Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sailing and Dreaming with Mermaids

Are you as fascinated by Mermaids as I am?  If so, your going to enjoy your visit today into a world full of legends and mystery.  Mermaids are well known in the sailing world as being either a blessing or an omen depending upon the story. With that in mind, I've decided to create this post today in honor of my NEW LOOK  here at The Decorative Dreamer.  In case you didn't notice I made a new header for my blog and it now contains my old blog name (Sailing Simply) as well as my new blog name (The Decorative Dreamer).    I've also successfully merged all of my old blog posts over with my new blog.  This is a merge that makes my heart sing!


I have mentioned before how much I have regretted changing over to a new blog.  In retrospect, I should have just changed the name only without creating a new URL then it would have been fairly easy to change back.  However, I had it in my mind at the time that I needed a new name and URL so I did. I can be kinda impetuous like that at times.  LOL!  What I wasn't prepared for was the expectations and limitations that would come with my new blog name as The Decorative Dreamer. In short, with my old blog name, Sailing Simply, I felt like I was more free to be who I truly am without any prior expectations.  I am a decorating blogger who also enjoys writing randomly about things I am interested in, amused by, sometimes even annoyed by and anything else that catches my fancy.  Mermaids have always captured my fancy, how about yours?

I love this scene above here that I found online.
Isn't it just dreamy?

  I used to own a mermaid statue that I absolutely adored.  It was large enough to fit in the middle of my bird bath.  Unfortunately, she met her untimely demise when we cut down a tree that crashed right on top of her. The Mr. really didn't want to tell me about that one! 

The statue I owned looked much like this one but was greenish in color though it certainly was not bronze.  It was a bargain find at TJ Maxx one year.   I have not yet been able to locate another in my price range that I really like.  I saw several at the beach this year but they were priced $50.00 and over which I just will not do.

Speaking of statues...check out this beauty along the Malta coast. Isn't she gorgeous?

...and this one is just amazing!  It almost seems like a real Mermaid that has become fossilized.

While creating this post I was contemplating a few post names and kept thinking of calling this post, 
"Reconnecting to my Inner Mermaid".  So I decided to google that and look what I found.

This is a site that actually connects you to your inner mermaid through meditation I think.
It's a bit out there for me but shared with you anyway.  Just in case you want to go there.  LOL!

Now if I really wanted to reconnect with my inner Mermaid I need not go any further then my own commumnity.  You see, we actually have mermaids here on Lake Murray now among all the other legends that we have on our lake.  

Seriously!  There is even an article about them in my latest copy of our local magazine.  The real story is about a truly talented local photographer that has done some absolutely beautiful work photographing women on the lake as mermaids.  You can be one too!  

I would so love to do this!  I haven't checked into it to see how much it is but I'm sure it's not cheap. Wouldn't this be so fun to do with a group of friends?  I think so!  Anyone interested?

Now if meditating or trans-meditating or whatever that is and the stunning photography shoots are just a little bit much for you. You can always pick up a few novels that might reconnect you to your inner mermaid.

I have read this one and can tell you it was fantastic!  It's by a SC author out of Charleston.  She has so many other wonderful books too!  It is not so much about a Mermaid as it about the true spirit of freedom of self.  This is a fantastic dive into the depths of love, legends, and saints.  A great summer read!

This book I have NOT read...yet!  It appears to be a romance novel that also encompasses the lore of mermaids and lovers.  Hmm??? I may have to try and find this one.  The reviews seems pretty good for this type of genre.  

I've NOT read this book yet either.  I definitely will have to find this one.  It reviews that it was inspired by The Little Mermaid and is a modern fairy tale about growing up and discovering ones self.    This seems to be a bit of a recurring theme among Mermaids doesn't it?

I personally think I could really connect well to my inner mermaid just fine here at any of these vacation homes on Tybee Island, Ga rented from;
Check out the link above to see some of the most fabulous beach cottages ever!

For you movie buffs, here is a wonderfully old movie named Miranda from 1948 about a physician who finds a Mermaid and takes her to town.  I love old movies and this one is a hoot!

Now wait!  Wait! Wait!  There's more! As if all of this wasn't enough, I also found another website that is chock full of legends from all around the world about mermaids.  This site would be a great place to visit when you have the time to browse a few of the links that are provided.

In case you are starting to wonder, no I have not decided to take a dive on the murky side (hehe) with all these legends and fascinating folklore.  While the rest of the world (or so it seems lot's of people I know) may be stepping near the edge with all those shades of grey they are reading, I've decided not to go there. I've decided there are so many legends out there, such as Mermaids, that are so much more interesting!

Now if we could just find a beautiful Mermaid fountain for the pool that didn't cost thousands of dollars.  Life would be grand!

  As you can see, I am still dreaming here at The Decorative Dreamer but I am now Sailing Simply again too.  I guess all those Mermaid stories and legends have taught me a thing or too about revealing my true self.  So from here on out my blog will be titled;

 Sailing Simply as The Decorative Dreamer.  

The last step here in my merge of the two blogs would be to change both URL's to only one and I do not know how to do that without loosing followers from both blogs.  IF anyone knows how I would love to hear from you.  Otherwise this is the direction I am going until technology catches up with me.  

Thanks for the visit today and I hope you enjoyed it.  I would love to hear from you if you did.
Comments are always welcomed!
Happy Summer!


  1. We just finished our pond and waterfall in our backyard and my husband said all he needed now was a mermaid! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love mermaids! Happy your blogs are now linked. I keep thinking about changing the name of my blog but I feel so committed to A La Carte. Oh well...hugs, Linda

  3. Ya know there is somewhat of an elegant feel when you see a mermaid pictured in places.
    Have a good night.

  4. Mary - I love Mermaids, too. I read The Mermaid's Chair but none of the other ones. I am going to mark it so I can look for those books.

    I love WeekiWatchee in Florida and used to drag everyone that visited up there to see the shows. It is amazing to watch those girls- xo Diana

  5. I always loved the blog title "Sailing Simply" so I was happy to see that when I opened this page this morning. I'm just like you (Yikes, don't be scared) in that I have a random collection of stuff I like to blog about. Reintroducing the Sailing Simply is a great idea.

    I sure wish I knew how to do that with the new URL and not losing people. I would do it too.

    Love the new look, and now I have to check out the Mermaid Cottages on Tybee. That's where we picnicked on our anniversary but we rarely go there and opt for Hilton Head instead. NOW I might be interested since the Mermaid Cottage thing sounds pretty.

  6. Hello friend!!!! I love love mermaids. I always pretended to be one when swimming and now get to be one again with Jemma! She adores them and anytime she wishes on a star or tosses a coin into a fountain, I hear her whisper, "I wish to be a mermaid!". I can't wait to show her this post!

  7. What a wonderful post! Mermaids have always fascinated me, too! Now I'm going to be looking for mermaid figurines!

  8. Where is the picture from of the mermaid statue in the pool? It's gorgeous!

  9. Hi, The Enchanted Bath! I cannot be sure but after doing some googling I think this may be the original source. It is gorgeous for sure, I would love this beauty sitting on the side of my pool. Here's the link; http://www.kspalding.com/portfolio_figurative.php


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