Thursday, July 19, 2012

When Lightening Strikes

Why is it that just when it seems as if you are smoothly sailing along something strikes sending life into a turmoil?  Is that the way it is with you?  It seems that way for us quite a bit and this week was no exception.  Monday night we were struck by lightening.  The damage we recieved was miminal compared to what I have seen others experience but it was an unsettling experience none the less.

One of the best features of my back yard is my BIG beautiful old oaks.  When we built the pool last year we chose to keep the ones we could because they would provide a nice amount of shade during the summers hottest months.  We knew there would be lot's of maintance with them concerning the leaves in the fall and winter but chose to keep them anyway because we enjoy their beauty that much.

Late Monday afternoon while everyone was away a storm popped up and lightening struck one of our big beautiful trees.   The Mr. came home to find shreds of bark all over the pool and deck.

Our tree looks like it was attacked by a giant cat.  The terrible monterous cat also singed the fence as it traveled along the fence then jumped over to the pool pump and wreaked havoc on it.  

Our poor pump is still screaming in terror from the shock and will not stop.  We may have to send it away to restore some sanity around here.

Our big screen TV was so terrified by the shock of that huge horrible beast that it simply expired on the spot and took out the cable box and internet with it.

The cable repair Doctors came and fixed the damages to our home and our neighbors because the beast also traveled along the ground and worked his way over to our neighbors home following the cable lines.  I have not spoken with them yet to see if that nasty cat made it's way into their home as well.  I certainly hope not.  I hope he died right there on the line and was not able to wreak havoc on another family like ours.

I grieve for my tree as I do not know yet if it will survive.  It is not likely.
So sad to be reminded how quickly life can change in an instant.

Most importantly we are well and safe and for that I am so thankful.  I am sharing this with
 Outdoor Wednesday
Watch out for these summer storms yall!
May the sunshine be on your back!