Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take a Look at Spring!

Spring is in the air and I am loving it!  I have been looking for ways to add in a few things here and there that reflect this fresh new season.  Here's a few goodies I've come across and added to my decor that I think you will enjoy for Take A Look Tuesday.

First up, this cute little basket I found last year at a one of my favorite resale stores.  I added a small bunch of flowers and a pick from the dollar tree and hung it on my china cabinet.  Thanks so much to Pat over at Back Porch Musings for that idea!  Love it!

Next, look what I found!  Woohoo!  One of those gorgeous lettuce plates from Portugal for less then $5.00 at another of my favorite resale stores.  I was very excited about this deal.

Now, I know you wouldn't have passed up these.  I found them at an antique store downtown though they aren't antique and they were a fantastic buy.  At first I only bought the one in the middle then turned the car around and went back for the other two as well.  I always do that! 

This is how they came when I purchased them.  I cannot wait to figure out how I am going to display them for Easter but I am also planning on using them for my next Initial Outfitters party coming up soon.  Don't you think they will be so cute with the necklaces hanging from them?  I do!

Not sure if I've showed you this or not but look at these frames I've found.  I may have shown you some but I've found more.  I keep coming across more cute smaller "nice" frames.

I've got projects in mind for these just need the time.

No plastic on any of these, only gorgeous carved wood, all for a buck or less! 

How do you like my new $3.00 lamp?  It didn't come with the shade and I do want to get another one for it but I had this one on hand sooo....

It is porcelain and a perfect golden basket color.  I just love baskets, so you knew I had to get this right?

This cute black and white polka dot purse is so fresh!  It was only $2.00, and clean as a whistle.

Sorry, I already put this up in storage before I remembered I forgot to show you.  I bought this for my launch party.  It looks like a beehive!  It was from TJ Maxx.  I am going to pull out my old punch bowl and cups now and say goodbye!  This is much more efficient!

Here's an idea I am kicking around for the kitchen.  I bought two sets of these hand towels to possibly make place mats with.  I was thinking of using a checked black and white trim or black and white polka dot ruffle on the ends. They are for my kitchen table.  They are a Raymond Waites fabric and were rather pricey so I am really thinking this through first.

I just adore this fabric and think it will bring the color I am craving into my kitchen.  I went to the fabric store and could not find anything even close to this.  I love it because it has such great vibrant colors and just enough black to coordinate with the black chairs in my kitchen.  What do you think?

My first order came in yesterday and I was thrilled because I added a few new pieces.  I combined one of the newer pieces with my some older pieces to create this look!  I just love scrolls and ruffles, especially for spring!

I already had the scroll cuff bracelet with my starter kit.  It is so light too y'all!

And the scroll earrings were also part of my original set.  I have worn these so many times and I think they look great with my newest items.

I added this sterling silver ruffled pendant and the sterling rolo chain.  I really wanted my customers to be able to see some of the silver I have available too.

This pendant is a great size as it is not huge.  It is a little over an inch and quarter long when you include the clasp at the top.  It's going to be great as a simple statement on it's own or to layer with other pieces.  If you would like one of these, let me know!  Pendant is sold separately from the chain.

I'll show you more jewelry later, but since I am showing spring things,  I wanted to show you this because the ruffle around the pendant reminds me of a flower.

Speaking of flowers...

I've been adding a few here and there around outside but am still not finding the variety I am usually use to seeing out already by this time of year.  Oh my, please pardon the pollen!

Hopefully it won't be much longer and more will arrive and I can really plan what to put around in my pots.

The pollen is coming down heavier every day now too!  It's definitely spring here!
How about at your house?  I sure hope so!

Thanks for taking a look!  Hope you enjoyed the visit!
Have a great day!


  1. Lovin' that great fabric Mary, it's so pretty! Happy Spring:@)

  2. Gorgeous!!~ I am so happy these days! Spring has sprung.

  3. Everything looks so fresh and springified!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Mary, I can't believe all of your wonderful finds!
    I LOVE the lettuce plate and the easter eggs are going to be awesome for displaying necklaces. You could put rods through them and hang necklaces & bracelets on them. So cute!
    I love your flowers, too!

  5. It's all gorgeous, my darling! You got wonderful thrifting buys; the placemats are to die for; your jewellery is lovely. All gorgeous!

  6. You have had some awesome thrifting luck also. I love the lamp! That base is amazing. pretty fabric and can't wait to see what you decide. I love this jewelry! hugs, Linda

  7. I love all the spring decor, you've been busy, and everything looks wonderful!

    I got to have some of your silver jewelry,do you engrave also?

  8. Everything looks just beautiful Mary and that lettuce plate is my favorite! Great job!

  9. So many wonderful things to see in one post! This has been an eye adventure. I love that fabric that you found in the towels and think your idea of turning it into table decor is a great one. I would definitely do it.

    Love your egg shaped centerpieces too. They will work great to showcase the IO necklaces too.

    And YES... we are covered in pollen. I wrote a little blog post about it, but I probably won't post it.

  10. Wow! cute Easter decor and I loved seeing all your thrifting finds.

    That fabric is fabulous!

  11. Wow, you got some amazing deals at resale shops.
    Your purse is darling.
    All your flowers are so pretty!

  12. I love all your new finds, Mary! I especially like the egg shaped trio on pedestals. It would be so mych fun to decorate them...Christine

  13. What a GREAT eye candy post girl so many pretty things to see..Now those wire egg thingy would they not make great hat holders ha ha!! Just me thinking out loud again..Good luck with your Launch party my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  14. Wow, lots of wonderful goodies! Jane had that same Beehive dispenser at the Art at Home show, if I could have fit it into my bag, it would have come home with me for sure. It is so cute and functional!

    That towel fabric is gorgeous, I would love to have outdoor cushions made with that. You're really adding some nice pieces for you business!


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