Friday, March 11, 2011

What are we thinking?

Or, are we thinking at all?  That is the question that is weighing heavily on my mind lately.

I want to talk about something that I see going on more and more around us that constantly has me questioning, what are they thinking?

I am referring to the growing surge of apathy in our society.  I have discussed this with several friends and family who are also seeing this in many different ways from others in thier own circles. 

 Most recently, the judge in Maryland who overturned the conviction of those protesters who picket military funerals shouting obscenities based on their religious beliefs.  I just cannot wrap my head around how this can be allowed under the freedom of speech.  Isn't there a law somewhere that allows someone to be convicted of slander or defamation of character?  Surely, as a Christian this is not the character of Jesus that I know!  Obviously it was also an attack on the character of the soldier they picketed too, even though it was a backhanded approach.  Why couldn't this judge find it reasonable and in good judgement to find a law that would apply to this case to stop this madness?  Or was he only able to hand down the judgement on whatever specific charges were filed?  I cannot help but wonder was there much thought given to this case at all by those involved or was it just another example of our ever increasing issue of apathy in this world.

It seems to me more and more we are living in times where the more outrageous or popular the behavior the greater the voice it is given.  Why?  Have the rest of us lost our voices?  Are we all just too busy minding our own business to pay any attention to another?  Are we so afraid of getting caught up in the drama of any given situation that we often avoid it at all costs?  It sure seems that way to me! 

I am not just thinking of the situation with the judge and these protesters here. I am thinking of our society as a whole lately.

  I recently was sent an invitation on FB to join in on an event called RED FRIDAYS.  It is basically a group of people who are choosing to wear red on Fridays in order to show their support for our troops.  There were many comments on this group ranging from, "I am in!!!" to "Don't believe it, this is an old group that has been circulating since 2005 starting in Canada!".  I quickly scanned the comments and decided, why not?  Would it kill me to wear red this Friday?

Obviously it did not, as this was the photo I posted on my FB page last Friday.

I took the time to also post why I was dressed this way with a link to RED FRIDAYS.   I only received a handful of comments about this picture.  I wasn't surprised by that either.  Continuously,  I am seeing a growing trend towards people who are only connecting with people only when it's beneficial to them or deemed positive.  

  I believe our advances in technology and the changes in society as a whole may be to blame for this.  Don't get me wrong know one wants to be around a Debbie downer all the time, but sometimes people need to be heard during difficult times in order to be lifted.  Have we all accepted it's okay to trade in compassion for apathy?

Did we learn nothing from these ladies on the Stepford Wives?  It would seem more people are seriously trying to live this way in a strange robotic world void of real emotion.

Love means looking beyond differences and working together instead of tearing each other down. If we don’t strive for this, all our social circles will begin to look frighteningly like the strange town of Stepford.
--Michael Ray

On FB there are hundreds of those copy and post status's to join in, groups, events, causes, etc. There are often so many that one can easily become apathetic towards them and ignore them along with everything else. 

 But what I keep wondering is, are we letting everything in our lives become that way?  Are we choosing to ignore things which we should be addressing?  Are we doing anything to help anyone other then that which makes ourselves feel good?  You may not choose to support the same things as me but are you supporting anything?  Or are you more comfortable just not getting involved or not responding? 

In our ever growing world of technology it is amazing and frightening to me the amount of people who choose to continue to take an apathetic approach and hide behind technology.  Here's what I am talking about.  Have you ever had an email or invitation ignored?  A phone call left unanswered?  Perhaps you are on the other end and just do not have the desire to speak to so and so right now, no matter that she may actually need to speak with you. 

  This ever increasing trend of avoidance and apathy is staggering.  Trying googling it if your not convinced by me.  I am not the first person to write about this.  Why should we have to bothered when we can simply ignore, erase, delete, and move on to that which is more pleasant or enticing, right?  I've done it and I know you have too! 

 The question is when will all this apathy catch up with us?  Where will we be when our world is full of those who espouse hate and there is no one to champion them or to answer thier calls of grief or anguish.  My heart goes out to the family who had to endure these protestors at their sons funeral!  It is horrible what they had to endure!   Do we really believe this world would be a better place if everyone would just be quiet and mind their own business? 

What about you?  Have you noticed a growing trend towards apathy?  Have you even given this any thought before?
I would love to know!  What are you thinking? Thanks for stopping by!