Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Winter Time!

Thank you all for such sweet comments!  Yes, I am thrilled with my win!  How could I not be?  I know each of you would be too and it is such fun to be able to share my joy with you!  I am glad you like my new blog too and I really appreciate those of you who followed me over here!  I hope I won't disappoint.

Today it's Seasonal Sunday and I cannot help but think of a better time then today to show you this.
There's no mistaking it's winter time here in the south, now.  We sure are feeling it, inside and out!

I've been enjoying seeing all your winter mantles, and I just had to create one myself.

I am calling mine...Winter Time!

I've got snowflakes dangling all over.

I used my little white clock as the centerpiece.

Along with a cloche full of snowballs.  Hehe!  Use your imagination now, Okay?

I just recently purchased the winter vine and snowflakes from Michael's on sale.  You can read all about that and a few other finds here.

These little dollar tree birds have been so versatile all year.

I really enjoyed putting this vignette together.  Isn't it fun sharing our mantle vignettes?  I think so!  I am also linking to the following parties;

We are expecting winter storms to come in this evening with freezing rain and possible snow.  Yikes!  I will be totally amazed if we actually get it again so soon after the Christmas snow, especially since we got a heavy snow storm early last year too.  We rarely ever get this much precipitation here in South Carolina.  We've got all our firewood and gas for the generator ready too, cause freezing rain often means downed power lines around here.   I'll be stocking up on few food essentials this afternoon as well, because that's what we do around here when there's talk of storms.  I hope you are staying warm and cozy where ever you are in your neck of the woods.  It's sure to be a cold one!

Brrr!!!!  Feels like Winter time!!!!

Thanks so much for visiting and following me!
Leave me a note if you stop by.  It's always good to hear from you.


  1. Love your mantel. It is gorgeous. The vine is so pretty and of course you know I am drooling over the cloche full of snowballs. Love it in the silver compote. So pretty. Everything looks wonderful. Hope you don't get too much bad weather. Stay warm. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love your mantel and I'll have to get those birds:)

    It got down to 3 last night here in Pa. the wood stove feels so good!

  3. Very pretty! The snow is beginning to fall here in Oklahoma right now. :)

  4. Mary! I love your new look on your blog, and I adore that creamy yellow color of your walls in the living room. What a pretty mantlescape, too! You did a super job.

    Sending you warm hugs. I hope your weather doesn't turn too awful and same for us.

    Happy Seasonal Sunday...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Yes, great minds do think alike! Love your snowballs and snowflakes and that vine is awesome! Stay warm!

  6. I love your wintery mantel. Great vignettes! Love the snowballs and cloche!..Christine

  7. Mary it is simply delightful! I love it! Can you believe the weather? Schools are closed here too. Hard to believe snow again, I am way over it!

  8. Love this winter look! It is just beautiful! I became a follower if your new blog...which is sooooo pretty by the way!


  9. Your mantel looks beautiful, and how clever to use the golf balls as snow balls. (I have a set of those silver champagne goblets-a wedding gift). laurie

  10. Thanks Laurie, I am glad you like it. The snowballs are actually the white sequined ornaments I bought on clearance at Michaels in the previous post on SailingSimply. :)

  11. Your mantel is beautiful Mary. I hope to work on mine today or tomorrow.

    I popped over from your other blog and signed on to follow here.

  12. Really nice...I love the neutral tones. Very serene. Great job!

  13. Your mantle is simply lovely!!!

  14. My favorite part of all is the cloche. The whole thing is terrific, though. As much as I'm trying NOT to think of snow and ice right now, I sure did like looking at it as part of your decorating.

    Makes me want to do a snowy tablescape. Hmmm...

  15. Love the crystal snowflakes and snowballs. So pretty! Thanks for linking up!

  16. Mary your mantle looks lovely! I really love the cloche's. I have those same little birdies and I love them so much.

  17. WOW! Look at you! A new name and a new look. Your New Year is off to a great start. And might I say that you look stunning! Such a beauty. I love the new name of your blog - it suits you!

  18. Your mantel is so pretty, Mary. I love all the glass and the cloche is just too cute!!

    Stay warm and dry! We have gotten a lot of snow today, too!


  19. Congratulations on your new name. Love your mantel. It's so light and sweet. That vine is amazing.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. The new sight is fabulous, and I also enjoyed the former sight. You have a beautiful home with alot of talent:)


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