Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thumbs Up OR Thumbs Down?

This post is not for the faint of heart and comes with a warning!  Please be kind when you respond as I am not posting this to encourage crudeness but in hopes that perhaps you can offer your own advice or experiences that may help me and others along the way.  That is what Wellness Wednesday is all about!  Sharing wellness tips and advice.

I still need to find just the right image for my Wellness Wednesday posts, don't worry I'll get to it! 

First things first!  Let me tell about some new shoes I picked up yesterday.  I really have been wanting to get some of those tone and trim tennis shoes that are out everywhere.  These are just a few that I have had my eye on for awhile now.

 The only problem was, I was not sure I would like them.  Most of these seemed so tall to me and reminded me of those platform shoes that were a fad for a bit when I was young.  LOL!  Additonally, you ladies know I am a bargain shopper, and these shoes are not cheap!  I just cannot see spending over $50.00 for shoes I may not like and cannot return.  It just won't happen with me!  Huh-uhh!  But when I found some at TJ Maxx yesterday for only $29.99 it was worth the chance!  Here's the shoes I ended up buying.

Okay, so they are all white and kinda remind me of the Nikes that were so popular back in the day, but I like them!  Because they are all leather I am hoping the toes will not wear out as quickly as the pair of Sauconys I bought last year did.  If these shoes work out for me I may consider getting a better quality later.

These are New Balance rock and tones.  They are designed to help tone your thighs and buttocks while you walk.  They are not as tall as some of the other brands I have seen but I can tell you they really do work.  I tried them out yesterday on my way home from shopping.  I was crossing over the dam and decided to stop and walk it.  It's a 4 mile total trek and they felt great!  I also could tell a slight tightness in the front of my thighs but not so much in the buttocks.   Hopefully that will come later after using them more!

I was pretty excited to have found them but when I told the Mr., he said there was a report on the news they were not good for you.  I told him I asked the girls at the check out had anyone told them whether they really work or not and they said they didn't know about these in particular but several of them had some of the different brands.  They all said they really do work but you should watch the CD that comes with them first.  They checked, but mine did not come with a CD (no surprise) but said basically you are supposed to only use them for about 45 minutes at a time.  They said, they are not meant for walking around in all the time.  Perhaps that is where people have run into trouble.  IDK!  My walks are usually 45 to 1 hour so I think I will be okay.  I can't wait to get out there and try them out again!

Okay now for the part of my post I warned you about.  You all know I have been trying to eat better, right?   Well, when I finally decided to buy this cereal I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was.

It is sooo delicious and I am almost finished with the  whole box!  Thank goodness!

It's basically a high fiber cereal that is supposed to be good for you.  It has cane sugar as opposed to regular sugar and  tastes very sweet.  It also has soy protein. 

Unfortunately for me, as good as it is, I cannot continue to eat this cereal.  Why? 

Because it produces the most prolonged amount of gas I have ever experienced.  I also have some bloating with this but not as much as the first day I ate it.  Unfortunately the gas is continous all day long!  It's quite embarrassing and I first thought it was something else I ate the first day I tried this.  After a week of experimenting eating this cereal I can verify it is difinitely the cereal that is causing me gas.  What a bummer because it is sooo good!

I am not sure what the ingredient is that is causing this and if it will eventually go away but I just can't live with that much gas.  I kid you not!  I first thought maybe it was just me but then I "googled" and guess what I found?  Report after report of people having the same symptoms as me from this product.  The odd thing is, not everyones system reacts the same as mine, but enough people did to post about it.

  Last night I was laughing so hard I was crying after reading some of the reports some people wrote about the gas they got from Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  It was seriously, too funny and I could  so relate!  Let me just say men have a wonderful way of discussing this subject that can make you laugh out loud!   We women are a bit more cautious with our descriptions.   I hope you won't be offended but I have to tell you several people said they should rename the cereal, Kashi Go Fart!  LOL!  Sooo true!  That's how powerful the reaction can be!

  There is a page that I found that had the most hilarious stories ever.  You can access that here.  But be warned!  Some of the comments may be offensive but if you have ever experienced what I have with this cereal you will find most of these posts extremely hilarious and feel relieved at the same time that you are not alone. 

If you are still following me after reading this, please don't stop now!  I promise you this is as crude as I get.  I really wanted to share this info with you only as a word of caution about trying this product. Like I said, it doesn't happen to everyone as each of our systems are different, but it could!
Whew!  That was tough!

