Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Outdoor Adventures

Like most of you here in the southeast, I have a bad case of cabin fever today.  Yesterday, it was snow falling, snow piled high, fun and woohoo!  Today it's cold, melting and slippery ice.   Dangerous!    I don't like feeling trapped at home by all the ice.  But here I am, so here I blog.

Because I literally needed to get out of the house again, I ventured out and took more photos.  I tried to focus on pretty and unusual sites this time.  First, I rode down to the club with the Mr. again.  It was quite cold by the lake.

 This first two photos were taken around this bench.

Picnic anyone?  I didn't stay down there long before I was asking the Mr. to bring me back home.

After snapping a few shots I started looking for objects I could photograph at multiple angles.

I really was enjoying how different angles captured a different picture of the same object.

Isn't that cool?

Pretty neat once again.
Or, how about the following..

I just love how different each photo looks apart from the big picture.

Then I focused on interesting greenery.

Finally, I zeroed in on more interesting single shot images around the yard.

What a pretty different perspective to enjoy for;

Thanks for taking the time to visit!