Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ah! At Home Blowout Sale!

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to give you a heads up on great sale coming up this weekend with Mary's "Ah, At Home direct sales business!  It's such a great blowout sale it's going to be 4 days this weekend instead of three.  Everything is $9.99 or less! All existing old inventory must go!

This will be the last time all old inventory will be on sale.  Our three day weekend sales will continue but it will be on new merchandise only.  It's a great time to shop for beautiful decor at closeout bargain prices.  

I have purchased many things already and can tell you the quality is simply excellent! Our weekend sales typically sell out fast too so don't delay (as I have done) and miss out on something you really want.  

This sales starts at midnight tonight (actually 12:01)for all of you on PT for the rest of us on EST it's 3:01am.  Hope you come on by and shop with me at;

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