 I would love to know if these unpleasant side effects will subside because I really think the cereal tastes that good.  Please let me know if you have tried it and experienced this too or not.  I would love to hear your stories, tastefully told that is, as I know most of you will!  LOL!
Have a great day!


  1. I ate that cereal, but do not remember those affects at all. Now give me some chick peas, and this chick, is hiding! LOL....Hope that was not crude, I could have said a lot more.

  2. I'm really loving this series!

    I LOVE Kashi products, including this cereal. Seldom can you not find it in my cupboard. I think I can help you with the gas problem, so that you can continue to enjoy Kashi products — eventually.

    Kashi products, like others in this genre, are HIGH in fiber. If your body is not used to high amounts of dietary fiber, you will experience an increase in bloating, gas and even cramping. This side effect proves that you need to add more fiber to your diet, but you must start out slowly or — well, you found out the hard way what will happen.

    One serving of Crunch has 8 grams of fiber, so next time, try eating half a bowl and be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking plenty of water will help your body digest fiber easier.

    You'll want to add other foods rich in fiber to your diet also, but again, start out in small amounts. If the gas continues, ease up on the fiber. Add tiny amounts and build your body's tolerance. In the long run you will be doing something so beneficial to your health!

    You should be eating about 20-25 grams of fiber a day. So check the fiber content of your food, start out slow and build up to that. Once you reach that level you won't have to worry about watching every gram you will be able to eat what you want and I will invite you over for a bowl of chili!

    Great and informative post! I've wondered about those shoes myself, but I have serious problems with my feet and from what you've written, I don't think they would be good for me.

  3. That is to funny about the daughter and I had the same with Fiber One cereal...but they bran type doesn't bother me.
    About the shoes, one lady I know had to go to the foot doctor after wearing those type of shoes and the doctor told her that these shoes are keeping him in business...but maybe she wore them more than the required time, be sure to let us know how they are for you over time. I've often been tempted to buy them too but her words keep ringing in my ears whenever I look at them:)


  4. I find that when I indulge in anything that's very high fiber, my body reacts in the same way. As a matter of fact, I cannot eat a whole banana without having this reaction. So, I limit myself to 1/2 a banana every other day. (Thank goodness I work alone most of the time.)

    Ah, bodily functions! Everyone has them!

  5. I can't wait to go read the other stories!!! This was so funny. I thnk I have had this cereal but I do try to eat fiber rich foods so maybe my body didn't react the same:):) However, I was away for 8 days and my hubby tried the "cabbage soup diet" while I was gone! He had the same reaction....PLUS!!! LOL! I tried one bowl of it when I got home and WHEW!!!!!! That's all I'mm sayin on this subject:):) XO, Pinky

  6. I haven't ever tried this cereal. Every morning I have a 100% whole wheat bagel which helps work things out. LOL! It's pretty amazing how different we all are regarding food!

  7. Well, I haven't tried this cereal yet but, as of last week, per doctors orders, I have been eating high fiber and whole grain products and it is really messing with my system. But, I knew that would happen and my doctor told me it would ease up once my body was used to having the good stuff in it. LOL It's actually not as bad this week. I don't know anything about the shoes sorry.

  8. Well as most everyone said, High Fiber will do that to you. I have had the same reactions. Keep going on the healthy stuff, just take it slower. I also don't know anything about these shoes but I would not try them as I have foot issues already. Good Luck!

  9. I have never tried it, but now for some ungodly reason, I want to try it just to see what happens. That's pretty pathetic...

    I love the shoes. I generally do a walk that is no longer than 45 minutes so they would be fine with me. I need some serious TONING!

  10. Cute post!

    I just naturally lean toward a high fiber diet. Believe me, the older I get the worse the...ahem..."problem". But it's keepin' me healthy:-).

    We are New Balance fans. We buy the walkers so no experience with your new shoes, though.

  11. My MIL swears by the shoes. She got the New Balance or Reeboks, but she loves them. I pay enough for my shoes that I walk in that I can't afford those too! I have plantar fascitis and I have to have good tennis shoes that I wear all the time. I wear them in the house all time. I just can't go barefooted or even in flip flops anymore. I tried the fit flops, but they didn't fit me well.

    I used to eat a half cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with yogurt every morning and never had trouble! I probably didn't eat enough of it to make a difference, but I agree... It is sooooo good!!!


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