Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Skin Anyone?

Do you have winter skin?  I sure do!  Although, to be perfectly honest with you I have winter skin year round.  I constantly need moisturizing lotion.  I don't have extremely dry skin but I do have dry skin that sometimes gets a little itchy.  Ultimately, I need some type of lotion daily.

I remember years ago meeting a woman who had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen.  Literally her skin just glowed.  When I asked her secret, it was plain and simple, moisturizer and lots of it.  She said her skin was actually very dry and she applies lotion every day, several times a day.  I also wanted to know what she used on her skin.  When she told me she used the body lotion from Bath and Body Works I was very envious!   Because, not only does their lotion smell devine, it was waaaayyy out of my budget.  That was until, I learned a little secret and developed a very satisfying indulgent habit.

Every year in January, and again sometime in the summer, (I think) they have a fantastic sale on their 8oz. body lotions.  In January, they have quite a bit of other items on sale too, but their lotions are by far the best deal. 

For several years now, I have been stocking up on my favorites scents when they go on sale.  This is one of the best bargains that I treat myself to yearly.  I usually only spend around $20.00 (or slightly over) and this supply lasts me well until the next sale, or about a year.  I sometimes might buy 1 or 2 during the summer sale because I want a different scent.

I only purchase these when they are on sale for $3.00 a bottle.  That's right, you heard me correctly!  In case you didn't know they really do go on sale that low!  Now that is a huge bargain considering they are usually $9.50 each.  It is well worth stocking up, during this sale.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This scent, Cotton Blossom, is my all time favorite.  I bought three of these this time.

I also enjoy this scent, Cool Citrus Basil.  I purchased two of these.

This year I also decided to throw two of these in the bag.  The sun-ripened raspberry has not been one of my regular purchases but I really liked it the other day, so in the bag it went.  I really almost do love them all, but I often find my preferences changing from time to time.  That's why I sometimes hit the summer sale too.

At the check out counter they had sample bottles for $1.00 so I decided to get one of these too.  They are great for keeping in the car or in your purse.  They come in handy for when you need just a dab on your hands, which I usually do!

  I just love this sale and thought you might too so that's why I am telling you about it.  It is still going on now, but will most likely be ending very soon.  You can go online and get the same deal if don't have a Bath and Body Works near you.

I am sharing this for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.  Please be sure and check the previous link for more great buys and bargains.

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  1. Mary,
    Thanks for coming to my party with these awesome deals....I stock each year too...silly not to:)


  2. I too love this sale. Cool Citrus Basil is a good one!

  3. That is smart! I have horribly dry skin especially on my hands. i have been using Gold Bond repairing lotion and love it! I may have to check out the Bath and Body works sale! Good deal!!

  4. I love that sale and I went to get the antibacterial soaps but didn't think about the lotions so therefore I am going back.

  5. That was a really great sale.

  6. What a fabulous deal! Looks like you got a lot of great scents. Enjoy and thanks for sharing it with us! XOXO ~Liz


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