Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Weighin In Here!

How are you today?  Doing well?  I certainly hope so!  I've got just  a few things to share with you for my Wellness Wednesday and for Weigh In Wednesday over at From My Front Porch to Yours.  I hope more of you will join us for this very special support group for better health online.  I am a firm believer in the power of support when it comes to healthier living.  Come on, don't be shy now, let's see what you got! 

Last week I missed the Weigh In party because I was on vacay, looks like our host was at the beach too only she still posted.  "Weigh" to go, Pam! LOL!   I can report that while on vacation I have never felt better.  There is just something about the beach that makes you want to walk, and walk we did.  We stayed in the heart of downtown IOP so we parked the car and moved it only once.  We walked to all our meals and I was very focused on eating good foods, like shrimp and salads for dinner to subs for lunch.   I really did eat great until the baked spaghetti bowl one evening that I just could not resist!  The Mr. and I also walked about 1 hour and 45 minutes one day all the way to the edge of Sullivan's Island.  There is so much to see and enjoy walking along the beautiful homes on the streets and the along the shores there.

After getting home and not having my computer for 3 days I have been even more determined then ever to make a few changes as to how often and much time I spend online.  First thing I knew I had to do was to change the location of my laptop.  My comfy club chair and ottoman by the fireplace is not a great way to spend so much time for my health.  In addition to my arm hurting I am sure having my feet propped up and stretched out in front of me for embarrassingly too much time is just not good.  Also, I've been wondering about the amount of heat on my abs from the laptop resting there.  It just cannot be that good.  When you are sitting so comfortably in a chair it's extremely hard to get up if you don't have too.  This mentality has got to change.  So change started with a new setup for my laptop.  Let's see what I've done.

I decided to give up the desk in my kitchen I was using for small plate storage and move it in the den.

It just barely peeks over the back of the sofa and is now nicely tucked behind.

I can sit here on the computer and still see the TV and be apart of the family which was the purpose of the Mr. getting me a laptop to begin with.

Only, I've set it up now so that I'm not too comfortable, but just comfortable enough to sit down browse a bit and then pop back up out of my chair easily.  I have been hearing more and more about if you spend time working on the computer you should get up and move every 30 minutes to keep your metabolism up.  I really believe this since I personally have seen such a big change in my weight since I have become a stay at home mom early last year.  I used to be on my feet all day in retail and really didn't have many issues with weight gain.  Now I am battling constantly!

Here's the chair I've chosen to use.  I just love how this looks but will be out today to try and find a seat cushion to go on top.  Not just for my comfort but to protect this old chair you know!

I feel like I need to accessorize this desk a little more too.  LOL!

Now let's talk about a few dietary helps.  I'll admit I love food!  I realize I could loose weight alot faster if I were to cut out a lot of things but I just would not be too happy.  Nobody like a cranky Mary!  So, I choose to look for healthier alternatives.  Here's a few things I've been really crazy about lately!

Sun Chips!  I love these things!  Have you tried them lately?  I sure hadn't until several weeks ago.  I am pretty sure I must have had some years ago but did not stick with them.  I am not a big potato chip fan but I am a Cheese It's junkie!  Especially in the summer when we are out on the water and need our salty carbs to keep us going.

Here's the two flavors that I love, French Onion and Garden Salsa.  I've tried the regular and another flavor but didn't like it too much but these two...OMG!!!   If you are a regular potato chip snacker, you have got to try these.  You will love them and they are a healthier alternative.

And for my second healthier alternative to something sugary, you can't beat  fresh pineapple!

I'm not going to get into all the virtues of pineapple, you'll have to google that, but there are many.  I love fresh fruit for a snack any day of the week but do not eat nearly enough.  One thing I have noticed is so many of my favorite fruits are so pricey...but not the pineapple.  It's a great bargain for the amount of fruit you get.

I confess I've neglected this fruit for years because I'm a bit lazy when it comes to working in the kitchen.  I've chosen apples for years because they only require me to rinse and eat where this requires a bit more effort.  LOL!  Are you that way sometimes too?

 If you are, here's a tip.  Set yourself up with a pretty little table scape.  A cutting knife, cutting boards, a cute dish towel for the mess and an adorable bowl and utensil and suddenly I'm very enthusiastic.  Seriously!  Works like a charm everytime.  Ok, so maybe there's a little something wrong with me but whateva, I'm getting there!  We all could use a little help every now and then, right?

Thanks for visiting today!   Don't forget to visit the Weigh In Wednesday party now!
Have a great day!


  1. Glad to hear you and the Mr. enjoyed your time away. I love to walk on the beach too, and what a great work out it is. You reminded me to get some fresh pineapple today. Have a good one.

  2. Glad you have a wonderful vacation at IOP. I love your new blogging desk and chair. The back of your chair is really beautiful! Regarding snacks... I used to have a handful of roasted almonds, but now I have a chocolate whey protein shake mid morning or even for lunch. As I get older, I'm finding I need to eat less carbs :( so I try to save them for 1 meal and a snack or 2 meals at the most. It helps to have fruit or cut up veggies in the house, too!

  3. Mary I got it up now!! Sorry I was behind! We were at the pool this morning and I did not set it jup to post automatically like I did last week when we were away.
    You rock girl!! You did so much better than me while on vaca. It was hard, I wont lie. The fam all loves seafood and thus the only thing for me to eat was hamburgers. I had them three times last week when I hardly ever eat them unless they are reduced fat Bubba Burgers. I am sure that and the peanut butter pie were what put me over the top. Urgh! What a great post and thanx so much in joining me for support! You rock! Love your new computer desk! Mine is here in the kitchen.

  4. I'm so behind that I almost missed this one. That would be a shame since it's so full of good stuff.

    I have been trying to rethink my computer corner, too. I probably should have sold my current desk at my recent garage sale to FORCE the issue.

    Love what you did and agree with your premise completely that it shouldn't be TOO comfortable to sit and blog away your hours.

    Another wonderful post, Mary. I really do enjoy my visits here.


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