Friday, January 14, 2011

Organization Inspiration!

I have been so inspired this past week, in a very good way!   Not by just one, but two of our fellow bloggers!  Both Melanie at Southern Comfort in a Northern Life and Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home, were my inspirations this week.  What have both these two ladies done that inspired me you ask?  Well, they showed off their organized spaces.  I sooo needed to see that!  There is nothing more convincing then your conscience screaming, "You really oughta do that!". 

So today, I tackled a few spaces of my own.  This is terribly embarrassing but worth it to show you what a difference a gentle nudge can do for you.

This is one of my very small narrow drawers in the kitchen that are in the area between the kitchen and the dining room.  I keep my small candles in this drawer.

Miscellaneous linens in this drawer.

And, extra napkins in this drawer.  What a mess they were!

Now... here's the small candle drawer.

And another one I forgot to show you the before of.

Here's the miscellaneous linens drawer.  I only have things like bread basket linens, small runners, linen wine totes.  It looks so much better! I was even able to add all my Christmas dish towels that were cluttering up the everyday dish towel drawers.  That was a big Whew!

And here's my table napkin drawer.  I love what I did here.  I layered them so now I can see them better.  In this drawer I have multiples of napkins.  The ones you can see are sitting on top of a bottom row of more of the same.  This way I can see all the variety rather then having them stacked on top of each other and having to take out a whole stack to see what's underneath.

That led me to redo this little napkin holder I also have in the dining room.  It holds just a few of the same napkins that I use more often.  It was getting rather messy too so...

It got it straightened out as well.

Then that led over to one of my pantry's that was really a mess!  I didn't take a lot of before photos, but did take one of the candle area.

Here we have the candle shelf spilling over onto another shelf. 

Here's my after.  I got rid of a few candles I just don't like anymore and had room for the ceramic toppers too.

Above that was my napkin shelf and it is much more organized now too.  I have all my decorator napkins in the back and now have room for the everyday napkins on this shelf too.  I used to have them in the bottom of this cabinet.

Above that are my baggies and other paper products shelf.  Can you believe I had 3 rolls of aluminum foil?

And below is where my outdoor tablecloths and paper towel rolls, (which I need to restock) are stored. 

Then on the opposite side my broom and dusters.  This really is so much better.  I had stuff piled in here too and the broom kept falling out when the door opened.  LOL!  No more!

Now I bet your thinking, Wow!  That was a lot.  I'm not done yet.
I have one more area I tackled to show you.

The bookshelf cabinet.  This is above my bar in the kitchen.  When we lived in the old house I had built in bookshelves and thought I was doing good condensing my books down this much.  But over time they started stacking up again.  It was time to purge.

This is so much more manageable!

Here's my little giveaway collection.

Well, minus the salt and pepper basket in the middle.  Whew!  This really feels good! 

Oh, and Yes Melanie, I still have my food pantry to tackle.  Maybe next week!

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I hope all of you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  I certainly am!  If all goes well, God willing, we are headed upstate to an oyster roast with family on Saturday.  I am soo looking forward to getting out of the house after all this snow.  I know most of you are too!

Thanks for stopping by!