Sunday, June 23, 2013

A few Makeovers for the 4th of July

Hi All! I am going to do my best to throw out a very quick post here.  We are literally heading out the door this AM with our camper again for the beach.  Soooo, what am I doing online here?  Well, I just had to share this little makeover project with you.

Do you remember these shutters, I got from the thrift store? 

Or do you remember this wooden tray?

How about this wooden tray?

And how about this old basket?  Remember I promised I had some ideas on what to do with them?
Well I certainly did, and here they all are!

Sorry for the fuzzy pics, I was using my cell phone and it's hard for me to see how clear it is while snapping away.  I do have some more pics of these makeovers on my camera before I took everything to the booth, but I don't have time to download all of those right now. 

Here are the shutters!  I painted them red, hotglued some flower pots and added fourth of July flowers.  I love, love, love these!

Speaking of love, love,love!  Here's my tray makeover!  This was the first time I have tried a stencil transfer.  It was easier then I thought.  I did learn a very important lesson though.  You need to let your stencil dry thoroughly before glazing over it.  LOL!  A hairdryer would have done the trick just find.  So much for hindsight, right?

 Here's the old bread tray!  It's ready for a little fourth of July entertaining now too!

Finally if you look under the bread tray you can see my old basket got a fresh whitewash finish.
I also made a few fourth of July mason jars to throw in my booth too! 

I love having a few seasonal items for sale so very much, it's what makes having a booth even more fun for me.

Well, I really gotta go now!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week.
I'll be sitting by the shore and dreaming some more!


  1. You've been busy Mary. Great ideas for revamping. :)

  2. What fun make-overs! I love those shutters. Enjoy your getaway, Gail

  3. Mary, sorry I've been AWOL for awhile. I've spent the past hour catching up on your blog, and it's exciting to see what all you have going on! I hope your new booth is going well. You can get A LOT of merchandise in a 5x10 space, so I know it will keep you pleasantly busy. As for your road-tripping camper... I grew up camping, but it was never something I enjoyed. I'm glad you and your hubby enjoy it, though, and that you're making new memories together. Have a wonderful trip! Oh, BTW, I love your festive red, white, and blue!

  4. These are all just adorable! I especially love the wooden bowl and tray that you madeover. I haven't tried my hand at transfers yet, but it's on my list of things to do!

  5. I commented on this post DAYS ago. I worried then that it didn't go through, but this is the first chance that I've had to check back.

    I'm on the NEW computer, too.
    I am still having trouble with this site for some reason.

    I can't remember all that I said before, but today I'll just say BRAVO!

    trying again...


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