just before I took them to the booth.  

Oh, and I forgot to show you my tags.  I've decided to add a handmade tag to everything I make to help it stand out a bit more.  

Sooo....what do you think?
Love it right?
I sure hope so!  

We should all be so lucky as to follow our dreams!

Have a great weekend Everyone!
Thank you so much stopping by!!!


  1. Your jars are cute and I love the poem! Happy Weekend:@)

  2. How neat Mary! I know your booth is going to be a success because you can just feel how excited you are! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love them, especially with the note that goes with them. You could do prayer jars too. ('Cause you know, for some things I dream and for others I pray.) You are so creative! So glad you followed your dream and opened the booth. I am thinking more seriously about it lately myself.


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