Monday, March 14, 2011

Controversy and Business!

Hi Ladies! I hope you had a beautiful weekend!  I certainly did!  What a busy and fun weekend too!

It's Mary's Meditating Mind Monday and I've got lots to share so let' get started.

First off, I want to thank each of you that offered up your comments on my post about "Apathy".  I really do appreciate hearing from each of you and really did seriously meditate for a bit on each of your points of view.  I purposely did not reply to anyone of you other then the one comment I made myself on my blog.  This post was not published with intentions of debate but to share what "I" believe to be a growing issue in our country.  I left comments open because I wanted to hear your thoughts and believed it was important for others to see them as well.  Mainly because, we do not all see things in the same way or even handle things in the same way and other points of view are interesting.  Your comments certainly reflected that and for that reflection of introspect I am very grateful!

  I want to also remind my readers about the new direction of my blog.  I know in the past, you have been used to seeing mostly decorative, creative, sailing photos and similar posts.  In February, I introduced a new format for my blog that is more tailored to reflecting me, shown here.

  It is not my intention to stop sharing my creative and decorative side, or my sailing side when ever possible.

See, this is what I did on Sunday!

  However, I would not be true to myself (and my blog now) if I did not also share those other aspects of my life that are important to me.  I do not intend to shy away from controversy just to keep this blog "only" a happy place any longer.  It did not work for me, as it did not feel "real" to me.  I am full of many thoughts and compassion and when something is weighing on my mind I will probably share it.  I have no problems with those that choose to keep their blogs a happy place only, especially if you enjoy it!  I am blogging how I choose to, just as you do! 

Now for what's really been on my mind this weekend!  Business!  Woohoo!

  I hosted my first "launch" party this weekend and am happy to say it went much better then I anticipated.  I had about 10 ladies attend out of 45 plus invites sent out. A bit disappointing, but I understand now that is about average.  As I knew would be the case, those who came were very interested and excited about our products and their orders reflected that!

These photos were taken after the party as I forgot to get pics before with all the great food and was too busy during.  I will work on that in the future!

I am even going to be hosting two more shows from this event and hopefully more in the future.  I have also been in contact with a few ladies who are interested in having me hosting shows for the schools they work at.  Since I am only interested in selling to teachers and staff at this time I am trying to work out the logistics with that.  It is a busy time for me as I am sharpening my marketing skills.  Fortunately, the company I work for has oodles of resources available I just need to make the time to use them as I balance my home life.

I highly recommend this company if you are interested in a direct sales business!  I would love to add you to my team if you love our products and this is a great time to start as we have so much going on this month.  There are many levels you can purchase to begin but they have offered up a special March package at the lowest level if you are interested.  It is quite a bargain! 

 Wouldn't it be great to have a team of online bloggers in the same company across many states sharing tips and supporting each other?  I think so!  

Please contact me at for more details on how to become a sales consultant for Initial Outfitters. 

I added a few more photos to my blog tab under Decorative Dreaming with Initial Outfitters.  I do apologize for not updating that as often as I had hoped, but will definitely keep doing so. 

Please go here for more details on these items and continue to check it out from time to time.

I want to share one last shout out for my new business.  Since my launch party was NOT hosted by anyone other then myself I get to enjoy the hostess benefits earned on this party.

  I am so excited about the amount of cash back I earned to purchase more products for my displays.  I cannot tell you how generous the rewards are!  Not only do I have cash back to spend, I  also have several half off items I can purchase, and several "hostess specials" available to purchase all based on my sales.

  These deals and rewards are through the roof exciting!  I get to use these all myself for this party,woohoo, but I cannot wait to share these benefits with others who host party's for me!  This opportunity is just to good to pass up, seriously!

  Oh I almost forgot, we had a conference call on Thursday announcing many great things going on including our closeout blowout sale!  COBO!!!  Look for this sale going on now online with unbeatable close out prices.  We have "LOTS" of new merchandise coming in and it's time to clear out the old and bring in the new!  So, stop on by my website at

and check out the sales!  It's a great time at Initial Outfitters and I'm so happy to have jumped in when I did. 

As you can see, there is much on my mind lately!  Thanks for taking the time to visit and catch up!  I'm not sure how many posts I will get in this week but I do have a St. Patty's Table scape to show you later in the week and am looking forward to that!

Happy Monday Yall!
Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on a successful party! You know it's only to get better from here! Onward and upward my friend, this seems like it was a perfect fit for you!

    btw, I found a cd rack like that at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $1.00 and knew what to do with it right away thanks to you. Mine has a Napa Valley logo burned on the side, does yours? So cool, I used to live there!

    Lovely way to spend a Sunday, out on the water!

  2. Good for you Mary! That would be about average. You usually get half of whom you invited...that was in my case as well. Looks great!

  3. I'm so glad your party went well! and some bookings...wonderful! Have a good week! hugs, Linda

  4. Congrats on the orders at your party, Mary! I have been to many trunk show type parties, and it's never the number who attend who make the difference but the excitement they feel about the product. The way you set it all up looked wonderful. I knew it would when you were putting it together.

    I missed your controversial post. I must have been playing with daughters.

    I want to go take a look.


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