Monday, January 31, 2011

Table Swapping

I've been changing things up a bit around the house, this morning.  Fun,fun,fun!  Don't you just love a new look without spending a dime or doing any hard labor.  I sure do!  Let me show you what I've been up to.

Let's start with a brief peek into my husbands office.  Do you remember this cabinet?

Well, it was my foyer table.  I have been wanting a lighter and brighter look in my foyer and really, really want to paint this cabinet.  But you know how men are, they just don't like painting furniture.  Especially when the piece is furniture inherited from his family.  Pooh!  So, I moved this unpaintable piece of furniture in his office here by the door.  I like the way it looks here now.

Do you recognize my new foyer table?  Yep, it's the one from the kitchen.  I would love a larger more solid piece in here but I am very limited on space.  So for now, I am really loving this switch.  Maybe I can find a newer longer more decorative mirror to help it work in here even better.

It has all the right colors to lighten up this space sooo much!

Then I played around with the tabletop vignettes some too.

I put this silver tray out for now but would love some sort of lightly carved stone piece or picture or something that welcomes guests.  I'll have to do a little shopping to finish this look up a bit more and maybe find some greenery for the carriage below the table also.

But for now I am loving this!

Lighter and brighter!  Yes?

Now I suppose you might be wondering what I did in the kitchen where my new foyer table used to be, aren't cha ya?  Let's take a look, I think your going to like this one.

Do you recognize this table?   It's the black desk I had on the other side of the kitchen, in the kitchen foyer area.  I put the bench back over there which really works better due to the coat rack being right there too.  Now my desk is a server and storage area for some of my small decorative salad plates.

Of course my rooster kept his rightful spot over here.

And I added this new iron piece I got a few weeks ago, needs some greenery too I think.

Then one of my willow candle baskets became a serving utensil caddy.  Love it! 

Speaking of loving it, I am really loving this.  Now I can see all my pretty new salad dish collections.

I am so excited I thought of stacking these like this!  Do you like it?  Please tell me you do, okay!

Then I moved this little country duck basket back over here to hold my multi colored linen coasters and a few new small dishes I haven't showed you yet.  I love this look but may have to find something else to hold these because I was using this basket recently to hold all the remotes in the den and we really liked that set up.  Any who, I guess I'll find either a small dish holder or new remote holder.  I am feeling a Ross trip coming in my very near future.  LOL!   

Did I tell you how much I love this new switch up everywhere?  Well, I do!!!  I can't wait for the Mr. to get home.  I'm not going to say a word and see what he has to say now. LOL!  Men! 

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