Sunday, January 3, 2016

My word for 2016 - Change

Have you seen those little, "what's your" this or that type quizzes on Facebook?  I know you have, right?  I'll be honest here, I get suckered into them every time.  Usually when a friend of mine shares one, it's a good one too and I just have to play along.  I just love those crazy test things!

Here's the one I did on New Years Eve.  It's called, "What's is your word for 2016".    I just clicked on the link, put in my name, and this is what popped up.  This one is so absolutely amazingly accurate in my life right now I can't even begin to express how surprised I was to see it.


My word for 2016 is Change.  Love it!  Sounds wonderful, sounds great, sounds simple enough right?

In fact what is said was; Your word for 2016 is Change.  Your next year will be founded on change. New challenges will bring you much happiness.

 I am sure I don't need to tell you that change is not always all it's cracked up to be.  I won't go into all the reasons why change can be so hard or else you'd be here all day.  But what I do want to share with you is that for the most part change is a pretty simple thing when you learn to embrace it.

Sometimes in life, situations change rapidly.  This is often the hardest to deal with.  Sometimes they change very slowly and adjusting is easier.   Sometimes you see changes happening and you try to adjust but you can't.  That's when you know you need to readjust your sails again.  For me change this year is a very personal journey as I learn to be at home again after leaving a job I loved.  I won't go into all of that but I will say that I am glad I have learned life long lessons that teach me how to embrace changes, sudden and planned.  Change is not fearful for me in fact it's what keeps things interesting don't you think?  It is after all a very inevitable part of life.

In my last post I shared with you my inspiration on making some changes in my kitchen.  Well let's just say, in my usual style I jumped right in head first.  I went out and found a few more things to start making changes on my own before the Mr. was available to help me with a few others.  

Here is the area above my kitchen stove.  In my head I thought my inspiration piece would look lovely here with a unique shelf and few other items.  Before I took this picture I even had a few beautiful turquoise dishes on each side of this vignette.  I took those down because it was too much.

When you are standing up close this vignette looks quite lovely.  I just adore this shelf I found at Hobby Lobby too.  It has hooks to hang things from as well.   I even hung a few things on the hooks like measuring spoons and cups, etc.  

I then went a few steps further and started moving other areas in the kitchen all around.  This desk used to be set up as my Kuerig station.  I thought I might like to use it as desk so I cleared it off and then added back a few items I really need to find a home for.  My smoothie proteins because I really need to get back on that diet now that the holidays are over were slim enough not to take up too much space here....but looks kinda oddly out of place.

The Kuerig and K cups ended up over on this space with my Crockpot and wine glasses.  Very pretty huh? honest.  

I stood back took a long look at everything I had done and decided to call it a night.  Sometimes you need to sleep on it.  So sleep I did.  Then this morning I got up and got busy even before the first pot of coffee was made.

The first thing to CHANGE was this little vignette above the stove.  I had great concerns over this shelf catching on fire.  I have a gas top stove and though cooking wasn't really a problem last night I just really didn't want to take that chance.  Furthermore, the more I looked at this space it just looked too cluttered to me.  I want to put up open shelves above a little table near this area on the same wall and I feel like it will be even more cluttered looking after they are installed.  Try as I may to find a new home for my really cool shelf I think it will be returned.  It's just not working out.  So not all changes are good.  Sudden changes are hard and better handled very slowly. 

 Ahhhh!!!!  That feels so much better! 
I moved my old picture back above the stove where it has been since the day we moved into this house 13 years ago.  It may not be the best picture ever, but I painted it myself.  It has a vision I like to see everyday, every morning.  My eyes rest on it easily and then move on.  They don't get stuck there trying to figure out what is wrong with this picture.   I have to move on.  Being stuck with something when you know it's not right is the way I want to live, in fact it's unacceptable.  Maybe one day I will replace this picture with another but for now it's staying.  As for the changes in the rest of the room.  Some will happen, some will move back again.  

I'm making changes here for sure, but slowing it down a bit, to make sure these challenges bring much happiness.  

Wishing you all many blessings for 2016. 
 Happy New Year Everyone!
Hugs and Waves,

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  1. Change can be a slow process. Although I'm having to take it very slowly, I'm hoping to get all of the Christmas stuff packed away this week. Typically for me, I'm trying to decorate spaces as quickly as I can get the tinsel and glitter dusted off; but this year I'm going for the blank canvas look for a bit once the holidays are cleared away. I like the word "Change," and do think you have to test the sleeping on it! I always have a notebook close at hand to jot down ideas. I may cross them off a day or two later and replace them with other ideas, but often that notebook gets filled with some pretty cool ideas that eventually get pulled together in my home. Good luck on finding that one little spark that will ignite the creative juices of change!


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