Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Outdoor Adventures

Like most of you here in the southeast, I have a bad case of cabin fever today.  Yesterday, it was snow falling, snow piled high, fun and woohoo!  Today it's cold, melting and slippery ice.   Dangerous!    I don't like feeling trapped at home by all the ice.  But here I am, so here I blog.

Because I literally needed to get out of the house again, I ventured out and took more photos.  I tried to focus on pretty and unusual sites this time.  First, I rode down to the club with the Mr. again.  It was quite cold by the lake.

 This first two photos were taken around this bench.

Picnic anyone?  I didn't stay down there long before I was asking the Mr. to bring me back home.

After snapping a few shots I started looking for objects I could photograph at multiple angles.

I really was enjoying how different angles captured a different picture of the same object.

Isn't that cool?

Pretty neat once again.
Or, how about the following..

I just love how different each photo looks apart from the big picture.

Then I focused on interesting greenery.

Finally, I zeroed in on more interesting single shot images around the yard.

What a pretty different perspective to enjoy for;

Thanks for taking the time to visit!


  1. Hi Mary! These pics are so gorgeous and we are bracing for some kind of wintery weather here in the NW too! Crazy! I'm enjoying your new blog and I made sure to hit the follow button over here too. :-)

  2. Your icy photos are so beautiful, Mary! It looks very cold. Thanks for sharing cause I know we won't see that around here....Christine

  3. Holy smokes, did you get some snow? Mary, you are such a wonderful photographer. I really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing! XOXO~Liz

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments! ((Hugs)) =)

  4. What wonderful photographs! I'm glad you braved the ice to capture these shots for us. They are beautiful. I love the one with the cherubs and the picnic table with the ice hanging off the edges. I cannot believe these shots are in the SOUTH! What on earth is going on??? As beautiful as it is, I hope and pray it does not come to Florida. The citrus here and all the tropical plants just do not like to be cold. But it sure is pretty to view it through photographs. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Beautiful photos in the snow! I have cabin fever too!

  6. Not living where it snows, I so appreciated looking at these photos. I especially LOVE the angels, and am over the moon for the last one of the girl statue.

  7. Beautiful shots.I love the cherubs and the bird houses. I'm getting cabin fever too. The snow is beautiful but I am ready for it to be gone and back to our routines.

  8. Brrrrrr! That looks so chilly... Beautiful photos, I'm really amazed at the iced over trees & greenery.

  9. I really liked the photograph with the snow on the two cupids.
    Joyce M

  10. Beautiful photos - especially the last one of the angel with the icicle on her arm! I'm a transplanted CO native - had my share of snow in my life - don't miss it now. These pictures reminded me of how cold it can get - Stay safe in the snow. Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  11. I love the water shot, so pretty. All that ice...oh my!

  12. What beautiful pictures!!! It is soo pretty where you live even though very cold. Thanx for stopping by earlier and loving on my island.

  13. all your photos are just beautiful. Stay safe and warm.

  14. Beautiful!..I enjoyed going out side with you.
    Get back inside and warm up.


  15. Pretty photos, Mary! It's been cold and snowy here in Michigan, too, with more on the way. So, I, like you, stay snuggled inside and blog! lol! Happy WW to you!

    xoxo laurie

  16. What beautiful photos! I am glad you braved the cold and ice... I haven't seen snow in a very long time...and I don't miss it, much. We're chilly tonight, actually I have had to bring in some of the tropicals...but it will warm again, soon.
    Jane (artfully graced)


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