Sunday, June 23, 2013

A few Makeovers for the 4th of July

Hi All! I am going to do my best to throw out a very quick post here.  We are literally heading out the door this AM with our camper again for the beach.  Soooo, what am I doing online here?  Well, I just had to share this little makeover project with you.

Do you remember these shutters, I got from the thrift store? 

Or do you remember this wooden tray?

How about this wooden tray?

And how about this old basket?  Remember I promised I had some ideas on what to do with them?
Well I certainly did, and here they all are!

Sorry for the fuzzy pics, I was using my cell phone and it's hard for me to see how clear it is while snapping away.  I do have some more pics of these makeovers on my camera before I took everything to the booth, but I don't have time to download all of those right now. 

Here are the shutters!  I painted them red, hotglued some flower pots and added fourth of July flowers.  I love, love, love these!

Speaking of love, love,love!  Here's my tray makeover!  This was the first time I have tried a stencil transfer.  It was easier then I thought.  I did learn a very important lesson though.  You need to let your stencil dry thoroughly before glazing over it.  LOL!  A hairdryer would have done the trick just find.  So much for hindsight, right?

 Here's the old bread tray!  It's ready for a little fourth of July entertaining now too!

Finally if you look under the bread tray you can see my old basket got a fresh whitewash finish.
I also made a few fourth of July mason jars to throw in my booth too! 

I love having a few seasonal items for sale so very much, it's what makes having a booth even more fun for me.

Well, I really gotta go now!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week.
I'll be sitting by the shore and dreaming some more!