Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dodging Seasonal Hazards

How are you at dodging seasonal hazards?  I think I'm doing pretty good, but there have been a few downfalls lately.  Like this...

My back deck!  What a mess!  I was able to clean up the front porch stairs and walk but I just can't tackle this.  It was frozen over solid ice.  I was hoping mother nature was going to clean this up for me, but apparently she has been too busy spreading this all around to come back and clean it up.

This is my yard this Sunday AM.  Still covered in snow.

I'm hoping this will clear up soon.  Luckily, I haven't wiped out on it..yet.

I have also been pretty lucky to avoid all the colds and bugs that have been going around like crazy.  Well, until this past Friday night that is, when I started with the congestion and sneezing.  However, I've done really well so far by heading it off with this taken Friday night and Saturday night.

Thank goodness for NyQuil, and the Walmart brand.  I don't care for antihistamines but this really helps when taken at night.

As I've said I've done really well dodging these seasonal hazards.  Really well, that is until I made these.

Yum!  Cheese Garlic Biscuits.  We went to an oyster roast last night and I needed to bring a little something.  I decided to take the easy way out and make these.  If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend it. 

 They are quite delicious and soooo easy!  Just add water and spoon them out on the tray.  I made these smaller so I would they would be appetizer size.  I was quite surprised how many smaller bite sized biscuits I was able to get out of one bag.  I love these baked standard size though, to eat w/soups and chili.  Just pop them in the oven and in 8 minutes you have delicious cheesy garlic biscuits.  You can even melt butter to go over the top of them if you like.  I've made them both ways and actually prefer no butter on top, but they are delicious both ways.  

However, they can be a major seasonal hazard!  Especially, when you have leftovers to bring back home and munch on all day.

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Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon, staying warm and drying out!