Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Wreath Redo/Country Living Style

Whoop!  Whoop! 
 With only one week to go before Easter I finally made the time to redo my Easter wreath.  Soooo, tadah here it is!  What do you think?  Pretty cute, huh!  Can you tell I am smiling from ear to ear?

 It all started because, I was so inspired by this picture from the people at Country Living magazine that I just had to give it a try myself and I had just the right project for it.
Country Living Magazine

 My old Easter wreath never really was a stand out, wow kind of wreath.  In fact, it was definitely what one would call a very subtle look.  That was fine at the time and I enjoyed it quite a bit when it was new but it didn't weather well and had seen better days.  Some of the eggs had cracked as you can see here in this photo above.

So today I gathered up my tools and got to work.  I had planned to use wrapping paper for this project but after searching around for a few days and not finding what I was looking for I decided just to use some fabric that I already had.  

I simply cut little bits of fabric in different shapes and mod podged it onto the eggs focusing on  alternating my colors and eggs around the wreath.  The hardest part was wrapping the eggs with the very small multi colored twine I got from Michaels.  This was hard because my eggs were attached to the wreath and the twine was so very small.  I finally decided to just cap the eggs off instead of trying to cover the whole egg.  That made the impact I was looking for and I didn't have to stress over getting it all so perfectly aligned.  Yes, I am such a free spirit!  LOL!

I also decided to keep the same bow I originally had but added a punch of blue to it with the multi twine.  Again because the blue and white twine was so small I opted to mix in with some natural twine to give it more structure and a bit more of a punch.  This redo basically cost me nothing since I already had all of this on hand.  I had even already purchased the small multi twine at Michaels just a few weeks before I saw this twine in the magazine.  I purchased it on sale for $.50 cents too!   

  I love, love, love how it turned out, and so much color now!!!

My Big scary Easter bunnies made it outside this year and don't look quite so scary out here any more.  I think the wreath goes with them so well now too!

Please ignore all the pollen, yall!  If I waited to clean the pollen before pictures you may never have gotten to see this redo.  We are knee deep in pollen season here, so please excuse the yellow mess.

My sweet little Maizey!  She watches every little thing I do.  Poor thing has been having a bit of time with sneezing too.  

Hope your all ready for Easter now too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Your porch is so pretty! You just totally transformed that wreath. Great job.

  2. Your wreath is very pretty and represented Easter so well. I saw a picture of the little puppy also. Thank you so much for sharing the idea of making the wreath.


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