Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Game On Tablescapers!

I've included  a little fun at the table tonight.

Because sometimes you need a laugh to lighten things up at the end of the day.

So are we playing games or eating dinner?

How about a little bit of both!

Let's see who all were expecting.

The Marlboro men showed up and have invited a few of their friends... the Queen of Diamonds...

... and the King of Hearts...

...and the Ace of Spades.  I am sure they are all going to show up.

The Joker has decided to join us in spirit only tonight, hopefully!

The table is set and ready for the games to begin.

Nope, this wasn't a trick, there will be no utensils at this table tonight.

Only a few serving pieces to be used with other dishes to be set out.

Can you guess what were having tonight?

Or what were playing?

Well it's not, "What's for Supper" that would be too easy!  It's called, "What's on the Table?"  One of our favorite games from when the kids were little. 

The first player only gets to name the first letter of something on the table and then each person takes turns guessing what it is, and continues around the table until someone gets it right.  The person who guess's correctly get to go next.

Because sometimes the King of Hearts needs to remember why he is such a great playa!

I am joining Tablescape Thursday today for a little R&R.
Hope you enjoyed the fun!