Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craving Color

This table scape is a prelude to St. Patty's Day with an extra splash of color.  As if I don't have enough going on this week, I just had to stop and make time to play with the dishes.  Why?  Because I thrive better under stress, good stress that is!  But mostly, because I have been craving color in my kitchen.  I like my kitchen chairs painted black. I am also enjoying the black desk that I stacked my salad plates on too.   But, I think all the black with my black place mats are really starting to get to me, that, and these grey skies too!

Sooo, I started with adding green, by pulling in a few things I used for my St. Patty's day scape I'll show you next week.  Then some blue, then some red rose colors!  Finally, some color!

I love how this turned out!


These embossed wheat plates I got from a church rummage sale last year.  The back says they are from Portugal.  They are not the green color shown here in this picture above but more the green shown in the photo below.  I always have the worst time photographing this plates color accurately.  I don't know why!

The periwinkle blue Ivy salad plate was a thrift store find.  It is from Pfaltzgraff.

Another thrift store find are the small bread plates from Cracker Barrel.  If you look closely you can see they actually have the names of apples on them.

So, I thought it appropriate to top them off with an apple, green apples for me of course!

I have had these napkins for ever and day.  I also have a matching tablecloth to these somewhere, at least I think I still do.  Hope so!

Green glasses were a Walmart, Better homes and Gardens, clearance purchase.

The Salt and Peppers are from my everyday pattern, Gibson fruit.  I've had this basket for sometime too and used to keep sugar packets in it but now just keep the salt and pepper in here.

This was a garage sale score last year!  I just love it!  I think I may keep it here on the table everyday now to add the color I have been missing.

This green votive candle holder was a summer purchase from the Old Time Pottery store.

The little green leprechaun I've had for years now!  You will see him and the green hydrangeas again next week if you come back for that setting.  I did my St. Patty's table scape weeks ago because I was so excited and inspired.  LOL!

I like how much color I am seeing from this angle.

Much better, but these black chairs...IDK!!!!

Thanks for joining me for Tablescape Thursday!
I really appreciate your visit and would love to hear from you too.
Have a great day!


  1. Mary,
    Well done, the table looks beautiful! I love the plates and your place mats, very nice! I need to add a splash of color to my table, thanks for the inspiration! XOXO ~Liz

  2. Everything looks sooo pretty! I to am tired of the grey skies and rain but we have to take the rain to have pretty flowers later on:) I love your plates!

  3. I love the periwinkle blue with the pretty! The little basket with the S&P's is adorable, great tablesetting, you certainly have a knack for it!


  4. Such a welcoming springy table! I just love that sage and lilac color combo! I really enjoyed seeing your table!

  5. Pretty! I love the wheat dishes and the green glasses! Regarding the chairs...I was at HomeGoods a few days ago and they had a ton of colorful chair pads. If you don't have a HG, maybe a TJ Maxx or Marshall might have some. I love the combination of your black chairs and wood table, though. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Mary what a fab table! I love that color green and with the periwinkle blue it is gorgeous. I think I need some color also as the days have been gray. I like the black chairs!

  7. Hi Mary, your tablescape and dining room are very inviting. It makes me feel like sitting down, eating the apple and looking out the window. Good job!

    Best and God bless,


  8. Hi Mary!
    Love your colorful scape, esp the leprechaun peeking out of the pot! Too cute!
    Dn't forget the 15th!

  9. Oh how I LOVE your tablescape. The colors are so pretty together...the periwinkle blue and the green. It is all so simple and yet makes a strong statement at the same time. Very well done. :)
    If you care to stop by for a visit at my blog, you will see I could have opened my post with your exact opening statement! LOL! :)

  10. Cute table Mary! Lovin' the shape of your wheat plates and the nice springy colors of your napkins-enjoy:@)

  11. I like all the color, too. The little Leprechaun caught my eye right away.

    Have a great day! La

  12. You know I love this table of blues and greens! The wheat plates are fabulous.

  13. Very pretty table Mary. I love the blue and green.

  14. Cute little leprechan. Love the green and periwinkle -- a wonderful color combination.

  15. Love the birdcage and the gingham.

  16. I love the color too, and I LOVE the black chairs!! I I love green paired with black also. Those napkins are too cute. And I love the little basket for the salt and pepper!

  17. Beautiful tablescape!

    Thank you for the sweet well-wishes last week!


  18. I like your black chairs, but I'm not going to be surprised if they don't make it through the summer in the same color. The colors that you've used are wonderful in your maized colored the apple plates. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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