Sunday, August 27, 2017

UPDATE...I found the culprit!

Finally found it!!!  I had been following a blog called The Everyday Home. Perhaps they switched their url and their old feed was taken over, I don't know. But as soon as I clicked on it in my list I saw the one that was filling up my reading feed.   The blog that was clogging up my news feed was called  Ughh! I hate when this happens.  FYI, when I previously went through my list I went through it clicking on the links in my "add" section where you can also delete them.  The weird thing is I didn't see it that way.  I just now decided to go throw all the blogs I flow again by clicking on them in the reading list and see what shows up as opposed to the ADD section.  It was only when I clicked on The Everyday Home in that list that it showed me all the posts from the sight that took it over.   So glad to have deleted it! Also found a few more blogs that the links had been changed that didn't show up previously while clicking on the ADD section.  So I guess the moral of this story is, if you have an unwanted blog on your reading list.  FIRST, click through each one on the right of your reading list and then go to the ADD section and delete.  Do not go through them in the Add section as they will not show you the bad links there.  Whew!  What a mess!

I don't know if they changed their site and this I am in desperate need of info on how to get rid of blog that is spam, showing up on my reading newsfeed.  This blog is clogging up my feed with trash.  I cannot find it listed under my blogs I follow to delete it and have gone through all the ones I do follow deleting obsolete blogs and trying to find if it is connected to another blog.  How do I get rid of this?  Help!!!!!