Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I wanna be Irish!

Yay!  It's St. Patricks Day!  No, I'm not Irish but I sure would like to be!  Like a lot of people, there's just something about the beautiful land of Ireland that holds such special appeal to me, especially this time of year!


  Combine the allure of all that mystic beauty with the legends and lore then throw in some green beer and I'm in!   Albeit, my green beer of choice lately is Bud Light Lime, though. LOL!  Stay with me here now,ehh!  Still, who hasn't wanted to be Irish for a day, especially on St. Patty's Day?    Soooo...I set a little table scape for the Irish dreamer in me.

I sure do wish I had some of those gorgeous shamrock dishes I have been seeing out here in blog land, but I do not, so alas, what's an Irish girl wanna be to do?

Well, she creates her own there laddie!

Just add a few gel shamrocks to some green apple plates, along with Fransican Ivy and Butlers Pantry and I'd say your looking rather festive there. 

Don't forget the dark green Libby glassware...

....and some gold chocolate coins to entice the wee little leprechauns to come out of hiding! 

And with a bit o' Luck.... might enjoy the mystique...

...of being...

...Irish for a day! 
 Care to join me, ehh?

Special thanks to Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen for inspiring me to use the gold coins.  I just loved this idea from one of her previous year tablescapes. Thank you so much for the inspiration!  Be sure and stop by Tablescape Thursday for more inspiring and memorable tablescapes.

  I hope each of you have a wonderful and happy
St. Patricks Day!