Sunday, February 14, 2021

Our Valentines Table 2021

 Hello All! It's been a rainy wet weekend this year for Valentines.  We spent the weekend being snuggly and cozy at home working on an indoor project we have put off for three years now.  Well to be honest it was an indoor project but for one of our favorite outdoor activities. We made a custom cover for our sailboat hatch, to help keep rain from dripping in.  We already had all the supplies on hand, but just have been batting around the design,  dimensions and well the sewing.  Since we were stuck inside WE decided to tackle the project. I say we because hubby wanted to be involved in the sewing this time.  So fun watching my husband learn to use my sewing machine.  Needless to say, yesterday was a long afternoon, but fun and we finally accomplished a long put of project. So today we ran a few errands in the rain and are planning a nice dinner at home.  

Of course, I couldn't let this day pass without creating a special tablescape to celebrate the holiday. So, without further delay, here it is! I love how the overcast weather makes the perfect setting for the little lit candles.  

This years tablescape is more feminine then masculine, using more pink, gold and rose.  I really do try to rotate that from time to time.

My centerpiece was kept at a minimum since our setting is at the table in the den facing the TV.  I  used a pottery pitcher that I had already added some simple red and white heart picks from Hobby Lobby.  It was displayed in my kitchen and was just the right size to move to the table.  Well, almost the right size, just needed a little more height so I set it on one of my Tyler candle holders.   The candle holder and the X and O added a little more gold to match the plates. My small votive candles are red candles inside of pink mercury glass holders with white pearls attached to the outside.  So sweet!

I decided last week to embroider new dinner napkins for my husband and myself for the occassion.  The white napkins were just an inexpensive set of two that I picked up at Walmart and added both the gold border and the monogram in the heart frame.  I had already picked out the plates I was going to use so I made sure to match the colorings in my dinnerware.

My plate selections this year include some new dinner plates purchased last year at an Estate Sale, My grandmothers china, and a Pampered Chef heart ramkin.

The dinner plate is actually a Christmas pattern I believe. I found 8 of them at the sale and knew at the time I would be using them for Valentines but thought they would be great backup plates if I needed them for Christmas as well.  I love how they are more of a rose color then red.  The pattern is Old Country Roses from Royal Albert.

The salad plate is from my inherited Grandmothers collection.  It is from Meito China, made in Japan.  I believe the pattern is called Chace. I thought the roses and the greens complemented the dinner plate well and both had a beautiful gold trim.

Topping off the stack I decided to place my pink heart shaped ramekins from Pampered Chef.  They will make a great dessert dish. 

I brought out my pink wine glasses and my gold trimmed glassware inherited from my other grandmother. 

I also used some beautiful sterling silverware from Grandmothers collection as well.  The knife blade is showing stainless but this set is sterling and marked as so on the handles.   This makes me wonder if just the blades were made as stainless and the handle is sterling or if the whole knives were stainless.  Also makes me wonder if that is always the way sterling is made or was this just done during this time period these were made.  Interesting isn't it?  

Well, it's time to get busy helping my husband cook tonight so I've got to cut this short.  I hope you too have had a wonderful day enjoying all that you love and those you hold near and dear.  

Thank you so much for stopping buy and I hope you enjoyed your visit.  
Happy Valentines Day Y'all!
Take care,


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