Friday, March 4, 2011

Winner! Winner! Winner! Announcement!

It's time to announce the winner of my giveaway!  Actually it's past time but I am sure most of you will understand that I have had quite a bit going on earlier this week.

Anyway,  I am so excited for this winner because I know how much she loves pretty jewelry!  I have seen some of her jewelry style in her posts before and know she will really appreciate a great statement piece.  So what is she getting?  Well, that has yet to be determined, because I am going to allow her to choose.  I am giving her $30.00 to spend in my Initial Outfitters store.  So dear, you have some shopping to do!  I cannot wait to see what you select!

I used the random generator to choose and the winning number was...

Number "8" !!!  Congrats!!!
So who is number 8?  Let me show you what she said...

Congratulations Liz of Savvy Seasons!  I hope you will enjoy the prize!  Please email me your choice as soon as you decide.  You may go to my online website to browse our selections.  It is..

Thank you to each of you that entered and posted my giveaway on your side bar!  I really appreciate it!  I had mentioned having a giveaway from CSN Stores coming up but have decided to delay that for another time.  I do apologize but am very busy lately and did not feel I could give them the exposure that would do them justice right now as I am trying to stay focused on my own business adventures.

I also want to send a special thank you to Pam at DIY Design Fanatic for helping me figure out how to post the random generator on my screen.  She so generously gave me step by step instructions that I will be able to use for other applications as well.  I am so grateful for her and all the other wonderful and supportive bloggers out there!  You are the best!

As always, I do appreciate your continued support and a special thanks again for all the prayers and condolences sent our way this past week! 
May God bless you all!


  1. Congrats to Liz of Savvy Seasons, I'm looking forward to see what she choses also.

  2. Congrats to Liz!! I have never been able to figure out how to show the random number thingy on my blog when I use it for a winner. hugs, Linda

  3. Congrats to the winner!!! What a lucky girl.

  4. YAY congrats to Liz! Man she is hitting the jackpot with the giveaways :)

  5. Mary, I am so excited that I won!! HAPPY DAY!! Actually, I was gone all day and just got home and checked my email to find your lovely surprise. I am THRILLED!! Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway, I am beyond excited. I have to run out again this evening, but I will go to your website 1st thing tomorrow.

    ((Hugs)) & Love,

  6. Well, you just blew my theory! I have never generated a random number that low. We had decided it was always in the middle! Congrats to Liz! How fun.

    I adore your Game Tablescape. What a fun idea and the stack of games and that huge black dice (or is it die?) is just fabulous and such a conversation piece. So cute and clever. My kids would love this one.

  7. Yay ... congrats to sweet Liz!


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