Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting Reorganized

What a wonderful weekend!  I cannot tell you how enjoyable it was to get away from the computer more and enjoy life! Yes, yes, I did do a post yesterday and I did make the rounds visiting some yesterday evening but that was about it.  Sorry, but I am being very stingy with my computer time lately, and enjoying it!

My youngest son was off from school Friday along with my husband who was off from work, and to top it off my oldest who was on spring break last week came home with his new girlfriend to stay with us for the weekend.  We dined out two nights in a row, enjoyed each others company, made some head way on a few projects around the house and cruised around in the sail boat some on Saturday.  It was one of those weekends where we all kept feeling like we were on a holiday for some reason!

Let me show you one of the projects we made some headway on. 

My husband recently inherited his fathers desk after he passed away and he and my son picked it up on Friday.  By late Sunday afternoon, it is now sitting comfortably in it's new home here in the office off of our kitchen.  The Mr. still has some tweaking to do with getting everything reorganized.  It is killing me because I want to get in here and fix it all up but this space is off limits to me for now as he needs time to adjust and sort through some things on his own, understandably!   

Besides, I had my own office to rearrange again!

Because our big old corner desk unit had to go somewhere!  The Mr. wanted to just get rid of it, but I really wanted to use it to help me get a little more organized too.

I moved my pretty green desk over on this side wall where the sewing desk used to be.  It really works here for me as an extra space for crafts and etc. 

 Currently I am using it as a space to store my samples products.  This will work out great for me to keep my items all together and be a great place for staging photo shoots for new pieces.

I kept my green shelf nearby for storing all my paints, projects, and craft books.

The sewing machine desk moved over here in this dormer nook.  It just barely fit!  Whew!  I love the lighting over here too!

Check out my new sewing chair.  This was my FIL's office chair but the Mr. didn't want to use it and I was thrilled to get it because it is comfy and doesn't have any arms which makes it perfect to use while sewing.

Not much changed over here in this corner.

Other then I got things a bit more organized.  Yep, I still have all these glass containers that belong to my friend.  Should I remind her I still have them yet again?  LOL!

Now let's look at my new work area.

Yes, that is a little TV there where a computer should go.  I like having this here much better.  Got to have that HGTV on you know!

And this is what I am soooo thrilled about.  I have a place to organize the paper work and paper products of my business with Initial Outfitters.  It feels so much better to get this organized. Especially, since I have a big party coming up April 1st that I really want to have all my ducks in a row for.

And on this side of the desk I have placed my laptop.  I am going to work really hard on keeping my laptop up here.  I think it will help me limit my time on the computer more if it is not sitting there always open smack in the middle of my den.   Also, having it up here in the office now will help me stay focused more on business rather then pleasure all the time too.  Haha!

Well, that's what I am thinking anyway!

Thanks for visiting and

Wishing you the happiest 1st official day of spring!


have a great Monday!


  1. Your office looks so organized and functional, Mary. I also love the big desk your hubby inherited. Beautiful heavy piece!...Christine

  2. I love your office! It is so cute! Love the green desk! Glad you have a great week!

  3. Your office changes are fabulous. Love that big corner desk. Happy Spring for sure...allergies are raging for me!

  4. Looks great, Mary! I am literally counting down my work days so that I can do some serious reorganizing around here. Next week is my last week. Whew.

  5. Love the FILs old desk, beautiufl! What a lovely redo in your office, you'll be busy creating now ...

    Happy Spring ~
    TTFN ~

  6. Looks great Mary.

    We are at the lake. G'kiddo's and their parents and aunt and uncle were here till yesterday afternoon. I had abbreviated computer time and enjoyed the time away.

    Today we are finishing a guest room project that requires a little shopping....oh darn!;-)

  7. What a great space. I love all of your pretty things and it's so organized and gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. WOW!...yall been busy, everything looks great.
    I really need to get started on organization.
    Thanks for sharing and visiting lazyonLoblolly.

  9. WOW! You GO GUUURL! What a great space!!! All Purdy and Organized!!! Well Done!


  10. WOW, you are so organized. I love your office, it is ADORABLE!! Green is my favorite color, so I am loving everything in that room! =) Happy Spring! XOXO ~Liz


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