Monday, March 7, 2016

Easter Prepping and Embroidery

Good Morning!
I hope all of you had a great weekend.  It's was wonderfully busy and enjoyable here at The Decorative Dreamers house.   I certainly do not have all things in order around here lately, seems my projects have been crazily scattered about lately.   I do have a few finished projects though that I'd like to share with you.  

Near the end of last week I finished up a pretty darn cute and very inexpensive wreath for the front door for Easter.  You may recall I have previously used my Egg wreath on the front door, (you can click here to see the link for it).  Well, it was getting a bit worn and I wanted something a little different.  I think I will relocate it somewhere else inside this year.  So, I began to think about how to come up with a new wreath for the front door on a budget.  

 Now don't get me wrong, I love big beautiful gorgeous wreaths for the front door especially.  In fact if I wasn't trying to be so thrifty I'd most likely have one.  There is nothing more welcoming to me then a stunning wreath on the door. 

 To be frank I just don't have the budget for it this year and I think I want to spend a little more for my summer wreath instead.  That means my Easter and Spring wreath had to take the cut, I'm still very happy with my results though and very happy that Target made it so easy.  I started with these precut felt bunnies and carrots from the one dollar section.  I bought two packages of each and ended up only using one package each.

I spray painted an old grape vine wreath that I had that was also starting to have seen it's better days.  Those old vine wreaths can get pretty dark.  I chose the same mint spray that I used on my washstand.  Then I dug through my faux flowers and found some ferns and a few white babys breath maybe?  This year because of all the winds we have been having I hot glued everything down really good.  I don't want scattered bunnies and carrots everywhere.  LOL!

 The pink Burlap ribbon was actually a dollar tree find back in December.  There was one pink and one turquoise spool in the ribbon bins among the Christmas ribbons and I immediately grabbed it right up.  What a find!  I guess it was left over from the previous season, IDK.  I added this jute ribbon that I saved from a gift I received at Christmas this year.  It looks a lot like the ribbon I used on some of my trees.  I thought it was so cute on the present and since it was so long I saved it.  Looks great here mixed with the pink burlap.

 The little felt carrots are actually little pockets.  I added the jute bows and stuffed each one with the small white flowers.  Wouldn't it be quite pretty with some really nice flowers inside?   Oh well, maybe I will score some after season deals for next year, I really do love it as it is though!

These little bunny silhouettes were just so adorable, I knew immediately how I wanted them to be when I saw them.  As you can see I chose not to use the blue bunnies that were in the pack and just stuck with the more neutral white and grey bunnies.  They also received little jute bows.  So cute!  I think I am addicted to little jute bows.  I love them everywhere! I also recycled the chalkboard gift tag from Christmas for my Happy Easter sign.  Very simple, but very cute!

I spent part of the weekend on my embroidery machine.  I decided to make a few gifts for the little people in my life after seeing so many online in one of my embroidery groups.   I just had to get on board the bunny bandwagon and embroider up a few little presents for my nieces and nephews children.  These small little bunnies were a bargain at Walmart and will make quite the cute little basket stuffers for them.  This was the first time I've ever embroidered a bunny.  I have to say, It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be and I am pretty proud of myself .  I think they turned out really well.  

While I was at Walmart getting the bunnies, I came across these very inexpensive floppy hats and decided to embroider a few bonnets as well.  Actually, I am very sure these will not end up as Easter bonnets but will be summer hats for my family.  I knew at the price they were at Walmart I had better get them right away.  They were only $3.87 each I think, or something weird like that.  I made one for myself and my sons girlfriend and my mother.  The small pink and purple hats are for my nieces daughters.  I found them at the dollar tree.  What a deal!

I got a little fun with the embroidery on my mothers hat.  I decided for her hat I was going to put MiMi on it instead of her initials.  She loves being called MiMi and would prefer it then her initials any day.  I typed MiMi into my software and was skimming though my fonts when I accidentally clicked on this one.  It is a true Monogram font (that is set up for 3 letters) and is called a scalloped circle with the chevron fill.  Since there were more then three letters the font started a new half circle and this is what popped up.  Well, I actually did some adjusting on the letters and shape by elongating them but you get the picture.  I saw a fish and knew this would be perfect for my mother since she lives on the lake.  I she will most likely use her hat at home since she doesn't travel much anymore.  I added a few bubbles and the eye and it was done.  
Now that's what I call fun and adorable.  She will love it!

In addition to the bunnys and bonnets I also embroidered a few other spring items for the house.  This little baby duck and floral basket is just so precious.  This design is embroidered on a printed flour sack towel from Target.  I am really enjoying embroidering on hand towels of all types.  They are very easy to do and so enjoyable.  This design did take quite a bit more time though due to all the different thread changes with the all the colors of the design.  Whew, it really was a lot of time but so worth it to me!

I also really enjoy making quick little embroidery projects too.  I love embroidering on burlap and finding different places and way to use it.  I liked the way this clothesline design looked like it was hanging and wanted to try and keep the same idea so I simply made it to be a banner to hang in my half bath.  I added the word Hello to the design to give it a bit more meaning.

I still have so many other projects I want to get to on the embroidery machine but I have to stop every now and then and get back to living.  It's so fun though!

Sunday, I put everything aside and spent some time with the Mr. and we went out on the boat.  I will try to share some of that pretty soon as well.  Thank you so much for checking in today, I hope you enjoyed your look into my world.

Wishing you all a great start to the week ahead,

Hugs and Waves!


  1. OMGoodness, everything looks beautiful! I love your wreath, the hats and the towel is fabulous! You sure have been busy! I have zero sewing skills so really appreciate all this!

  2. Mary, everything looks great. Your wreath is adorable and I'm loving the pink burlap. You know I don't think we should spend a ton of money on wreaths. They get dirty and sometimes a little bird poopy. Yes, I did just say that. :)


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